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BAPTIST UNION. Rhodes, of Bradford, be a committee to AN AUTUMNAL Session of the Bap- promote the interests of the Foreign TIST Union will be held at Birmingbam Mission in the Yorkshire and Lancaon Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct. 12th shire district. Rev. R. Horsfield to be and 13th. The Rev. J. P. Mursell, of the secretary, to correspond with the Leicester, will preside; Rev. J. H. general secretaries, &c. Hinton will conduct the devotional ser

The Conference met to transact its vices ; Rev. G. Gould, of Norwich, is regular business at 2. 30 p.m. Rev. R. engaged to introduce the subject of Hardy, of Queensbary, by request of “Romanism and Scepticism viewed in the Allerton friends, presided, and led relation to Baptist principles;" Rev. our devotions. J. P. Chown, of Bradford, will open a

The reports from churches were then discussion on the important question, received, from which it appeared that "Church work in large towns;" Rev. seventy-seven had been baptized and W. Underwood, of Chilwell College, three restored since last Conference, and ". The present position of General Bap- eleven remained as candidates. tists;" Rev. W. Brock, D.D., is to

The doxology was then sung, the preach on one of the evenings, and a

minutes of the previous Conference read, public meeting will be held on the other. and the following attended to :

1. The committee for Dewsbury reported through its secretary, Rev. J.

Wood, a first-class preaching room had Our Churches.

been engaged in a very eligible position in the town of Dewsbury at an annual

rental of £40. Regular services had Tae YORKSHIRE CONFERENCE as- been commenced; several of our regular sembled at Allerton, Aug. 30, 1864. In ministers had already spent a Sabbath the morning a public meeting was held each there; sixteen baptized Christians in the chapel to consider the pecuniary were already worshipping together there; difficulties of the Foreign Mission, in congregations encouraging; and a Sabaccordance with the wish of the Asso- bath school was to be opened on the ciation recently held at Boston. The following Lord's-day. Rev. W. Gray, of Birchcliffe, opened 2. That this Conference has heard with prayer; Mr. S. White, of Allerton, with great pleasure of the hopeful efforts presided, and the following resolutions of their committee and of their esteemed were adopted :

Christian brethren at Wakefield-road, 1. That we perceive with extreme Dewsbury, to promote the glory of our humiliation and distress the present con- divine Redeemer, and assure them, not dition of our Foreign Mission, and hear only of their cordial sympathy, but also with dismay that one missionary has of their determination to co-operate with already been recalled, and the intimation them in their blessed work so long as it that the very existence of the Mission is shall be necessary. threatened.

3. That we, as a Conference, having 2. That we earnestly urge each church beard of the vote of £15 for Dewsbury in this Conference to assist in the re- by the General Home Missionary Commoval of the oppressive debt, to the mittee, hereby grant £25 from the funds amount of one shilling per member at of the Home Mission for the Yorkshire least.

district, and thus provide the rent of 3. That we solemnly and prayerfully room for one year. determine to increase the annual income 4. That this Conference requests the of the Mission. With this design, churches of this district to allow their resolved

pastors to supply at Dewsbury in rota. 4. That the Revs. R. Horsfield, R. tion for twelve months, and to find their Ingham, T. Gill, J. Alcorn, B. Wood, own sapply; the travelling expenses to and Messrs. Woodson, of Leeds, and be paid from the Conference fund.

5. That we make a collection forth- Tas WARWICKSHIRE CONFERENCE with in this meeting to replenish the was held at Nuneaton, on Monday, Conference fund.

Sept. 12, 1864. 6. That we express our gratitude to

Brother Allsop, of Longford, preached the General Home Missionary Com- in the morning from Col. i. 28—* Whom mittee for their opportune grant in we preach, warning every man, and behalf of Dewsbury.

teaching every man in all wisdom; that 7. The thanks of the Conference were Christ Jesus."

we may present every man perfect in presented to the committee for Dews

Brother J. F. Winks, of Leicester, bury, with a special recognition of the presided over the business meeting of earnest efforts of their secretary, Rev. J. the afternoon. Reports were received Wood, and they were requested to con- from all the churches except two. Since tinne another year.

last Conference twenty-four persons have 8. Rev. E. Gladwell, of Edgeside, been baptized; twelve now remain as Rossendale, reported that they were candidates. proceeding rapidly in the erection of After the reports of the charches were their new chapel, the cost of which will given, a long conversation was held upon be nearly £1,200. They expect the the state of the funds of the Foreiga roof to be completed and on in a few Mission, during which several bretbren weeks, and have obtained in subscrip- expressed their strong attachment to the tions or promises over £400, including Mission, and determination to support £50 from the Home Mission fund. it in its present difficulties. This conResolved,—That £25, being the latter versation was associated with special half of £50 promised towards our new prayer on bebalf of the Mission. chapel at Edgeside, be forthwith paid The next Conference to be beld at over by our Home Mission treasurer. Walsall, on the second Monday in

9. Rev. T. Gill and W. Salter were January, 1865. The Secretary to preach appointed to audit Home Mission

in the morning.

J. HARRISON, Secretary. accounts.

10. The committee of the projected “Loan Fand" for the Yorkshire district THE MIDLAND CONFERENCE was held reported-In pursuing their inquiries at Barton-in-the-Beans, Leicestershire, they had corresponded with the secre- on Tuesday, Sep. 20. The day was untary of the Baptist Building Fund, who usually favourable, and the attendance had encouraged them to seek union with was good. Rev. W. Chapman, of Meltheir Society, and to act as an auxiliary. bourne, read the scriptures and prayed, Resolved,—That the question of our and Rev. Giles Hester, of Loughborough, uniting with the “Baptist Building preached from 1 Cor. iii. 21-23. Rev. Fund” be deferred to the next Con- James Salisbury, of Hugglescote, presided ference, and that we request our com- at the afternoon meeting, and Rers. mittee in the meanwhile to continue Watson Dyson, of Long Sutton, and their inquiries.

J. Barnet, of Blaby, prayed. From the 11. That the next Conference be held reports given it appeared that 89 bad at Byron-street, Leeds, on Tuesday, been baptized since the Whitsuntide Dec. 27, 1864; the committee on Mis- Conference, that thirty-five remained as sion arrangements in Yorkshire, and the candidates for baptism, and that three committee for Dewsbury, to meet in the had been restored to fellowship. After morning at halfpast ten; Conference singing the doxology, the minutes of the business, afternoon; and public meeting previous Conference were read, and the in the evening.

following business transacted :The Rev. C. Leigh, of Clayton, pointed to attend to the case presented

1. Whituick.—The Committee appreached in the evening.

by this church at the last Conferenca T. GILL, Secretary.

reported that £200 of the £300 required P.S.—The Conference was well at- had been borrowed, that the responses to tended considering the locality, and an the circulars sent out to the churches earnest brotherly feeling manifested asking for aid in obtaining the remaining throughout the day.

£100 bad been very few; that the secre

[blocks in formation]

tary, (Rev. James Salisbury, of Huggles- I had very tastefully decorated the teacote, near Ashby-de-la-Zouch,) had only tables with flowers. After tea the chair received promises amounting to £10; and was occupied by the Rev. W. Salter, that, as the case was urgent, they hoped who gave an appropriate address on the immediate and hearty assistance would relations which ought to exist between be rendered by the churches of the pastor and people. Mr. Thomas Priest, Connexion.

the senior deacon, then spoke on the 2. The Orissa Mission. According unanimous feeling in the church in to the request of the Association, the regard to the call which had been made present financial condition of the Orissa and accepted; and in the name of the Mission, and the best means for improv- church he gave Mr. Evans a cordial and ing it, was discussed at great length, the hearty welcome. The chapel choir sung afternoon sitting being indeed chiefly with much effect Montgomery's beaudevoted thereto. After a warm debate, tiful hymnthe following resolution was adopted :

“We bid thee welcome in the name That this Conference urges upon all the

Of Jesus our exalted Head;

Come as a servant, so He came, churches in this district an immediate

And we receive thee in His stead." response to the appeal for liquidating the Suitable addresses were delivered by the debt by raising the one shilling per mem- Revs. W. Evans, A. Kirkland, J. Ash, ber, and as much more as possible; this and by Messrs. Samuel Woolley, Abel Conference also expresses its earnest Brooks, John Green, and James Farron. hope and trust that the General Com- During the evening the choir, conducted mittee will be able to keep the expendi- by Mr. J. Pownall, sang several choice ture within the income.

selections of music. 3. Autumnal Session of the Baptist WORKSWORTH.-Mr. James Orchard, Union at Birmingham.-Attention was of Chilwell College, has accepted an incalled to the meetings to be held on vitation to serve the church at WorksTuesday and Wednesday, Oct. 12th and worth, Shottle, &c., for twelve months. 13th, and it was unanimously resolved : The Rev. J. C. Smith has resigned That this Conference cordially recom- the pastorate of the church, Carley-street, mends the churches to respond to the Leicester, and is open to invitation. circular on this subject from the Local Committee by sending representatives to

CHAPELS. the forthcoming meetings.

The next Conference will be held at WHTTLESEA.—The General Baptist Osmaston Road chapel, Derby, on Tues- chapel in this town having been greatly day, Dec. 13th, Rev. Harris Crassweller, improved by new flooring the upper end B.A., of Mary's-gate, Derby, to preach of it, by erecting an orchestra and platin the morning, or in case of failure, Rev. form in the place of the pulpit' and Cockerton, of Castle Donington. singing pew, by altering some of the J. Jackson GOADBY, Sec. pews, and by thoroughly cleaning, grain

ing, and painting the whole building. BAPTISMS.

Re-opening services were held a few Louth, Northgate.—After a sermon

weeks since, when by the Rev. W. Orton, the pastor of the preached by the Rev. T. W. Mathews, church, from the words, "Why bap- of Boston, and a handsome sum was tizest thou then ?" three persons were

realized towards defraying the expenses baptized by the Rev. Thomas Burton, incurred. But as a considerable balance and were welcomed to the Lord's table was left unpaid, the proceeds of the on the following Sabbath.

chapel anniversary and harvest home VALB, near Todmorden. - At the festival were devoted to this object. branch station, Hurst Wood, two per- Rev. S. s. Allsop, of Longford, preached

Accordingly on Sunday, Sept. 18, the sons were baptized on Sept. 22.

two sermons, and a thanksgiving service MINISTERIAL.

was conducted by the pastor, the Rev.

G. Towler. On Tuesday afternoon a STALYBRIDGE. - On Wednesday, beautiful harvest sermon was delivered Sept. 14, the members of the church and by the Rev. W. H. Wylie, of Ramsey congregation welcomed the Rev. W. (the chapel being decorated with fruit Evans as stated minister. The ladies' and sheaves of wheat). About one hun



dred and seventy sat down to tea. In_RAMSGATE.—The One Hundred and the evening the chapel was full, and Fortieth Anniversary of the General many had to sit in the school-room. Baptist chapel, Ramsgate, was held on Several pieces were finely sung by the Lord's-day, July 24, 1864. Two serchoir,-Mr. Bundy, junr., presiding at mons were preached by the Rev. H. the harmonium. Appropriate and ex- Hunter, of Nottingham. Collection rather cellent addresses were given by the better than on the last occasion. Revs. W. H. Wylie, J. Keed, of Cam

CHILWELL COLLEGE. bridge, S. S. Allsop, T. Barrass, W. Telfer, and G. Towler. More than THB NEW SESSION was opened at the enough was raised to clear off the re- beginning of September with eleven stumaining debt. We cannot omit to refer depts, five of whom are fresh young to a disgraceful circumstance which took men admitted on the usual probation. place during this service. Just as the The work of the Session commenced by Rev. S. S. Allsop was beginning his free and familiar addresses from the speech a large stone was thrown by an president to the students on points perevil-disposed person, which broke the taining to their studies, preaching, doglass of two windows, and greatly mestic order, and general comfort. His alarmed and endangered those assembled. good wishes for their improvement and Two guineas are offered as a reward for asefulness, and his anticipations of a the discovery of the offender, wbich it is prosperous and happy Session, were hoped will bring this shameful affair warmly reciprocated by all the students. before the proper authorities.


G. T. W. Sept. 16, the tutors and students of the LEICESTER, Dover-street.-On Lord's- Congregational Institute in Nottingham day, August 28, two sermons were having been invited to spend an afterpreached on behalf of the Sabbath-school noon and evening with our brethren at by Rev. Thomas Toller, of Kettering. Chilwell, the Rev. J. B. Paton, and Collections, £21.

between thirty and forty of the young BOURNE.-Anniversary sermons were men under his training, presented thempreached in the General Baptist chapel selves at the College. There a hearty on Sept. 18, in the morning and evening welcome greeted them from our own by Rev. W. R. Stevenson, M.A., of tutors and students. The afternoon Nottingham, and in the afternoon by Rev. being beautifully fine, two or three hours John Stevenson, M.A., of Derby. The were spent in the open air, some occupy: annual tea-meeting was held on Monday ing the time in pleasant chat and stroll evening, Sept. 19. Addresses were in the field or grounds adjoining; the delivered_by Rev. J. Stevenson, and young men, however, for the most part Messrs. D. Horscroft, T. Shaw, &c. fraternizing at cricket, or other out-door The concluding sermon was preached sports. Tea was at length served in the after the addresses. Collections, &c., £30. lecture-room and library, after which a BURTON-ON-Trent.-On Lord's-day, very interesting meeting was held.

The Sept. 11, the new school-rooms which Rev. J. Lewitt gave out a hymn and have been erected in connection with our prayed; the President of the College chapel were opened. The Rev. C. then first spoke a few words of Christian Clark, of Halifax, preached two sermons. greeting to the visitors, and afterwards On Monday, Sept. 12, we held a public read a pithy and very judicious address tea meeting—the trays were furnished on the spirit and behaviour proper to gratuitously. About 380 sat down to students for the ministry. The Rev. tea, and afterwards a large congregation J. B. Paton followed in an earnest and assembled in the chapel. The chair was very beautiful speech, in wbicb, after occupied by the Rev. R. Kenney, and responding to the kind sentiments ex. appropriate addresses were delivered by pressed by Mr. Underwood, he dwelt the ministers of the town and the Rev. upon the subjects of study most imporC. Clark. The attendance at each of tant to young men preparing for ministhe services was large. The cost of the terial or home missionary work. He rooms is upwards of £200, towards urged with especial emphasis the thowhich £130 have been received, viz., rough mastery of the English tongue, £40 from the services, and £90 in together with the careful study of the contributions.

J.B. Bible and theology. After a few addi



389 tional words from the Revs. W. R. Ste- siderable value which had been placed as venson and J. Lewitt, this very pleasant a votive offering ou one of the numerous and long-to-be-remembered fraternal altars dedicated in that city to the gathering came to a close.

Virgin. The soldier at once explained The TREASURBR begs to acknowledge that he and his family being in great the following sums received :

distress, he had appealed to the Holy General Account. £ s. d. Mother for assistance, and that while Rev. W. R. Stevenson, M.A.,

engaged in prayer and contemplation of Nottingham

8 0 0 the four millions worth of jewels disSpalding

7 4 O played on her brocaded petticoat, she Leicester, Friar Lane

6 9 8 stooped, and with a charming smile Rev. J. Shaw

5 Oo havded him the golden cup. This explaPurchase Account.

nation was received by the court in proRov. J. Finn, Todmorden. ..... 100 found silence, and the case handed over Mr. Esberger, Louth

1 0 0 to an ecclesiastical commission, to whom MISCELLANEOUS.

it at once occurred that however incon

venient the admission of the miracle PACKINGTON, near Ashby-de-la-Zouch. might be, it would be highly impolitic to -On Thursday, Sept. 15, a small dispute its possibility. They therefore bazaar was opened in the school-room of gave the cup to the soldier, solemnly Packington chapel. Most of the articles warning him for the future against were useful, and had been made by two similar favours from images of any kind, or three of the ladies connected with the and impressing him with the conviction place. The purchasers exceeded the that the Virgin required profound silence number of articles to be sold, so that all from him as a proof of his gratitude. were gone in a short time. A public tea was also provided, the trays were SHIPWRECK AND ESCAPE OF freely, and amply, and richly furnished BISHOP OF LONDON.-The Bishop of by the ladies of the congregation. In London and family have lately_been the evening the Rev. C. Clarke, B.A., residing on the banks of Loch Fyne. gave, by request, a lecture on the They recently went to the Island of * Model Woman," as a counterpart to Arran in a small steamer to spend the the one be delivered recently on the day. When returning in the evening “ Model Man." The proceeds of the tea the sky became overcast, the weather and bazaar were about £20. This stormy, and the night dark. When near money, with much more which it is the entrance to Loch Fyne they were hoped to raise next year, is to be de- suddenly startled by the cry, “Breakers voted to the restoration of the chapel, ahead !” and before the steamboat's and to make it in its internal appearance course could be altered, they were what it is by its associations and by the aground upon rocks. The boat being devotedness and energy of some of its iron, it was dangerous to back her off, supporters--a credit to the denomination. for fear she might have received such

STALYBRIDGE. On Lord's-day, injuries as to make it impossible to keep Ang. 21, two sermons were preached by her afloat. They were therefore obliged the Rev. H. Wilkinson, on behalf of our to land in the small boat. When the Foreign Mission. The collections and party reached the shore a new difficulty donations amounted to £12 10s. In the presented itself. They discovered that evening, Mr. Wilkinson gave a most | they had landed, not upon the mainland, interesting address to the teachers and but upon a rock which might possibly be scholars of the Sabbath school, which we covered by the flowing tide. They soon, trast will be the means of reviving the however, found that they were safe at missionary spirit in the juvenile portion least from that danger. They were able of our congregation.

to construct a tent by means of some tarpauling, and under the shelter which

it afforded they spent the night. When Miscellaneous.

day dawned they were soon relieved

from their disagreeable position, and we A MODERN MIRACLE.—A soldier was are glad to hear that none of the party cited before the police-court of Madrid have suffered from exposure during a for having stoleu a golden cup of con- I night of somewhat stormy weather.

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