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Science and Art.

DISCOVERY OF A NEW GRAIN.—Some New USES OF IODINE.-It has long gentlemen on Her Majesty's Service, been thought that if the iodine exduring their explorations in a very tracted from sea-weed could be used wild part of our North American pos- as a colouring substance, it would be sessions, being struck with the per- one of the most powerful known. Protinacity with which immense flocks of fessor Hoffman, of London, has taken wild fowl and other game haunted out a patent for such an application of certain localities, made a close investi- iodine. The most beautiful violet, blue gation of the district. They found the violet, and red violet tints are produced. birds were feeding on a sort of rice Iodine is also used as a disinfector. indigenous to the place, which renewed Placed in a small box with a perforated itself by shedding its seed in the al- lid, it is a good means of destroying luvial deposit. It differs from the organic poison in rooms. During the paddy, or natural rice of China. As it is late epidemic small-pox in London, found in a wild state, and in a much iodine was thus used very advantacolder locality than any in England, it geously. is thought that the bogs of the British GREGORY THE THIRTEENTH'S MEDAL Isles may be sown with it.

OF THE MASSACRE OF ST. BARTHOLONew Coal Mine in Nova SCOTIA.—MEW.- This well-known medal was A coal mine has been discovered at the struck by order of Pope Gregory XIII. head of Ship Harbour, in the Strait of to commemorate the wholesale masCauso. Persons who have examined sacre of Protestants in France, Aug. the Coal pronounce it to be a fine an- 22, 1562. The Maestro del Sacro thracite of excellent quality

Palezzo, or chief censor of Pope Pius SILVER ORE FOUND IN MICHIGAN.- IX., has recently prohibited the further Great excitement exists in Michigan reproduction of this medal for private arising from the discovery of silver ore circulation. near Lake Superior. The ore centains THE LUCKNOW TESTIMONIAL was a liberal quantity of lead and silver. begun on the 2nd Jan. It is erected

COAL OIL IN MICHIGAN.—Coal oil, to the memory of Sir Henry Lawrence, yielding twenty per cent more of the and the brave men who fell in the pure article than the Pennsylvania oil, Residency, 1857. burning as well, and non-explosive, SKETCHES AND STUDIES BY THE has been discovered in Albion, Colhoun LATE WILLIAM HENRY HUNT. — A County, Michigan. Large deposits of large collection of these sketches and this oil are thought to exist there, from studies left by the venerable waterits being near to the great bituminous colour painter will be sold during the coal deposits of that state.

next month. OXYGEN Gas.—Baron Liebig, at a Mr. Frith's PICTURE OF THE ROYAL recent meeting of the Academy of MARRIAGE will not be ready in time Sciences at Munich, recounted various for the opening of the Royal Academy. experiments which proved that oxygen KAULBACH'S SALAMIS. — This celeis not only evolved from the atmos- brated artist is hard at work at his phere by plants, but also in large battle of Salamis for the Maximiliaquantities by decomposition of water neum. in the bodies of flesh-eating animals. BUST OF CROMWELL.-Mr. M. Noble This will throw new light on the pro- is now engaged on a bust of Cromwell cesses of nutrition and digestion. for Mr. B. Potter, of Manchester. It

ANIMALCULÆ IN TYPHOID FEVER.— is a most beautiful work, with a power Professor Tigri, of Sienna, has written in the face and a pose of the head selto the Academy of Sciences in Paris to dom realized in sculpture. It is based the effect that he has again discovered on a well-known mask, and two miniainfusoria of the genus Bacterian on the tures by Cooper, one belonging to Lord bodies of persons which had died of Gray. The bust is to be given to the typhoid fever.

Reform Club.

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HINTON'S HISTORY OF Mabillon gives the following descripBAPTISM.*

tion of a baptism by a pope : The design of this volume is to put The pope went on to the baptismal before the reader some instances of every hall

, and, after various lessons and psalms, class of facts relating to the history of consecrated the baptismal water. Then, baptism. In our judgment the execu- while all were adjusting themselves in tion does not in any way fall short of their proper places, his holiness retired the design. Mr. Hinton first takes up Evangelist, attended by some acolothists,

into the adjoining chapel of St. John the the term baptizo, and shows its meaning who took off his habits, put on him a pair in the writings of the Greek classics, the of waxed drawers and a surplice, and then Old Testament, and the Apocrypha; returned to the baptistery. There three the New Testament use, literal and children were waiting, which was the metaphorical; the term baptizo as con- number usually baptized by the pontiff. trasted with other terms relating to the Silence was ordered. When the first was use of water; and briefly refers to the presented, he asked, What is his name?' testimony of pædobaptist authors. His The attendant answered, "John. Then

John, dost thou three next chapters embrace the testi- he proceeded thus. mony of the Gospels, the Acts, and the believe in God the Father Almighty, the

I do Epistles. We have then chapters which Creator of heaven and earth ?

• Dost thou believe in Jesus take up the various passages erroneously Christ His only Son our Lord, who was presumed to refer to baptism, the evi- born and suffered death ? 'I do believe.' dence of church history as to the mode · Dost thou believe in the Holy Ghost, the and the subjects of baptism; the doc- holy catholic church, the communion of trines and the ceremonies associated saints, the remission of sins, the resurrecwith infant baptism; the baptism of the tion of the body, and life eternal ?' 'I do apostles, the fathers, and the reformers, believe. “John, do you desire to be bapand the philosophy of baptism.

tized ?' I do desire it.' 'I baptize thee Here is an account of an ancient in the name of the Father (dipping him baptistery

once), and of the Son (dipping him &

second time), and of the Holy Ghost " It may not be improper to gratify the (dipping him a third time).' The pontiff reader by a description of one of the most added, May you obtain eternal life.' John celebrated baptisteries of the Roman em- answered, * Amen.' The same was reperors. That of St. Sophia, erected by peated to Peter and Mary, the other two. Constantine, and adorned by succeeding Attendants with napkins received the emperors, was splendid and spacious. children, and retired to dress them. The 'Justinian, at an immense cost, rebuilt it, attendants of his holiness threw a mantle and his artists, with elegance and mag over his surplice, and he retired. The nificence, distributed variegated marbles of rest of the catechumens were baptized by exquisite beauty, gold, silver, ivory, mosaic deacons, who, in clean habits and without work, and endless ornaments, so as to shoes, went down into the water, and per, produce the most agreeable and lasting formed the ceremony as the pontiff had effects on all beholders. The baptistery set them an example. After all was over was one of the appendages of this spacious and the children dressed, they waited on palace, something in the style of a convo- the pope in an adjacent room, where he cation room in a cathedral. It was very confirmed them, and delivered to each large, and councils have been held in it, chrism and a white garment." and it was called mega photisterion, the great illuminatory. In the middle was

Infant communion soon followed inthe bath in which baptism was adminis- fant baptism. Cyprian relates the foltered. It was supplied by pipes, and there lowing ridiculous story to make those were outer rooms for all concerned in the who had gone back to idolatry during a baptism of immersion, the only baptism of persecution in Carthage sensible of their the place.'”

guilt and of God's wrath :SA History of Baptism from the Inspired and " I'll tell you what happened in my own Uninspired Writings. By Isaac Taylor Hinton, of Saint Louis, United Stateg. London: J. Heaton & presence. The parents of a certain little Son, Paternoster Row. (Bunyan Library, Vol. xii.) girl, running out of town in a fright, had

book may

almost forgot to take any care of the child,\" Quarterly ;" but the two replies by M. whom they left in the keeping of a nurse. Roussel are of a different stamp. QuickThe nurse had carried her to the magis- witted, rhetorical, and clever, they are trates; they, because she was too little to just the sort of essays to put into the eat flesh, gave her to eat, before the idols, hands of young people whom Repan's some of the bread mixed with wine which

have bitten. They are everyhad been left of the sacrifice of those wretches. Since that time her mother way the best answers we have yet seen took her home; but she was no more to the romance which Renan calls a fifth capable of declaring and telling the crime gospel. We hope they will be published committed, than she had been before of in a cheap form, so as to ensure their understanding or bindering it. So it hap- widest circulation. pened that once when I was administering, her mother, ignorant of what had been done, brought her along with her. But the girl, being among the saints, could not

LEAVES FROM OLIVET.* with any quietness hear the prayers said; but sometimes fell into weeping, and some. The tone of this book is excellent times into convulsions, with the uneasi. ness of her mind; and her ignorant soul, throughout. Most of the pieces are sugas under a rack, declared, by such tokens gested by some passage of Scripture, and as it could, the conscience of the fact in all are tinctured with scriptural language. those tender years.

And when the ser. The writer aims at spiritual edification vice was ended, and the deacon went to rather than at the gratification of poetic give the cup to those that were present, taste. This is so apparent that we forand the others received it, and her turn give the limping lines and the rather came, the girl, by a divine instinct, turned ancouth rhymes to be found here and away her face, shut her mouth, and re there. Devout and thoughtful Christians fused the cup; but yet the deacon per- will find this volume a welcome comsisted, and put into her mouth, though she panion for Sabbath-days. There is a refused it, some of the sacrament of the cup. shade of sadness over many pieces, for Then followed retchings and vomitings; the eucharist could not stay in her pola which the author apologises in his preJuted mouth and body; the drink conse- face, unnecessarily, as we think. We crated in our Lord's blood burst out again have given, in a preceding page, two from her defiled bowels ! Such is the quotations from this book, “Not Yet," power, such the majesty of our Lord! The and “The Seasons." secrets of darkness were discovered by his light! Even unknown sins could not deceive the priest of God! This happened in the case of an infant, who was, by rea- Loving Words.† Jast what their title son of her age, incapable of declaring the indicates. They are words of " caution, crime which another had acted upon her.” | counsel, and consolation, in prose and

We cannot endorse everything in this verse." —Why I was an Atheist, and why volume, but we nevertheless thankfully I am now a Christian. I This is a stateaccept it as one very much needed by ment given last August in Taylor's ReBaptists. It should find a place on the pository, London, by J. B. Bebbington. shelves of every Sunday-school library A most interesting narrative, and sure to and every minister's study.

be eagerly read.— The Teacher's Tools. The volume is enriched by an appen- These are described by Mr. Curwen with dix containing a critical examination of his usual felicity as-presence of mind, the rendering of the word baptizo in the power of picturing, skill in probing, ancient and many of the modern versions loving patience, and joyful faith. of the New Testament.

* Leaves from Olivet. A collection of Sacred

Poetry. By Albert Midlane, London: W. H. REPLIES TO RENAN.* Broom, 34, Paternoster Row. The Essay of Professor Schaff is staid

† Loving Words. London: H. J. Tressider, 17,

Ave Maria Lane. and quiet, as befitted an article in a

Why I was an Atheist, and Why I am now a

Christian. H. J. Tressider. * The Christ of the Gospels and the Romance of M. Renan. Three Essays, by Rev. Dr. Schaff and

|| The Teacher's Tools. A New Year's Address M. Napoleon Roussel, London: Religious Tract to Sunday School Teachers. Sunday School Union. Society.


Our Churches.

BRADFORD, First Church.-On Lord's. day, March 6, we baptized five believers,

and in the afternoon, at the Lord's table, The Annual SESSION OF THE BAP- We gave them the right band of fellow TIST Union will be held on Monday,

B. W. B.

ship April 25; the Rev. J. P. Mursell, of

Leicester, will be Chairman.

Rev. S. ALLSOP. - On Feb. 23, an

interesting meeting was held in the LEEDS BAPTIST MISSION TO THE General Baptist chapel, Whittlesea, on UNCONVERTED.-On Tuesday evening, the occasion of the removal of Rev. S. March 8, in Call Lane chapel, (kindly Allsop to Longford. Two hundred and lent for the occasion for the use of fifty persons sat down to tea; after the Baptist church at Armley), nine which the chair was taken by Mr. R. Y. persons were buried with Christ in Roberts, of Bourbé. The chapel was baptism. An address on the subjects crowded. Addresses were delivered by and mode of believers' baptism was the chairman, and Revs. G. Towler, W. delivered to an attentive audience by Telfer, and T. Barrass. In the name of the Rev. J. J. Poulter, at the close of the church, congregation, and friends of which our missionary, the Rev. J. Stut- every religious denomination, Mr. Barterd, went down into the water and bap- rass presented to the retiring pastor a tized the candidates.

large map of Palestine, a handsomely MILFORD, Derbyshire.-We had the bound copy of the works of the Rev. pleasure of witnessing the baptism of J. G. Pike, and a parse containing £12. seven candidates —six young females, These proofs of affection were suitably and the father of two of them-on acknowledged by Mr. Allsop; and after March 6. They were received into the earnest prayer for his happiness and church in the afternoon, when a copy of success in his next sphere of labour, the “Pike's Persuasives” was presented to meeting separated. On the following each of the young friends.

Suoday the children of the Sabbath LEEDI.-On Thursday evening, Feb. school presented to their late minister 25th, before a crowded assembly, twelve and superintendent a massive silver persons were baptized in Call Lane pencil case, as a token of their love; and chapel, after an address by the Rev. each child received from him a coloured Jabez Tanicliffe. One of the candidates picture card in remembrance of the day. was formerly an avowed infidel; one a Rev. S. Allsop, LONGFORD.-Recog. Wesleyan ; two Independents. nition Tea-meeting.-On Monday, March

SPALDING.-On Sunday, March 6th, | 7th, we had a tea-meeting in our new ten friends were baptized by our pastor. school rooms—about four hundred sat Two of them, husband and wife, had down. The place was tastefully set been for many years regular attendants. out with laurels, evergreens, and artiThe remaining eight are young, and ficial flowers, with various mottoes seven of them connected with our schools. suitable to the occasion. In the evening

BARTON Fabis. – On the 13th of a public meeting was held. Mr. J. March four believers were baptized and Wright opened the business by reviewadded to the church. Two of the candi- ing the various circumstances through dates were from our new station at which the church had passed for nearly Desford.

G. N. two years, which led to the cordial and LOUGABOROUGH, Baxter Gate. - On unanimous invitation of Mr. Allsop to the first Lord's-day in February three the pastoral office among us. After were baptized and added to the church. which in bis own name, and in that of

S. T. the church and congregation, he gave TODMORDEN.-Feb. 21, five persons him the right hand of fellowship. were baptized.

Messrs. J. Smith, H. England, G. Smith,


and the Rev. H. Cross suitably addressed of money to the building fund, and the assembly. The choir contributed to articles of a suitable character for the the interest of this delightful occasion by bazaar, are respectfully solicited. Any singing some pieces of sacred music. communications may be addressed Mr. Allsop, in an address replete with Mrs. Wm. Newman, Trinity Terrace, Scripture sentiment, indicated the course Louth. .he intended to pursue, and the necessity BRADFORD, First Church.-On Lord'sof mutual confidence between minister day, Feb. 21, our chapel anniversary and people.

sermons were preached by the Rev. R. The Rev. GEORGE TOWLER, of Bar- Ingham, of Todmorden Vale, and the rowden, has accepted an earnest and Rev. J. Makepeace, of Bradford. The unanimous invitation from the church at congregations were good, and the collecWhittlesea, and expects to begin his tions more than last year. labours there on the first Lord's-day in May.

GENERAL BAPTIST COLLEGE. TAE Rev. J. B. Pike, late of Bourne, Tas Treasurer has great pleasure in acLincolnshire, has accepted a cordial and knowledging the following sums which unanimous invitation to the pastorate of he has received since his last report. the Baptist church, Lewes, and com

General Account.

£ S. D. menced his labours on the first Sunday in March.

Legacy of £100 from Miss IbbotThe Rev. W. Evans, of Chilwell

son, of Halifax, less £10 Duty College, has accepted a very cordial

per Harry Hughlings Esq. 90 00 Rents of Cottages

20 20 invitation to the pastorate of the General


17 10 0 Baptist church, Stalybridge.

Sheffield ..

8 10 0 Loughborough, Baxter Gate

3 9 Chapels. Quorndon

5 4 3 Woodhouse..

1 6 0 BIRCHINGTON, near Margate. - The Barrow....

2 10 0 church at Birchington, near Margate, London, Borough Road

5 18 8 is a new and feeble interest—the only Burton-on-Trent

6 2 7 one of General Baptist principles in Coventry

3 10 0

6 8 this part of Kent, except Ramsgate, Longton

New Basford

1 3 0 which, I am informed, is nearly extinct.


2 12 5 I am labouring gratuitously and alone

Purchase Account. amongst a few poor people, whom I have

1 0 0 formed into a church in this dark vil. Rev. J. Lawton lage. Any one who can aid us with a

2 0

Rev. Joseph Cholerton donation in the liquidation of a debt of £25, the remainder of our refitment ex

Other Congregational Churches. penses, required in June, will much assist us in our efforts. We shall be glad to see any General Baptist brother STEPNEY, Grosvenor Street. The coming into our neighbourhood. There church and congregation worshipping in is much work to be done, but we languish Grosvenor Street Chapel, Stepney, gave for want of sympathy.

a congratulatory tea-meeting to their W. KILPIN, Pastor.

pastor, the Rev. J. Harrison, on TuesOPENING OF THE New ChapBL At day, Feb. 23, to commemorate bis LOUTA.—The friends connected with the third anniversary, and the second of Walker Gate General Baptist church, his pastorate. The tea was provided in Louth, beg to announce the opening of the Wesleyan Seamen's Chapel, the their new chapel for public worship on rooms of which not being sufficiently Thursday, April 21st; the Rev. W. large, the meeting took place in the adBrock, of London, and the Rev. R. joining chapel, where about 500 of the Ingham, of Todmorden Vale, to preach. friends assembled. The meeting being John Crossley, Esq., of Halifax, has somewhat of a private character, not any engaged to preside at a public meeting ministers were invited. Mr. Harrison in the evening. The presence of any on entering addressed a few words to the friends from other churches of the con- friends, in which he said he hardly knew nexion will be appreciated. Donations / what form the meeting would assume,

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