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Mortality' himself. But in the Lord, even Christ, educate face of Christ's injunction, Love young men to be Christian, Free. your enemies, and Paul's advice in churchman,' our aim being not to 2 Cor. xiii, I could not feel, much overturn, overturn, overturn,' but less write, in the strain which is to work, work, work, till the Es. indulged in by your generally tablishment itself becomes a church very acceptable contributor, Old-free indeed.' Mortality. It is this fighting

Yours truly, churchmen, and not the system of

YOUNG MORTALITY. an establishment, that I complain of.

Old Mortality,' speaking through 'a more interested witness,' says :- LANCASHIRE DISTRESS. * All the upward looking flunkeyism of the empire, which is not troubled | [The following circular, sent to every with religious scruples, gravitates church and subscriber to the toward that which Archbishop • Leeds Relief Committee,' exSynge called the gentleman's re- plains itself. We entirely symligion. The Church of England pathize with the course recomis the hereditary spiritual house of mended by the Yorkshire Conthe proud British aristocracy and ference, and greatly rejoice at of the landed families.' Further the truly fraternal feeling exon in his own words he says,

hibited by our brethren of the

• If this were Particular Baptist Body.-Ed.] true of the vulgar herd merely, whose ignorance or coxcombry render them DEAR Sir, the natural prey of priestcraft and At the Yorkshire Conference, affectation, we could bear it.' Why held at Birchcliffe, the following this importation into the argument Resolution, moved by the Rev. R. which forms our quarrel.' This is Horsfield, Leeds, seconded by the not argument, but inflammatory Rev. T. Gill, Shore, and supported personality, barely applicable to the by the Rev. J. Tunnicliffe and G. T. worst sections of the members of the Woodson, Esq., Leeds, was Church of Rome. This will not 'gain' animously passed :our brethren, and especially if we tell ‘Having heard with great pleasure, them if we cannot destroy we must that the Baptist Relief Committee hate.'

do not recognize, in their distribuIf ‘Old Mortality' had been tion of Money and Clothing, any giving us a picture from life of the distinction between the different effects from this 'system'of church sections of the Baptist Denominaand state religion, I should have tion, and that all Baptist Churches been silent. I could even have within the distressed districts are understood his 'crying still for equally eligible to receive relief war;' but I cannot think with him, from their funds; this Conference that for every damage, every insult, instructs the “Leeds Relief Comevery cowardly robbery, every mittee,” on ascertaining that these bloody oppression we would exact statements are correct, to request penalty and ransom.'

that all the churches in the conOur church brethren were born nexion, forward in future their into this system. This 'system'contributions to the “Baptist existed, as we had shewn so well Union,” to be transmitted to the last year, two hundred years ago. Lancashire Baptist Relief Fund.' Again, I say, as a young working This Resolution was submitted to Nonconformist I regret this fighting the Lancashire Committee, whose at the church, beating the air, or Secretary replied as follows:- The worse. Let us rather quietly, but information received by your Comnot the less surely, and as loving mittee is correct. No difference brethren, knowing that one is our has been or will be made with


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Correspondence-Treasurer's Account,



per Rev.





respect to any section of the Baptist

£ s. d. Denomination. All are alike cheer- Wendover, per Rev. E. fully aided, and I should be exceed- Foster, Congregation, ingly delighted if our closer and £5 ls., School, £1 14s... 6 15 0 more manifest union be the result.' Billesdon, per Rev. E. J. On receiving such an answer, it Jackson

0 14 6 did appear most undesirable that Killinghome, two Committees should exist, when G. Crooks

0 12 6 one, so efficient and laborious, was Ashby-de-la-Zouch, per already assisting all needy Baptist Mr. Orchard ...

4 10 6 Churches.

Bourne, per W. Wherry, Moreover, we found on further Esq...

5 14 11 inquiry, that while our resources Dyke, per W.Wherry, Esq. 1 0 6 were daily diminishing, the distress Coningsby, per Rev. W. was more intense and wide-spread Sharman

2 18 6 than we had described or imagined. Smarden, per Rev. J. H. Latimations, also, were given us, Wood, £1 6s. 3. and £1 2 6 3 that the liberal sums that had been London, Camden - road promised, and had been so cheer. Chapel, Rev.F.Tucker's, fally sent (amounting to between per S. Pewtress, Esq.... 14 12 0 LB10 and £900), could not be con- Hitchin, per R. Johnson, tinued. For these reasons, Esq...

1 0 0 bailed with unfeigned admiration Nottingham, per

Mrs. and joy the noble generosity of our


0 12 0 Particular Baptist Brethren. Berkhampstead, per Rev.

Wenow affectionately and earnestly J. Lawton, £2 17s. 3d. urge continued and large liberality, and £2 2s.

4 19 3 not only because of the terrible Derby, Osmaston-road, per distress of our churcbes, but for the Rev. W. Jones, 6th, 7th, sake of our Denominational honour. and 8th donations, £30

All grants will in future be made 9th donation, £1043. 6d. 40 4 6 by the Lancashire Committee, and Stoke, per Mr. Taylor 6 15 0 all Contributions should be sent for Leicester, Dover-street, them to the Rev. J. H. MILLARD, per Rev. J. J. Goadby, Mission House, 33, Moorgate Street, £3 and £3

6 0 0 London, E.C.

Nottingham, J. Heard,
Yours truly,

Esq., 5th, 6th, 7th, and
RICHARD HORSFIELD, Secretary, 8th donation

37 00 Leeds Committee,

Loughborough, Baxter-gate G. T. Woodson, Treasurer, Leeds per E. Stevenson, junr., Committee.

£1 2s. 9d., £1 lls. 2d., LEEDS, January 14th, 1863.

£1 8s., and £1 9 11d..... 5 11 10 Kirkby and Woodhouse, per Mr. Cotes

1 90 TREASURER'S ACCOUNT. Kegworth, per Rev. R.


1 70 Contributions received by the Com. Measham,

7 12 6 mittee at Leeds from December 17th, Low Moor ditto

1 0 0 1862, to January 17th, 1863, for Bradford, Tetley - street, the Relief of Distressed General

per Rev. B. Wood 2 10 0 Baptist Christians in the Cotton Queniborough, per T. W. Districts.

Marshall, Esq.

1 13 1 £ 8. d. Thurcaston,per Mr. Timms 0 14 6 Wisbech, R. Wherry, Esq. 10 0 0 Sutton Bonington, do. 0 3 0 Loughborough, Wood-gate,

Hose, per Mr. Mantle, £1 per Mr. Timms, £53s. 2d.,

and 18s. ...

1 18 0 £4 0s. 41., £7 1s. 6d. ...'16 5 0 Bourne, Mr. White... 1 0 0













£ s. d. Kegworth, per Rev. W. Jarrom 0 15 0

£ 8. d. Barton, per Rev. E. Bott,

Sundry Grants, as per £3 and £4 10s. 7 10.0 Vouchers

...530 0 0 Barrowden, per Rev. G.

Paid Mr. F. Earp, Derby, Towler 1 0 0 for Salt Beef...

32 0 0 Derby, St. Mary's - gate,

January 3rd, remitted to Chapel, Vestibule Boxes,

the other Committee ...150 0 0 four Sabbaths, £4 6s.

January 10th, ditto 60 0 0 10 d., Chellaston, per

17th, ditto 63 2 8 Mr. Gregory, 10s. 04d., Duffield, per Mr. Mc

835 2 8 Intyre, lls. ld., Rose Hill, per Mr. Dean, 10s. 5 18 0


15 10 7 A.F.Landport, Portsmouth Post Mark

5 0 0 March, per Rev. T. T.

The £15 10s. 7d. is of course Wilson

5 12 4 subject to the incidental expences, Audlem, per Mr. Thurs.

the exact amount of which cannot field...

0 2 0 now be stated, as several small acLeicester, Frier-lane, per

counts have not come in. We how. Rev. J. C. Pike

3 6 7 ever suppose that 11 per cent. will Tarporley, per Mr. Dickin

cover all.

1 14 10 The Times Paper, January 8th, Ripley, per Rev. G. Need

extols Relief Committees that do hom...

5 4 1 not exceed four per cent. for their Liddington, per Mr. Mug.

working expences. gleton

1 10 0 Hull, from a friend... 3 0 0

G. T. Woodson, Treasurer. London, Commercial-road,

Francis-street, Leeds, per Rev. T. Goadby, Congregation, £5, School,

January 17th, 1863. £1 6s.

6 6 0 Loughborough, Wood-gate, Christmas Entertainment

MINISTERS' FUND. in School-room, per Mr. Baldwin ...

2 2 0 London, Borough-road, per

To the Editor of the General Baptist J. R. Gover, Esq. 13 14 8

Magazine. Nottingham, Broad-street, per Mr. Baker

1 0 0 DEAR SIR,—The following additional Melbourne, per John Earp,

sums have been received for the Esq...

5 0 orelief of ministers in the distressed

districts since December 15th, to 255 14 4 January 11th.

Permit me to say Amount previously adver

that the practical sympathy mani. tised

...594 18 11 fested towards our dear brethren"

has cheered their hearts, and has 850 13 3 been very thankfully acknowledged.

It is very pleasing to learn, not

withstanding the severe privations SUMMARY OF THE TREASURER'S CASH of the people, the Lord is affording

them pleasing evidence of His

presence among them by sending January 17th, 1863, received to them showers of spiritual blessings. this date

£850 13 3 One brother says, they have as





Correspondence-Acknowledgment of Clothing Received.


many as 150 at their prayer meeting | ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF every week, and a delightful feeling

CLOTHING RECEIVED. exists. Another brother, whose troubles have been augmented by

To the Editor of the General Baptist family affliction, remarks, thespiritual condition of our little church is

Magazine. very promising, and I doubt not, but that when the present ordeal is Dear Sir,- The following is an ad

ditional list of clothing received up past, we shall find that it has been a means of drawing us nearer the to the 16th inst. I am desired to Saviour. If our brethren, however, say, that the instructions given by

the Birchcliffe Conference to the are to maintain their position, continued help will be needed for the Leeds Relief Committee apply to

All present, which we trust will not clothing as well as money. be withheld.'

packages should now be directed to

£ s. d. the Rev. F. Bugby, 96, Fishergate From St. Mary's - gate,

Hill, Preston.

Before they are Derby

8 15 6 despatched a letter should be sent Bourne, per Mr. White 1 0 0

him, and a reply obtained. Bourne, per Mr. Wherry 3 5 0

While sincerely thankful for all

that has been done, we are compelled Berkhampstead, per Mr. Lawton

2 10 0 to say, that the want of warm Broad-street, Nottingham,

clothing is still distressingly felt. per Mr. Baker

2 0 0

Yours truly,

Mary HORSFIELD. Dover-street, Leicester per Rev. J. J. Goadby

1 0 0 Newton Grove, Teeds,

January 17th, 1863.
J.Heard, Esq.,Nottingham 3 0 0
Baxter-gate, Loughborough,

Hugglescote, per Rev. J. Salis

bury. per Mr. E. Stevenson,

Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Mrs. Orchard. junr...

0 10 0 Mr.H.W.Earp, Melbourne 1 0 0

Alford, Mrs. Kemp.
Mr. J. Earp, Melbourne 1 0 0

Nottingham, Mr. Baker.
Ewen, Esq., Long

Bourne, Mrs. Wherry.

1 0 0

Bourne, Mrs. Wyles.

Chesterfield, Mr. Bishop.
Mrs. Poile, Leicester 1 0 0
Rer. T. Stevenson, Leicester 1 0 0

Kegworth, Rev. W. Jarrom.

London, Praed - street, Mr. E. Commercial-road, London,

Brown. per Rev. T. Goadby 2 6 6 Dover - Street, Leicester, per Rev. J. J. Goadby 1 0 0

LETTER FROM REV. M. W. From Melbourne

2 10 0 Billesdon, per Misses H.

FOX, ROCHDALE. and K. Allen...

0 6 0 Rev.G. Towler, Barrowden 0 10 0 To the Editor of the General Baptist Derby, St. Mary's-gate ... 2 3 0

Magazine. Loughborough, Baxtergate, per Mr. E. Steven.

DEAR SIR,– Will you permit me to son, junr...

0 10 0 return my sincere thanks in behalf Mrs. Deacon and Friends,

of my suffering brethren, to those of Leicester

2 10 0 our sister churches, who, having Boston, per Rev. W. Mat

heard the cry of distress which has hews

4 12 2 gone forth from our midst, have so Mr. J. F. Winks

0 10 0 nobly responded by their generous Mrs. Winks

0 5 0 contributions towards the alleviation Miss Winks

0 5 0 of our unparalleled and unavoid.

able sufferings. J. EARP, Treasurer, Your pages are already replete

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with the sorrowful details of heart- | in your pages without more delay, rending facts ; facts that have that any persons whose address is thrilled the hearts of your readers, not known, or who may have been aroused their tenderest sensibilities, unintentionally overlooked, may be and enlisted their noblest sympathies able to see what is going on. The in our behalf. It is not, therefore, Nottingham ladies are in full work my intention to add to the number for it, but they are anxious to be of these facts, but simply to endorse assured that others in distant them. They might be multiplied churches are co-operating in the by scores, and by hundreds, aye, effort. and by thousands, throughout the The exigencies of our Foreign cottonless Cotton District; but it is Mission may hinder some of its in their truthfulness, rather than in friends from doing that for the their amplitude, that the secret of College which they might do were their heart - thrilling potency is the Mission funds in a good state. found.

It is to be regretted that so serious And we tbank God, and you, a deficiency should have occurred at brethren, that by your timely and all; but more so that it should have generous assistance, many of our happened while the College Building sufferers have been saved from enterprize is taxing the resources extreme poverty; others perhaps of the Connexion. It should how. from disease, and premature death. ever be considered that the Mission

We sincerely thank you, brethren, is dependent on the College for its rery for your liberality, and assure you agents. All the excellent brethren that its moral effect has been now in the foreign field were once second only to its material influence students in the College, and the in alleviating the sorrows of those last who left it for India did not cost who have been its gratefulrecipients. the Mission one farthing. Formerly Thank God, our present distresses the Mission fund was charged with have demonstrated the fact that the expences of the student's edu. there is an underlying bond of cation, if he went direct from the sympathy still existing in the College to his missionary work. Christian Church. We hail this No application for such reimburseharmony of brotherly feeling, as an ment was made in the case of Mr. earnest of better times when the Thos. Bailey; and should other reign of righteousness shall be fully students follow his steps I hope the inaugurated in the earth, and old custom will never be revived. slavery and war, the two prolific While this is the policy of the sources of our present calamities, College Committee toward the shall be utterly, and eternally Mission, and while the two Insti. abolished.

tutions are so identical in their aims Yours truly, and efforts, that preference of the

M. W. Fox. one to the other which causes the Rochdale, January 18th.

subject of it to withhold assistance from either is both unjust and in

jurious. Not liking to trespass on BAPTIST COLLEGE, your space I forbear to write more CHIL WELL.

at the present, and remain,

Yours truly, To the Editor of the General Baptist

W. UNDERWOOD. Magazine.

Chilwell College, January 15, 1863. DEAR BROTHER,The accompanying BAPTIST COLLEGE, CHILWELL. circular relative to the College Bazaar has been sent to individuals We address you on the subject of the in all parts of the Connexion, but Bazaar, which the last Association, it is desirable that it should appear ) at Halifax, appointed to be held

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