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LENTON.-On the first Sabbath in

CHAPELS. April, five friends were baptized and LOUTH.- Opening of New General added to the church; on the first Lord's- Baptist Chupel.— The church and conday in May, fourteen were baptized; gregation gathered under the ministry of and also on May 15 we had a baptism, the late Rev. J. Kiddall, and which has when sixteen more put on Christ; and hitherto worshipped in a rented chapel all were received into the church. We in Walker Gate, opened their new and have had an unusual number of restora- very comfortable place of worship on tions.

L. R. W.

Thursday, April 21. In the morning LEICESTER, Friar Lane.-On Lord's- the Rev. W. Brock, D.D., of London, day, May 1, after a sermon by our preached a most effective and eloquent minister, five friends went through the sermon from Matt. xxvi. 7. A choice waters of baptism, and in the afternoon selection of articles was offered for sale of the same day they were admitted to in the school-room after the morning the Lord's table. Our minister kindly service, the sale of which was resumed gave to each a copy of “A Guide to at noon on Friday, and continued during Young Disciples."

E. H. the evening. A collation was served in DERBY, Osmaston Road.-On Wednes- the school-room. The chair was taken day night, May 18, five persons were by Mr. W. Newman. At the close the baptized by the Rev. W. Jones, pastor, health of Her Majesty was proposed, three being connected with the Sunday and beartily responded to, and short school.

T. H. H.

addresses delivered by Rev. W. Brock, BURNLEY.-On Lord's-day, Feb. 28,

and Rev. T. Horsfield the pastor of the our pastor, the Rev. J. Alcorn, bap- church. The afternoon service was contized five persons who professed to bave ducted by Rev. R. Ingham, of Vale, found peace with God through our Lord near Todmorden, from Acts xxiv. 20. Jesus Christ.

The public tea meeting was numerously

attended-probably about four hundred VALE, near Todmorden.-On April

persons present. The evening meeting 16th, nine persons put on Christ in bap- was presided over by John Crossley, tism, of whom eight united with the Esq., of Halifax, who expressed his church at Vale.

gratification with the general appearPETERBOROUGH. On Lord's-day, ance of the building, and his opinion May 1, one candidate was baptized by that the work was well done, and that Mr. Barrass, and received into the premises so comfortable and extensive church.

were rarely built without a larger ex

penditure. He earnestly recommended MINISTERIAL

that a debt should not be allowed to

remain long upon the building, and enWalsall.—The fourth anniversary of couraged the friends to continue their the pastorate of the Rev. W. Lees was efforts for its removal. The meeting commemorated by a public tea-meeting was afterwards addressed by Revs. R. on Monday, the 18th of April. A large Ingham, W. Orton, W. Herbert, H. company sat down to tea in the school- Richardson, G. Shaw, W. T. Symons, room and chapel, after which the public J. Taylor, and Mr. W. Newman. It meeting commenced. The pastor occu- was very gratifying to observe in the pied the chair, and stated in bis opening congregations representatives from all remarks that more than 240 persons had the religious bodies in the town, and been received into church-membership many friends from the surrounding vilduring his four years' ministry-64 of lages. The collections during the day whom had joined the church during the amounted to £147; this amount was past year. Good practical addresses increased to £215 by a donation of £50 were delivered by the Revds. C. Beadle, from the worthy chairman, and £20 A. Major, J. Dixon, and J. Harrison. from a Wesleyan friend from Bacup. The meeting was enlivened by the choir The opening services were continued on singing several pieces, accompanied by Lord's-day, April 24, when the Rev. the piano.

W. R. Stevenson, M.A., of Nottingham, Rev. E. Bott, of Barton Fabis, ter- preached morping and evening. In the minates his pastorate of that church in afternoon the Lord's supper was celethe middle of July.

brated, and five persons who had been

recently baptized were welcomed to the £31. Through the energy and zeal of fellowship of the church. Collections one of the friends £150 have also been during the day £59. On Lord's-day, collected. The plans, &c., of the schoolMay 1, the opening services were room, were kindly furnished by Mr. brought to a close by Rev. J. T. Barker, Salisbury, of Asbhy, free of charge. of Harwich, preaching two excellent Long Eaton, Derbyshire.-On Monsermons. Collections, £63. In the day, May, 2nd, the foundation-stone of afternoon the_minister of the place a new Baptist chapel was laid about a preached from Psalm lxxxvii. 5-6. The mile from the Trent station, by R. neat and comfortable chapel and spacious Birkin, Esq., Nottingham, one of the school-rooms and class-rooms have cost, directors of the Midland Railway. In including the land, about £1,700, and addition to the villagers, many friends have been built from plans and specifi- from the neighbourhood were present. cations made by the pastor of the church. Prayers were offered by the Revs. E. The total proceeds of the opening ser- Stevenson, Loughborough, and H. Hunvices, including the bazaar, &c., amount ter, Nottingham, and a brief address was to nearly £400; this, with £650 pre- delivered by the Rev. W. Underwood, viously obtained, will leave the church president of Chilwell College. In the in as easy a position as it was in occu- evening, after a public tea, a meeting pying a rented chapel.

was held in the room hitherto used for KNIPTON.-On Lord's-day, May 1, worship, at which R. Birkin, Esq., prethe anniversary services in connection sided, when addresses were delivered by with this place were beld, and with the Revs. H. Hunter, E. Stevenson, J. great success. Our much esteemed Lewitt, W. Underwood, and several of friend, Mr. F. Mantle, of Hose, preached the stadents at Chilwell College. two sermons to large and very attentive BURNLEY.-On Lord's-day, March 13, hearers. The little chapel was crowded the chapel anniversary sermons were to excess. On Monday a good tea was preached by the Right Hon. Lord provided, of which upwards of a hun- Teynham; and on the following Taesdred partook; and in the evening ad- day evening a sermon was preached by dresses were delivered by Messrs. Pike, the Rev. H. Dowson, of Bradford. On of Grantham; Smith and Mantle, of Good-Friday, March 25, a tea meeting Hose; Silverwood, of Redmile. At the was beld in the school-room, and the commencement of this year the friends trays were gratuitously furnished by the established a Sabbath school. We are friends. After tea, appropriate adthankful to state that it is in a very dresses were delivered by the chairman, flourishing condition. Truly the Lord the Rev. J. Alcorn, and by Messrs. is in our midst. We are led to think the T. Booth, W. Jackson, W. B. Venn, place will soon be too strait for us. The J. Crabtree, D. Farrar, D. Burrows, teachers are earnest and hopeful. The and J. Taylor. The proceeds of the tea chapel was beautifully decorated, through and collections amounted to the sum the kindness of Mr. and Mrs. Clare, who of £43. furnished us with choice plants in pots RochDALE.-On Lord's-day, May 8, and cut flowers. The proceeds of the two sermons were preached in this anniversary were about £7.

chapel by the Rev. C. Springthorpe, of SHEEPSABAD.-New school-rooms hav- Heptonstall Slack. Collections were ing been erected in connexion with the made on behalf of the Sabbath school, General Baptist chapel, and the chapel | which, with a few contributions since itself enlarged, opening services were received, amount to £14 13s. 6d. held on Tuesday, May 10, Rev. J. Salis- COALVILLE –The annual sermons in bury, of Hugglescote, preached ; collec- behalf of the Sabbath School were tions £10. On the following Lord's-day, preached on Lord's-day, April 17, by Mr. F. Mantle, of Hose, preached; the Rev. J. Lewitt, of Nottingham, the collections £10. 'On Monday, May 18, congregations were large, and the cola public tea-meeting was held. Ad- lections were £19 6s. 6d. dresses were given by Revs. T. Brom- HINCKLEY.-On Sunday, May 15, wich, G. Hester, H. Tilley, Esq., and two sermons were preached in the Messrs. Marshall

, Baldwin, Lacey, General Baptist chapel, Hinckley, on Mantle, and Coddington. Total profits behalf of the schools, by Rev. W. Lees, of the opening services and the tea were of Walsall; collections nearly £12.

Other Congregational Churches.

229 FLECKNEY.-On Whit Tuesday, May already obtained some slight hold in the 17, we held our annual scholars' tea district. Accordingly the necessary armeeting in the afternoon. About sixty rangements were made, and on Thursfriends afterwards took tea in the chapel day evening, after the Second Lesson, and school-rooms. In the evening a she was engrafted into the body of Christ's public meeting was held. Mr. S. Reeve, Church, by dipping in the name of the of Leicester, presided. Suitable ad- Blessed Trinity. The only alteration dresses were delivered by the chairman, necessary in the usual service was the Messrs. John Harris, jun., and T. Collins, postponement of the exhortation to the Wesleyans, of Kibworth Beauchamp; bewly baptized person and her witnesses Messrs. J. Bramley, and W. Fidler, of until after the close of evening prayer. Leicester. The profit of the tea will be A sermon was afterwards preached by applied to the liquidation of the debt the Rev. W. Chalmers, from Acts xxii. incurred last year.

G. C. 16; in which the necessity, the blessings, HEPTONSTALL SLACK, Yorkshire.—On and the responsibilities of this great Lord's-day, May 15, two sermons were Christian sacrament were plainly and preached by Rev. J. J. Goadby, of earnestly set forth. We would commend Leicester, on behalf of the Sabbath this example of compliance with the school. The day was very favourable, Church's more ancient custom of immerthe attendance large, and the collections sion to the consideration of the clergy of £43 Os. id.

the diocese, as we think a return to this primitive order might be made subser

vient to the interests of the Church, parOther Congregational Churches. ticularly in districts where Anabaptists

are busily engaged in disturbing the

minds of the unstable as to the scriptural MISCELLANEOUS.

authority for pouring on the water. This

is (we believe) the fourth adult baptism The“ AUSTRALIAN CHURCH GAZETTE” which has taken place in this parochial AND THE BAPTISTS.—We take the fol- district during the last eighteen months." lowing paragraph from the Church

Australian Evangelist. Gazette of December 1st. We did not BERWICK-ON-TWEED. - The annual expect to find a Church of England tea-meeting in connection with Walkerclergyman using opprobrious language. gate Lane Baptist chapel was held on How would the editor of the Gazette feel Tuesday evening, April 24, in the Red if the Evangelist wrote of the proselytis- Lion Assembly Room-the Rev. L. B. ing sect of the Episcopalians. We leave Brown presiding. The attendance was our readers to decide whether the follow- large. After tea, speeches were deliing is in accordance with the apostolic vered by the chairman; the Rev. J. G. injunction, “Be courteous.”—“Tarna- Scott, on " Memory;" the Rev. J. Ashgulla.-A somewhat unusual event oc- mead, on “Church Grumblers;" the Rev. curred in the place of worship in this J. Forbes, on “Domestic Worship;" and parish on the evening of November 12th the Rev. J. Hirst, on “Christian Giving." inst., viz.:--the baptism of an adult by The choir during the evening sang several immersion. A young person, educated anthems. in the Anabaptist opinions, was desirous HARROW.—The foundation-stone of of conformivg to the Church, and applied the new Baptist chapel, Harrow, was for baptism. Having been duly examined laid on Saturday, April 16, by Sir S. and approved, she desired that the Rubric, Morton Peto, Bart., M.P. After the which requires the officiating priest to Rev. C. Bailhache had read the Scripdip' those who come to be baptized 'in tures and prayed, the pastor gave a the water,' might be carried out in her deeply interesting sketch of the history case. The parochial clergyman at once of the church, and the Rev. J. A. acceded to her request, and the more Spurgeon delivered an excellent address, readily, because he feared if he opposed as did also the Rev. Dr. Steane. The it her mind might afterwards be disturbed Rev. W. W. Evans, the Rev. Joseph as to the lawfulness of the ordinary method Simson, of Edgeware, the Rev. W. by some of the adherents of the prosely- Fisk, of Chipperfield, and other ministers tizing sect of Anabaptists, which has and friends, took part in the service.


Notes of the Month.


meetings. Two especially affecting our. THE Pope is dangerously ill. Who is to selves we must not overlook-the Baptist succeed him? One rumour says that he Union and the Bible Translation Society. is likely to be the last of the line, and Rev. J. P. Mursell was chairman of the that this is the French Tiberius's solution Union, and gave an admirable address. of the Roman question; another whispers The attendance was larger than usual, and that the name of his successor has already the interest much greater. We hope the been determined upon by the College of suggestions of Rev. C. Vince on the exCardinals. Feeble and sickly as he un. tension of the basis of the Building doubtedly is, the Pope or more properly Society will not be lost. The address of the Cardinals, for they are the ruling Baptist Noel on the state of our churches power, and the Pope is a mere puppet in produced a powerful impression. The their hands-has threatened to put Italy earnest piety and apostolic fervour of the under an interdiction because a Romish speaker won all hearts. We earnestly Cardinal has been put in prison. Let ask that increasing attention may be him. The grass will grow and the mul- given to the Baptist Union. It is a rallyberries flourish in spite of him. The days ing point for all Baptists, and may yet be are gone by when Italians can be scared made the means of great good to the like children with a “bogie." The noto denomination at large. The chairman of rious Father Ignatius has been in trouble. the Bible Translation Society was Mr. His so-called Benedictine monastery at Marshman, the son of the celebrated misNorwich does not prosper over much. The sionary. He defended the course purlocal journals say that during his absence sued by the Society. It seems incredible recently two “brethren” ran off with the that the British and Foreign Bible Society habiliments of the order, and two others should still be willing to circulate the im. bave since made their escape by a back perfect translations of the Papists, and yet window! The Papist newspapers tell us refuse to aid our brethren in their work that old Oliver Cromwell's county is the because they honestly translate the word only county in England where mass is not baptize, to immerse. The Society has celebrated. Some Protestant periodicals aided our brethren in Orissa very liberally. are, on the other hand, taking alarm at We are glad to find that the secretary was the spread of Popery in various portions able to show a small balance in favour of of the metropolis. There has been a large the Bible Translation Society. gathering of Episcopal divines at Lambeth

GENERAL palace to present the Oxford Declaration. The new bishop of Peterborough is Dr. The Queen, and the younger members of Jeune, formerly Dean of Lincoln; and the the Royal Family, are at Balmoral, where new bishop of Ely, Dr. Harold Browne. they will remain till the 10th of June. It Dean Stanley has once more been black- appears from the Court Journal that Her balled! It was proposed at the Council of Majesty is not intending to visit Germany the University of Cambridge by the public this year. Many reports have been in cirorator, Mr. Clark, and Professor Thomp. culation respecting the difficulties thrown son, that the Dean should be admitted to by the Queen in the way of her ministers the honorary degree of D.D., but owing to on the Germano-Danish question, and the strong opposition of Dr. Corrie, Master some go so far as to say that Her Majesty of Jesus College, and others, the proposi- threatened to retire to Germany if war tion was withdrawn.—The Baptist anni. were declared with Prussia. An armistico versary meetings this year were more than has been proclaimed, and the Conference usually attractive. We have noticed else on the Danish question is again sitting. where the annual meeting of the Mis. No satisfactory results have yet come out sionary Society, and should like, if our of it. Whether the alleged violation of space permitted it, to refer to the other the armistice by the Prussian soldiers in

[blocks in formation]

Jutland will form the subject of serious relief of these volantary exiles, and the quarrel is doubtful. The general feeling most active measures have been set on throughout this country is decidedly in foot by the Turkish government for assistfavour of Denmark. A hearty round of ing the poor creatures who have cast cheers greeted the announcement in the themselves on their mercy. The conferHouse of Commons that the Danes had once on the subject of the convents in the worsted the Austro-Prussian fleet in a Principalities is sitting at Constantinople, severe engagement. The last piece of and has decided upon the nomination of a news is, that England has agreed to the special commission to examine the titles settlement of the Schleswig-Holstein diffi- to property of the secularized institutions. culty by an appeal to the plebiscite, or —The King of Dahomey, of infamous universal suffrage. France appears to be repute, has just been defeated, and 2,000 delighted with this concession to her of his warriors killed and wounded. We favourite mode of solving social and hope this may lead to the shortening of dynastic problems, and one or two French his murderous arm, and stop those wholepapers hint that some such means will be sale massacres which have so long horri. adopted to end the Roman question. The fied Europe.- Telegrams from India tell Japanese ambassadors are starring about us that the Persian Gulf telegraph has in France. Their travelling expenses for been completed. A larger breadth of land two months alone have cost the French is also said to be devoted to the cultivation £12,000. They have adopted the Euro. of cotton. Now that Surat can be worked pean costume, and are entering eagerly in the Lancashire mills, this news will be into all the gaieties of the French capital. most welcome.—The Ceylon pearl fishery

- The Shakspeare tercentenary at Frank- is likely to be suspended for six years, fort ended in a political squabble. One owing, through various causes, to the speaker, Professor Mommsen, went off destruction of the pearl oyster.-From into the intricacies of the Schleswig-Hol. China we learn that Major Gordon bas stein embroglio, and sneered at England. captured three of the rebel towns, and is The English minister retorted; then the on the road to Nankin. Another EnglishAmericans got offended; and presently man has been nearly assassinated at Nagaboth the English and the American guests saki, but under what circumstances the left in a huff. The Stratford Committee, telegram does not state. - Passing over to now their pageant is ended, find them the Spanish West Indies, the news is still selves minus some £2,000.—Garibaldi has gloomy. The insurrection in St. Domingo reached his island-home. He declines is absorbing more Spanish troops. Another the testimonial which was started at insurrection has broken out in the western Stafford House, and the money has been portion of the island, that occupied by the returned to the subscribers. The Duke of Republic of Hayti, but has been suppressed Sutherland has been feted since his arrival by president Geffard.—The recent conflicts in Italy for his generous hospitality to the in Virginia have been more sanguinary Italian hero. Some papers assert that than any during the whole war. General Garibaldi will visit this country again in Grant fought with the forces under General the autumn, — The Rassian Czar has Lee for four successive days. From an issued a letter to the Grand Duke Michael, intercepted letter of Lee it appears that thanking him for having accomplished most of the men on the Confederate side the conquest of the Caucasus. More than who fell were killed outright. It was a 30,000 Circassians, of every rank and age, fearful hand-to-hand combat in a densely have deserted their country, and have wooded district, and the losses on both taken refuge in Turkey. The people sides are enormous. The Federals alone crowded on board the miserable craft had 40,000 men put hors de combat. which ply on the Black Sea, and their The Northern army has got fifteen miles sufferings both during their transit and nearer to Richmond, and Grant thinks after their arrival were fearful. Hun “the enemy is now in his last ditch." The dreds died of want and disease. The losses in these recent engagements make Sultan has very nobly contributed a hand all the battles of Europe dwindle into some sum out of his private purse for the insignificance,

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