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-Baptisms. presided, and brethren Lees, of gard to the above resolution which Walsall, and Harrison, of Birming- relates to the district of Coventry ham, conducted the devotional parts and Longford ? All that I have of the service. Thirty were re- either heard or read of distress in ported as having been baptized, and the north, to my certain knowledge twelve remaining as candidates, has existed equally for two months viz:

past in the district of Coventry, &c. Baptized. Candidates. There is a little more work now, but Birmingham

12 1 there are hundreds of cases needing Longford

7 1

help. This is the third winter of Union-place 0 2

distress for Coventry and district, Nuneaton

4 0

-it is the first entire winter for Walsall

5 6

Lancashire. During the whole of Wolvey

2 2 last winter the whole of what The minutes of the last Conference thousands had to depend on was having been read some free conver- one shilling and sixpence per head for sation was entered into with regard adults per weck ; and ninepence per to the continued distress in Lanca- head for children under twelve years shire and Yorkshire, and also in the of age. This winter so much as this district of Coventry and Longford. even cannot be afforded from the At the close it was resolved : small fund which is being raised

1. That from the sums raised for their relief. In Yorksbire, &c., for the relief of the distressed in I find that as much as one shilling Lancashire, &c., we recommend and ninepence per head, and in some that a certain amount be set apart cases two shillings per head are al. for the assistance of the ministers lowed. Hundreds of pounds have of the district.

been sent by our churches into 2. That we would have it under- Yorkshire and Lancashire, and I stood while the distress is great in know at present but of one church Lancashire, &c., and we would not this year that has contributed to the willingly turn the stream of benefi- relief of the district of Longford cence from that district, it is our and Coventry. Cannot our churches decided opinion that the need for spare a little out of the sums they similar help is equally urgent for are raising for the north for great the relief of persons in the district numbers in equal distress almost of Coventry and Longford, and we at their own doors ? Some friends would earnestly call the attention here have sent, in addition to what of our churches to this fact.

has been raised for Lancashire, &c., The next Conference is to be held fifteen pounds five shillings to the at Wolvey, on the second Monday Longford district. Cannot others in May, and brother Harrison is do a little in a similar way? I appointed to preach.

should be happy to divide and À tea meeting was held after the forward any sums that may thus be Conference, and after tea a public contributed to persons belonging to meeting, which was addressed by our churches at and around Coventry, Revs. J. Cheatle, J. Harrison, J. who, I am sure, would distribute M'Naughton, W.Chapman, G. Dunn, them in the most frugal way. of Airdrie, Lanarkshire; —Davis, of W. CHAPMAN, Bond-street; and J.P. Barnett, of the

Melbourne, near Derby. Circus chapel. This meeting was well attended, the large room in

BAPTISMS. which it was held, being crowded, BIRMINGHAM.-On the 30th of and the spirit which pervaded it November, 1862, eight persons was of an earnest and healthy kind.

were baptized by Mr. Harrison, W. CHAPMAN, Secretary.

and on the following Lord's-day N.B.-Will you allow me, Mr. were added to the church. Two of Editor, to say a word or two in re- ! the candidates were from Sutton



Coldfield, and four of the number | Addresses were delivered by the were connected with our Sunday. chairman, the Rev. E. Stevenson, schools. On the 31st of December and Mr. T. W. Marshall, of Loughfour friends were immersed, two borough; Revs. J. C. Pike, of of whom were from our Sunday. | Leicester; and E. C. Pike, B.A., school. J. S. C. of Rochdale.

On Christmas-day WENDOVER, Bucks.-On Thursday M Staddon was invited to meet erening, January 1st, the ordinance his friends at Woodhouse (a branch of baptism was administered to ten of the church), at a tea meeting, believers, and on the following after which he was presented with Sunday they, with three others, a testimonial, and several addresses were received into the fellowship of were delivered, expressing their the church. We are happy to add high estimation of Mr. Staddon, that there are pleasing signs of a as a Christian and a pastor. Mr. gracious revival among us. We s. will enter upon his new sphere have several candidates for baptism, of labour accompanied by the good and upwards of twenty anxious wishes and fervent prayers of many inquirers.

attached friends. MARCH, Cambs. On the first THE LATE MR. SHERIDAN KNOWLES. Sunday of the year, January 4th, -We hear that Mr. R. B. Knowles 1863, Mr. Wilson preached from is preparing a memoir of his father, Isaiah xxx. 18 And therefore will the for publication. The work could not Lord wait that He may be gracious unto well be in better hands. Mr. you, &c., and baptized six believers Knowles acted for a long time as before a very full congregation. In his father's amanuensis, and was the afternoon they were all received perfectly well acquainted with his into the fellowship of the church, ideas on all subjects, especially the and along with them a young drama and literature. brother dismissed to us from the The Princess ALEXANDRA.—The new church at Broadmead, Bristol. We paper published at Copenhagen, are the more pleased with this | The Denmark, says:-Her Royal addition on account of some of the Highness the Princess Alexandra, friends baptized having been old who mixed but little in society during hearers with us.

the mourning for Pince Albert, LEICESTER, Dover-street.On the seldom shows herself to the public. 31st of December, 1862, five friends Some few persons have assembled were baptized.

to see her drive to and from the MISCELLANEOUS.

English chapel, where the Rev. R.

S. Ellis, M.À. officiates, but otherQUORNDON AND WOODHOUSE, wise she is chiefly visible to the LEICESTERSHIRE.—The Rev. J. public only on the Long Line, Staddon, having resigned the pas- particularly in the morning, arm. torate of the General Baptist church in-arm with her father. Usually in this place, after a connexion of along this fashionable promenade nearly eighteen years, and accepted the royal family, the court, and the the cordial and unanimous invitation beau monde may be seen at this of the Baptist church at Pinchbeck, season enjoying their skating. But Lincolnshire, was invited by his this year the water obstinately refriends at Quorndon to a farewell fuses to freeze. It is in vain that the tea meeting, on Monday, the 22nd attentive Prince of Wales has forof December. After tea, Mr. warded to his coming bride a pair Themas Hill, of Nottingham, pre- of elegant skates. St. Januarius sided, and on behalf of Mr. Staddon's as sullenly denies the princes of friends at Quorndon presented him our days, as the billows of the with a handsome easy chair, and North Sea

resisted the Mrs. Staddon with an elegant tea appeal of Canute the great.'service, suitable and excellent. We have reason to believe that


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the marriage of the Prince of Wales baptized by the newly appointed and Princess Alexandra, according Bishop of Honolulu, and for whom to the present arrangements, will Her Majesty bad graciously antake place on Thursday, the 12th of nounced her intention of standing March.

as sponsor. THE MEETING OF PARLIAMENT. THE FUTURE PRINCESS OF WALES. It is definitively fixed that Parlia. It is a curious fact that one or more ment shall meet on the 5th of of the Christian names of the February, for thedispatch of business. Princess Alexandra Caroline Mary

QUEEN VICTORIA AND THE King Charlotte Louisa Julia of Denmark OP THE SANDWICH ISLANDS. -We un attaches to each of the Queen's Con. derstand that Lady Augusta Bruce sort of England since the Revolution. has addressed, at Her Majesty's Thus King William III.'s consort desire, a most touching letter to the (though also regnant) was Mary ; Lord Bishop of Oxford, expressing George II.'s consort was Wilhelmina her deep sympathy with the King Charlotte Caroline; George III.'s and Queen of the Sandwich Islands Sophia Charlotte; George IV.'s at the loss they sustained in the Caroline Amelia Elizabeth; and sudden death of their youthful William IV.'s Adelaide Louisa prince, who was just about to be Theresa Caroline Amelia.

Marriages and Deaths.


Dec. 7. 1862, at Tattershall, Mr.

James Butters, aged 91 years. January 13, at Enon chapel, For more than 40 years a consistent Burnley, by the Rev. J. Alcorn, member of the General Baptist father of the bride, assisted by the church, Coningsby. Rev. 0. Hargreaves, Mr. William Memory, of Gooston, near Bath, to December 17, 1862, at the Hurst Mary Tait, eldest daughter of the Farm, Sheepshed, Mr. Joseph Rev. J. Alcorn, Baptist minister, Turner, aged 49 years. Burnley. No cards sent. January 15, at Louth, in the

January 5, at Barleston, Rev. Baptist chapel, North-gate, by the Joseph Holroyd, in the 30th year of

his Rev. William Orton, David Frid

age. lington, Esq., to Mrs. Wass.

January 7, at Farnham, Surrey, January 15, at New Lenton, Not in the 78th year of her age, Mrs. tingham, Annie, eldest daughter of Vince, mother of Rev. Charles Mr. Joseph Elsey, lace manufacturer, Vince, of Birmingham. Old Lenton, to Mr. James Carver, of Nottingham.

January 10, at Penzance, CornJanuary 18, at the General Bap. He had been nearly 60 years

wall, Rev. G. C. Smith, aged 81. tist chapel, Boston, John Bullivant, to Harriet Martin.

a useful and laborious minister,

and is well known by his soubriquet DEATHS.

of · Boatswain Smith.' November 19, 1862, at Sawley, January 18, at Oxford, Agnes suddenly, Mrs. Harriet Ann Bates, Sophia, youngest daughter of Rev. wife of Mr. W. Bates, and eldest J. Wenger, of Calcutta, aged 11 daughter of Mr. Allen, of Red Hill Lock, in the 49th year of her age.


fissionary Obseruer.



The following letters from Messrs. Stubbins and Brooks to the Secretary, announce the gratifying intelligence that our missionary friends landed in safety at Calcutta, on the 1st of December. The particulars of the

will be read with interest.



Ship Shannon,"

On some occasions sundry empty November 18, 1862. seats at the dinner table told a tale

which few who have been to sea MY DEAR BROTHER, -Our worthy will be at a loss to understand. captain hopes we may meet the What if some do declare that sea English steamer from Calcutta at sickness is nothing, the poor unthe Sand Heads. I wish we may, fortunate that experiences it, will though fear we shall not. However, persistently declare there is nothing I will have a few lines ready ; the like it; that it is in short, the condifficulty is to know what to write centration of all the miseries of about, there is generally the least life. Yes, you may smile, may possible variety on board ship, and laugh outright, if you like, as you it has been especially so in our case. see him beginning to manifest unWe have had no particular gales, mistakeable signs of uneasiness. hurricanes, or en squalls to Soon the bloom flees from the lips, chronicle. No one has thought fit cheeks turn deadly pale, a dark to throw himself overboard by way circle forms itself under the eye, of diversion; although a young nose and ears shrivel, and thengentleman did jump over the other there's a rush-I shall not tell you day for a bath, and a few minutes what for. after he came on board again, a Of course we have had the usual large shark was seen, which would quantum of amusement in chairs doubtless have made a capital break- being upset, glasses broken, fowls, fast had our friend remained in the ducks, joints of meat, puddings, territories of Neptune a little longer. tarts, and the rest of it, taking a Talking of the shark, I may just flying leap from one end of the table say that we caught one a few days to the other, some of them taking ago, and it was found to be decidedly a shorter cut by seeking rest in a more agreeable to make a meal of ladies lap, unmindful alike of her him, than to be made a meal of by silk dress and all the etceteras of him. The sailors ate the most of her elegant attire. him, but a large dish was delicately A month after leaving London, prepared and brought to the cuddy we had a humorous affair that I table. Several of the passengers have never seen before, it is styled partook of it, but I confess the drowning the dead horse.” An thought that perhaps the brute effigy of a horse was made and had barely digested some poor dragged round the deck, while the fellow's arm or leg, or other tit-bit, “ Dead March " was being played. ill-disposed me for the feast. It It was then drawn up to the was pronounced very good, and I end of the yard - arm and dare say it was in its way, but I fire to. Finally it was cut adrift preferred rather to believe than and let fall overboard. The prove it.

dead horse” represents the month

set a




the men have been labouring, to Remember, remember, the fifth clear off the advance of wages they of November, &c.” After a while received before leaving England. he was hoisted up to the end of the That being cleared off, they now yard-arm and set fire to, and then begin to earn for the future. After amidst acclamations, was cut adrift the horse is drowned there are and down be went into the sea. I singing, music, dancing, and an sbould have said that after the affair extra glass of grog, which seems to of Neptune, a subscription paper please them as well as anything. was sent round for the benefit of

A day or two after the above, we the sailors; about £10 was obtained, crossed the line and received a visit which would be expended in Calcutta from Neptune, or rather from his in the purchase of tea, coffee, &c., secretary, for Neptune was said to for the return voyage. be suffering from an attack of No serious accident has occurred measles. His costume and that of except to Mrs. Brooks, who was his attendant was eminently ludi. thrown across her cabin by a violent

They were pretty well lurch of the ship, and had one of muffled about the face with sheep- her ribs fractured. She is, however, skin, and had some difficulty in through mercy quite well again finding the way to their mouths to introduce a glass of grog. They Passing on to other subjects, I abounded in compliments to the am thankful to say we have enjoyed captain and passengers, and pre- the privilege of holding our regular sented a number of letters to differ. family worship in the cuddy. This ent parties present, from Neptune has been conducted morning and himself. Here is an extract from evening without one intermission. ope to me.

Generally there have been about

thirty persons present. The service “Dear Sir,—I am delighted to hear from has been conducted by the mission. my secretary, that you are on board the aries and brother Brooks in turn. • Shannon' with a nice party bound for We have also had preaching every Calcutta. I am also informed that you have a

Lord's-day, morning and evening. with much requiring my razors. I am

The sailors have been frequently told also, that he is rough and frosty about visited in the forecastle on a Sunday the face. If you consider it well that he afternoon. I do trust these means should be smoothed and well cleaned, send will not have been in vain, though word back by my secretary.

Wishing you and Mrs. and Miss Stubbins I regret to say we see no present every happiness,

fruit; they have, however, been

refreshing to ourselves. Your obedient servant,

be supposed there are a few on board NEPTUXE."

to whom such services have been The whole scene was certainly eminently irksome, and who have grotesque enough. Of course there done their best to stop them, eswas no shaving among the passen- pecially on a week-day, and have gers, but some of them ventured on been not a little nettled because the quarter-deck and received bucket they could not succeed. after bucket of water, as a reward No one could have been more for their temerity. A lighted empty kind and attentive to our wbole party tar barrel was then thrown over than the captain. His wife is a board, and went blazing astern truly christian lady, and generally which so far ended the ceremony. unites in our religious exercises. I The men then had their amusements. am sorry to say Ayah has suffered

While on these subjects I might very much from an affection of her mention that the fifth of November eyes, and is still suffering. I fear was not forgotten. Old Guy was if her visit to England may not hoisted up in a large chair, and have done her health a permanent carried round with the well known Ljury. For my own part the pain


I am,

As may

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