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Hence, they approached their busi- / united with a company ness with some trepidation and great scheme of pleasure, I would have caution. At first he was at a loss deemed myself a mean man had I to ascertain the reasons of their not paid my full proportion of the apparent difference. The deacons expenses. Go to the assessor's book perceiving this, became, of course, and put me down for my full promore explicit. The gentleman was portion of the expenses of the surprised. What on earth,” said church. Do you think that I intend he, “ do you mean? Did you to be a meaner man now, since I suppose that I would be unwilling have become a servant of God, than to pay my full proportion? When I was when a servant of the devil.” I was a man of the world, and American Paper.


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Foreign Letters Keceived.

BERUAM PORE.-W. Bailey, December 3. Cuttack.–J. Buckley, Oct. 27, Dec. 4.
CalccTTA.-W. Brooks, December 6,

-W. Hill, November 17.
-I. Stubbins, December 3, 8. PIPLEE.—G. Taylor, November 27.





From December 20th, 1862, to January 20th, 1863.

£ 8. d. LONG WIATTON AND BELTON. A. F. Portsmouth Post Mark 3 0 0

£ 8. d. Public Collection at Belton 1 3 10 BEESTON. Collections and subscriptions 11 11 6 Collected by Sabbath Scholars 0 7 3

1 14 9 Ditto at Long Whatton... BILLES DON. Collected by Miss Atkin for

3 5 10 Special Fund


LINDHURST. Mr. W. Underwood 1 10 0 Per Rev. R. Compton

1 0 0 Mrs. T. Brown...

0 10 0

NEW BASFORD. Three Friends 1 15 0 | Public Collections

1 8 4 Sabbath School Girls

0 13 6


0 7 O Bicentenary Collections... 1 3 0 Hope Armstrong 0 7 6 | Missionary Boxes

0 18 6

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5 3 0

2 1 6 HALIFAX.

RAMSGATE. Collections and subscriptions 18 7 6 Per Rev. J. Packer...

0 5 0 LONDON.

RIPLEY. Major Farran

100 Collections and subscriptions 12 17 5




1 0 0 Langley Mill 0 17 0 Sheffield

1 15 0 Long Sutton 2 0 8 Wheelock Heath

1 2 0


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Subscriptions and Donations in aid of the General Baptist Missionary Society will be thankfully received by Robert Pegg, Esq., Treasurer, Derby; and by the Rev. J. C. Pike, Secretary, Leicester, from whom also Missionary Boxes, Collecting Books, and Cards may be obtained.





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THE REV. GILES WHEREFORE COMFORT ONE ANOTHER WITH THESE WORDS.-1 Thess. iv. 18. I SHALL convey no new truth to your Sorrow on account of the loss of our minds when I say that sorrow is a friends. The tenderties of nature part of our earthly lot. Man is and love are snapped asunder by born to trouble as the sparks fly the hand of death. The pilgrims upward. A portion of the bread who have walked together for many of sorrows' is allotted out to each. years are separated not to meet None can evade this element of again in this mortal sphere. The earthly experience. The sinner has stroke of death moves the deepest the root of sorrow growing deep feelings of our nature. within him. The Christian, how- The influence of the gospel is ever bright may be his hope, has designed to temper and moderate his portions of the sorrows of this the sorrow of the Christian. His life. Sorrowful, says one, yet al. sorrow for the departed may be way rejoicing. There are many deep and real, but it is not to overkinds of sorrow.

master his faculties or his feelings. Sorrow on account of sin. The The gospel is a light in the shades swellings and gushings of a broken of death, and a lamp in the darkness heart. Sin is the kernel and root of of the grave. Hope is the anchor all sorrow. A consciousness of sin, of the soul. Christians may sorrow, and a preception of the holiness of but not as others which have no hope. that Being against whom our sin has The gospel draws aside the curtain been aimed, covers the soul with which veils the future and discloses sorrow. Sorrow is an element of genuine repentance.

* Notes of a sermon preached in Wood-gate Sorrow arising from disappointments. chapel, on the occasion of the death of Mr. God sees fit sometimes to cross our of Mrs. Ann Chapman, of Castle Donington.

Joseph Rowland, of Loughborough; and purposes. He breaks through our Each of these old disciples had been a plans, and lays low our schemes. member of the church of Christ for more He baffles the imaginations of our than fifty years. Mrs. Chapman was baphearts, and teaches us our de tized at Loughborough, September 9, 1804, pendence upon Him. As he crushes by Mr. Pollard. Mr. Joseph Rowland was

received into the same church on a the bud of our hope our heart is commendation from Kegworth,' March 28th, wrung with grief.

1813. VOL. IY.-NEW SERIES, No. 3.




He grows


to us the present happiness and which results in the renewal and in. future glory of the pious dead. Our vigoration of nature. Man becomes text leads us to consider a group of jaded and exhausted by protracted thoughts which are calculated to activity; nature loses her energy sustain and comfort the pious mind and vitality. But sleep is 'nature's under bereavement.

soft nurse.' It brings back the I. We have the peaceful state of vitality of the system, reinvigorates the pious dead. They are asleep.' the body, gives elasticity to the They sleep in Jesus. Sleep is an mind, brings back the colour of emblem of peace, and a source of the cheek and the brightness of the rest. He giveth his beloved sleep. Sleep eye. The pious dead are not an. is a necessary condition of healthy nihilated. They sleep; they shall and active existence. The image of be roused from their slumbers. death is a fountain of life.

Corruption shall put on incorruption, Sleep is an indication and result of and this mortal shall put on immortality. the weakness and limitation of our The pious dead not only sleep, but nature. The powers of the strongest they sleep in Jesus. They sleep in man in time become exhausted. an element of life, an element of

faint and becomes love and of power. They sleep in weary in his work. God the Him who has the keys of hell and of Lord, the Creator of the ends of the death, in the arms of Him to whom earth, fainteth not, neither is weary. is given all power in heaven and in God neither slumbers nor sleeps. earth. But man could not live without a They are incorporated, as it

were, recurrence of a state of unconscious. | into His very person. They are joined

The stoutest man must sleep unto the Lord. They abide in Him, the sleep of death. Three score and He in them. Religion involves years and ten will bring him to the vital union with Christ. Our life sphere of labour and sorrow. Death is hid with Christ in God. That I has set his mark on every man.

may be found in him was the most The strongest faculties will one day ardent wish of the apostle. Faith, lose their vigour, and the most ro- is taking hold of Christ. Faith bust frame will moulder in the earth. reposes in the sympathies of a

Sleep is an alleviation of the trials and Person as well as in a system of miseries of nature. How many wish doctrines. The church is the body for sleep that they may forget their of Christ. There is an organical

It affords a temporary relief unity in the church of God, and to the severest pangs of the heart, each member is a part of it. The and the greatest anxieties of life. holy dead are identified with the

person of Christ, and interested in "Sleep seldom visits sorrow; when it doth, the work of Christ. His atonement It is a comforter.'

has cancelled their sins. His interIn the sleep of death all the miseries cession has availed for them at the and woes of this life are brought to golden altar above. His promises a close. The dead are out of the gave them consolation, His precepts reach of the calamities which this guidance. Christ was the foundation world inflicts. Anger cannot touch of their hope. Their last thoughts them ; slander cannot disturb them ; were about Christ. Their desires poverty cannot reach them; the and feelings clung to Him. They grave is a refuge from the avenger. died in Christ, and now they sleep There the wicked cease from troubling : in Jesus. and there the weary are at rest. There II. As a source of comfort, the the prisoners rest together ; they hear apostle refers to the joyful and glorious not the voice of the oppressor. The resurrection of the pious deud. Dis. small and great are there ; and the solution is not destruction. The servant is free from his master. grave is the saint's bed. He shall

Sleep is a state of unconsciousness, | rise again.


Blissful Meeting at the Resurrection.



The great argument for our , and glories of His advent before resurrection is the resurrection of others.'* our Lord.

For if ye believe that III. The apostle alludes to the Jesus died and rose again, even so them blissful meeting which shall take place also which sleep in Jesus will God bring at the coming of the Lord between the xcith Him. The death and resurrec- pious who are then living and the pious tion of Christ are the fundamentals who were dead. The encircling clouds of our religion. They are the great will form a chariot for the glorified immutable pillars of Christian church. The chains of nature doctrine; were it possible to move which have bound them to this these, all would fall to the ground. earth will be broken, and the body If Christ be not raised, your faith is will be free from the dominion of rain, ye are yet in your sins. But the matter. The glorified and luciform resurrection of our Lord rests upon body will be caught up in the en: a basis of indestructible evidence. veloping and upbearing clouds.' His friends, his enemies, angels, The church will meet the Lord in the bore witness to the reality of it. air. Think of the glories of that You could as easily take the sun

The sun will be darkness from the heavens as this doctrine compared to that glory. The imafrom the history of the world. It gination sinks in the effect to lift is the grand crowning miracle of itself up to the conception. Christianity. It was the great topic The saints shall enjoy eternal and argument of the apostle's fellowship with Christ, and so shall preaching; and the resurrection of we for ever be with the Lord. The a glorified church is built up upon the little circles of Christian fellowship reality of the resurrection of her on earth are often broken by the glorious Lord. Christ the first fruits ; hand of death. Our friends are afterwards they that are Christ's at being fast laid in the grave. Others His coming.

take their seats in the sanctuary of The apostle refers to the glorious the Lord. In heaven there will be no circumstances which shall attend the death. In heaven we part no more. resurrection of the pious dead. It These words constitute a source of will be in the midst of great pomp comfort to those who have been and majesty. The Lord himself shall bereaved. They were written with descend from heaven. The angels of a design of clearing up the anxieties His power will accompany Him. of Paul's own converts. They are They will be the ministers of His will, adapted to soothe the minds of Chrisand the instruments of His power. tians now. The holy dead are happy. The heavens will be lit up with the They are asleep. They sleep in splendours of His glory. He will Jesus. They are incorporated in plant His throne in the skies. His that great system of love and life voice will shake the earth. The of which Jesus Christ is the author realms of death shall hear the voice and head. The trials of this life of the archangel and the trumph of are closed. The conflict ended, the God. How wonderful, and awful, victory won. They rest from their and sublime will be the scene. The labours. A scene of future glory dead in Christ shall rise first. There is before them. Their Lord shall shall be a manifestation of the sons descend from heaven and fill the skies of God. Those who are alive at the with the clouds of His glory. He coming of the Lord shall have no will gather His elect into His own advantage over those who were dead, arms. Amid the choral symphonies they shall not anticipate them in of His angels, He will lead them anything; they shall not go before away in chariots of glory to the them to take the first places, not temple of light and blessedness prevent them, the apostle says, above. Shall not arrive in the presence of the Lord, and share the blessings






It was the eve of the first day of We return to the night of the the Passover, in the year 1559. Passover. Reb. Mordecai, and his Crowds of Jews were hastening family, were celebrating the festival. home from the afternoon service. The evening meal was ended, and The streets of their part of the city all were uniting in a hymn of praise, of Prague were thronged with when a sudden knock at the door people. Gradually they became was heard, and a stranger muffled empty, but from the windows came in his cloak, craved an instant intera friendly light, and the voices of view with the son of Reb. Gerson. worshippers offering prayer and As soon as the stranger was alone praise. One house was especially with the master of the house, he conspicuous for its brilliant light. threw off his disguise, and flung It was the house of Reb. Mordecai himself into the arms of Mordecai. Cohen Zemach. Mordecai was the It was the young man whose honour only son of Reb. Gerson, a wealthy and life he had once saved. He had goldsmith, had given early indica- come to warn his friend of a tions of extraordinary talent, and calamity impending over the Jews. had received an excellent education. The Emperor Ferdinand had, in a Reverses in trade led Reb. Gerson dream, vowed that he would expel to commercial difficulties, under the the Jews from Bohemia, and was pressure of which he sank and died. resolved to perform what he had Mordecai's mother had already been vowed. As yet none knew of this dead some years; and now, at resolution-except his secretary seventeen, he was left an orphan. The utmost secresy was therefore After the first stupor of his grief necessary as to the means by which was over, he vowed that he would information had been obtained, and devote himself to restore the to the mode in which the honoured name of his father. In threatened cruelty was to be counterfive years all Reb. Gerson's creditors mined. Mordecai accompanied him had been paid, Mordecai had married to the gate of the Jews' quarter. a Jewish maiden, herself an orphan, A hearty grasp of the hand, a few and both, with the rest of their race, words of counsel, and the friends had been suddenly banished by a parted. royal edict from Bohemia.

Mordecai lifted his glowing face Eight years afterwards Ferdinand to the heavens. “Lord of the world,' 1st recalled the Jews home, and he cried, Thou art All-merciful, Mordecai and his wife returned from All-knowing, Almighty. Why, then, Poland, (whither they had found a should we despair? Can it be Thy refuge in their exile,) and once pleasure that Thy children should more settled in Prague. Mordecai's be driven into adversity ? They vast knowledge won him the highest wish to banish-to expel us. Why? esteem ; his kindly heart, the love By what right? They say we are of his neighbours. Whilst in Poland strangers in this land, in this he had acquired considerable pro- beautiful Bohemia. Has not God perty ; but, about a year after his made the whole earth, and are not return to Prague, knowing full well we too his children ?

We are what he was doing, he had sacrificed strangers, and yet the graves of our all his wealth a second time—not fathers lie in this land. We are now for the honour of a revered strangers, and yet we have already father, but for the preservation of a for centuries suffered and endured person entirely unknown and of in this country. We are strangers, whose very name he was ignorant. and yet we dwell as long in the land That person had now become the as its other inhabitants. We are private secretary of the emperor, who strangers; where, then, is our fatherplaced in him unbounded confidence. I land ? Can men exist without a father

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