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A semi-autobiography.
The story of a girl's coming out.
A truly believable story. Jeanette a little girl, is adopted by a Penecostal Family and has a strict moral upbringing, under the guidance of her new mother. She becomes a well, respected member of the church, a Sunday School Teacher, a promising evangelistic preacher and missionary. Until at the age of fourteen she has an affair with a woman and becomes torn between her religion and her sexual desires and she is made to repent.
Now, I hear of a television mini-series by the same name, that follows the book. Aired in Britain in 1990. I'll have to look for it.
Jeanette Winterson has an easy writing style and a good eye for embracing the reality of Church and her condemnations for her unorthodox sexual practices.
This book exposes the religious extremism and evilness of the Pentecostal Church and I highly recommend it for anyone coming out within the church and dealing with their own sexuality. A must read.
I give it five stars *****
Michael Estey

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good story, engaging. the author has good insight into situations that you sometime are surprised to find mirror some of your own experiences (emotionally at least, not nec. the same situation). love her writing style.

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Sucks. Don't read it.

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