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Reproductive Organs, Hints on the. Their Diseases, Causes,

and Cure on Hydropathic Principles. By James C. Jackson. 12mo. 48 pp. Paper, 15 cts. Sexual Diseases; Their Causes, Prevention, and Cure, on

Physiological Principles. Embracing : Home Treatment for Sexual Abuses ; Chronic Diseases, Especially the Nervous Diseases of Women; The Philosophy of Generation ; Ama

tiveness ; Hints on the Reproductive Organs. In One Vol. 12mo. 417 pp. Muslin, $1.25., Sober and Temperate Life. The Discourses and Letters of

Louis Cornaro. With a Biography of the Author. By Piero Maroncelli. With Notes, and an Appendix by John Burdell. 18mo. 228 pp. Paper, 30 cts.

Twenty-five thousand copies of this excellent work have been sold. It is translated into several languages. Tobacco : Its History, Nature, and Effects on the Body and

Mind. With the Opinions of Rev. Dr. Nott, L. N. Fowler, Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, Hon. Horace Greeley, Dr. Jennings, 0. S. Fowler, Dr. R. T. Trall, and Oihers. By Joel 'Shew, M. D. 12mo. 116 pp. Paper, 30 cts. Every person should read this useful work,—then banish tobacco in all its forms,--smoking, chewing, or snufting Teeth: Their Structure, Disease, and Treatment. With

numerous Illustrations. By John Burdell. 12mo. 72 pp. Paper, 15 cts. Tobacco: Its Use and Abuse. By John Burdell. 12mo.

6 cts. With Illustrations. Tea and Coffee. Their Physical, Intellectual, and Moral

Effects on the Human System. By Dr. William A. Alcott. 18mo. 99 pp. Paper, 15 cts. Use of Tobacco; Its Physical, Intellectual, and Moral Effects

on the Human System.' By Dr. William A. Alcott. 18mo. 88 pp. Paper, 15 cts. Vegetable Diet; as Sanctioned by Medical Men, and by

Experience in all Ages. Including a System of Vegetable Cookery. By Dr. William A. Alcott. 12mo. 312 pp. Paper, 62 cts. ; Muslin, 87 cts.

24 pp.

Mesmerism and Psychology. .

Biology; or, The Principles of the Human Mind. Deduced from Physical Laws. With a Lecture on the Voltaic Mechanism of Man. By Alfred Smee,

64 pp. Illustrated. Price, 30 cts. Electrical Psychology, Philosophy of. In a Course of Twelve

F. R. S. 12mo.

Lectures. By John Bovee Dods. 12mo. 252 pp. Paper, 62 cts. ; Muslin, 87 cts. Elements of Animal Magnetism ; or, Process and Applica

tion for Relieving Human Suffering. By Charles Morley. 12mo. 24 pp. Price, 15 cts. Fascination; or, The Philosophy of Charming. Illustrating the Principles of Life in connection with Spirit and Matter. By John B. Newman, M. D.

176 pp. Paper, 15 cts. ; Muslin, 87 cts. Mental Alchemy. A Treatise on the Mind, Nervous Sys

tem, Psychology, Magnetism, Mesmerism, and Diseases. By B. Brown Williams, Á. D. 12mo. 180 pp.Price 62 cts.


Macrocosm and Microcosm ; or, The Universe Without and the Universe Within. Being an Unfolding of the Plan of Creation, and the Correspondence of Truths, both in the World of Sense and the World of Soul. In Two Parts. By William Fishbough. 12mo. 259 pp. Paper, 62 cts. ; Muslin, 87 cts. It is written with unquestionable ability, and by a thinker and student.--[Boston Transcript. Philosophy of Mesmerism. Six Lectures. With an Intro

duction. By J. Bovee Dods. 12mo. 82 pp. Paper, 30 cts.

Psychology; or, the Science of the Soul. Considered Phy


siologically and Philosophically. With an Appendix containing Notes of Mesmeric and Psychical Experience. By Joseph Haddock, M. D. With Engravings of the Nervous System. 12mo. 112 pp. Price, 30 cts.

Spiritual Intercourse, Philosophy of. Being an Explanation

of Modern Mysteries. By Andrew Jackson Davis. Octavo. 176 pp. Price, 62. cts. Supernal Theology, and Life in the Sphere. Deduced from

Alleged Spiritual Manifestations. By Owen G. Warren. Octavo. 112 pp. Price, 30 cts. Among the many publications on the subject of spiritual manifestations this is one of the most entertaining.(Boston Commonwealth,


Botany for all Classes. Containing a Floral Dictionary, and

a Glossary of Scientific Terms. Illustrated with numerous, beautiful, and appropriate Engravings. By John B. Newman, M. D. 12mo. 226 pp. Paper, 62 cts. ; Muslin, 87 cts. In this work the subject is presented in a series of interesting conversations. Chemistry, and its Applications to Physiology, Agriculture,

and Commerce. By Justus Liebig, M. D., F. R. S. Octavo. 54 pp. Price, 25 cts. Delia's Doctors; or, A Glance Behind the Scenes. By Hannah Gardner Creamer. 12mo. 262 pp. Paper, 62 cts. ; Muslin, 87 cts.

; Intended to show the folly of going to physicians for every ailment, instead of consulting the laws of nature, and obeying them. Full of important suggestions to invalids. Essay on Wages, Discussing the Means now Employed for

Upholding them, and showing the Necessity of a Working Man's Tariff, founded on the Principle of Graduating Import Duties, in Inverse Proportion to the Rate of Wages Paid in

the Manufacture of the Imported Goods. By Philip C. Friese. 12mo. 35 pp. Price, 15 cts. Familiar Lessons on Astronomy; Designed for the Use of

Children and Youth in Schools and Families. By Mrs. L. N. Fowler. With Illustrations. 12mo. 165 pp. Paper, 62 cts. ; Muslin, 87 cts.

i Future of Nations : In what Consists its Security. A Lec

ture Delivered in the Broadway Tabernacle, New York, on Monday Evening, June 21, 1852.

By Louis Kossuth. With a Likeness. 12mo. 44 pp. Price, 12 cts. Hints Toward Reforms: In Lectures, Addresses, and other

Writings. Together with the Crystal Palace, and its Lessons. By Horace Greeley. 12mo. 425 pp. Muslin, $1.25. Horace Greeley is about as well known in the United States as Dr. Franklin. In tha purity, simplicity, and straightforwardness of his style, no writer of this age is his superior.-[N. Y: Independent.

No man or woman who has an interest in this world should be without this work. Greeley always gives us clear, common sense view of things, in strong, brief, and frequently eloquent language. He is himself in this book. It is full of the spirit of life. If you are a reformer, read it. If you need reforming, read it. - Williamsburgb




Hopes and Helps for the Young of Both Sexes. Relating

to the Formation of character, Choice of Avocation, Health, Amusement, Music, Conversation, Cultivation of Intellect, Moral Sentiment, Social Affection, Courtship and Marriage. By Rev. G. S. Weaver. 12mo. 246 pp. Paper, 62 cts. ; Muslin, 87 cts. Every parent should place this book in the bands of his children. Every youth who reads it will feel inspired with new resolutions for a nobler and purer life, be his occupation what it may. Human Rights, and their Political Guaranties. Essays. By

E. P. Hurlbut. With Notes by Geo. Combe. 12mo. 249 pp. Paper, 62 cts. ; Muslin, 87 cts. Home For All. New, Cheap, Convenient, and Superior Mode of Building, containing full Directions tar Constructing Gravel Walls.

12 mo.

pp. Paper, 62 cts. ; Muslin, 87 cts. New Edition, Revised, with Additions. Immortality Triumphant. The Existence of a God, and

Human Immortality, Practically considered, and the Truth of Divine Revelation Substantiated. By John Bovee Dods. 12mo. 216 pp. Paper, 62 cts. ; Muslin, 87 cts. The talented author has opened a new and beautifnl field, rich in thought, and of vast importance to the theologian, and placed within the reach of the Christian world at large, an immense mass of materials, and in a condensed form, by which any one of ordinary capacity may briefly and successfully meet the arguments of the Atheist and Deist.- [Ithaca Chronicle.

Literature and Art contain

Innovation, Entitled to a Full and Candid Hearing. By John

a Patterson. 12mo. 64 pp. Price, 15 cts. Literature and Art. By S. Margaret Fuller. Two Parts in

One Volume. Containing : A Short Essay on Critics ; A Dialogue ; The Two Herberts ; Prose Works of Milton, with a Biographical Introduction ; Life of Sir James Mackintosh ; Modern British Poets ; Modern Drama ; Dialogue, containing Sundry Glosses on Poetic Texts ; Poets of the People ; Miss Barrett's Poems ; Lives of Haydn, Mozart, Handel, Bach, Beethuven;

; Record of Impressions Produced by Mr. Allston's Pictures ; American Literature ; Swedenborgianism ; Methodism at the Fountain ; The Tragedy of Witchcraft. With an Introduction by Horace Greeley. 12mo. 347 pp. Muslin, $1.25. No woman in America has ever equalled her for bold, vigorous, original thoughts. some of her productions, of the greatest merit and interest.-[Wyoming Mirror. Labor; Its History and Prospects. By Robert Dale Owen.

An Address Delivered before the Young Men's Mercantile Association of Cincinnati. 12mo.

76 pp. Paper, 30 cts. Power of Kindness; Inculcating the Principles of Benevo

lence and Love. By Charles Morley. 12mo. 72 pp. Paper, 30 cts. ; Muslin, 50 cts. Population, Theory of. Deduced from the General Law of

Animal Fertility. Republished from the Westminster Review. With an Introduction by R.

T. Trall, M. D. Price, 15 cts. Temperance Reformation; Its History, from the Organiza

tion of the first Temperance Society, to the adoption of the Liquor Law of Maine, 1851 ; and the Consequent Influence of the Promulgation of that Law on the Political Interest of the State of New York, 1852. By Rev. Lebbeus Armstrong. New Edition. Enlarged. With a Portrait of the Author. 12mo. 465 pp. Muslin, $1.25. A much more clever book than the title would lead one to expect. It is full of historic reminiscences, anecdotes, and information, spicily served up.--IN. Y. Mirror. The Student: A Family Miscellany, and Monthly School

Reader. Devoted to Physical, Moral, and Intellectual Improvement. Edited by N. A. Calkins. Monthly. Octavo. 32 pp. 384 pp. a Year. $1.00. THE PLAN OF THE STUDENT IS ORIGINAL: baving a department for the older members of the family, one for the YOUTH, and another for CHILDREN, and another for PARENTS AND TEACHERS. It contains history, biography, travels, scienco, &c., with numerous illustrations. In short, it is a Historian, an Orator, a Botanist, a Chemist, a Geologist, an Astronomer, a Philosopher, a Physiologist, a Poet, a Teacher, a Story-Teller, and is just the work for Girls and Boys, young Men and young Women, Parents and Teachers. Woman: Her Education and Influence. By Mrs. Hugo

Reid. With an Introdnction by Mrs. C. M. Kirkland. With Portraits of several Distinguished Women. 12mo. 192 pp. Paper, 50 cs ; Muslin, 87 cts.

FOWLERS AND WELLS Publish the following Popular and Professional PERIODICALS, adapted to all classes. They have an aggregate circulation of about ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND COPIES.

These widely circulated Serials, afford an excellent opportunity for bringIng before the Public with Pictorial Illustrations all subjects of interest.

COMMUNICATIONS, New Books for notice or REVIEW, ADVERTISEMENTS, and SUBSCRIPTIONS, should be addressed to the PUBLISHERS, New York.

The ILLUSTRATED PARENOLOGICAL JOURNAL. A Repository of Science, Literature, and General Intelligence ; Devoted to Phrenology, Education, Biography, Mechan. ism, Agricultural Commerce, and the Natural Sciences, and to all those Progressive Measures which are calculated to Reform, Elevate, and Improve Mankind. Published Monthly in Quarto form, convenient for binding, with twenty-four Pages, at One Dollar a Year.

THE WATER-CURE JOURNAL, AND HERALD OF REFORMS. A Popular Work, devoted to Hydropathy, Physiology, and the Laws of Life and Health. Illustrated with Numerous Engravings, exhibiting the structure and Anatomy of the Human Body-with familiar Instruction to learners. It is emphatically a Journal of Health, designed to be a complete Family Guide, in all cases, and in all diseases. Terms and size the same.

Edited by the most distinguished medical writers of Europe and America. The Water-Cure Journal holds a high rank in the science of health ; always ready, straightforward, and plain-spoken, it unfolds the law of our physical nature, without any pretensions to the technicalities of science, but in a form as attractive and refreshing as the sparkling element of which it treats. We know of no American periodical which presents a greater abundance of valuable information on all subjects relating to human progress and welfare.-(N. Y. Tribune.

THE UNIVERSAL PRONOGRAPHER: Devoted to the Dissemination of Phonography, and to Verbatim Reporting, with Practical Instruction to Learners. Printed in Phonography. Published monthly, at One Dollar a Year in advance.

PHONOGRAPHY furnishes the same extraordinary facilities for rapid writing that the RAILROAD does for rapid travelling; and is as much superior to the common long hand as the railroad is to the old stage-coach. “Had this art been known forty years ago, it would have saved me twenty years of hard labor." Tho's H. BENTOL

Tae HydroPATHIC QUARTERLY REVIEW. A New Professional Magazine, devoted 10 Medical Reform, embracing articles by the best writers, on Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Surgery, Therapeutics, Midwifery, etc., Reports of Remarkable cases in General Practice, Criticisms on the Theory and Practice of the various Opposing Systems of Medical Science, Reviews of New Publications of all Schools of Medicine, Reports of the Progress of Health Reform in all its Aspects, etc. etc., with appropriate Illustrations. Each number contains from 150 to 200 Octavo pages at Two Dollars a Year.

THE STUDENT: An Illustrated Magazine, devoted to Physical Moral and Intellectual Improvement, and to Education, in the Family, the Field, the School and the Shop. Thirty-two Royal Octavo Pages, Published Monthly at One Dollar a Year.

It contains history, biography, travels, science, &c., with Illustrations. It is a Historian, an Orator, a Botanist, a Chemist, & Geologist, an Astronomer, a Philosopher, a Physiologist, a Poet, a Teacher, a Story-Teller, á Musician, and is just the work for Girls and Boys, young Men and young Women, Parents and Teachers.

A limited space, in these PERIODICALS will be devoted to ADVERTISEMENTS. For particulars, address


Clinton Aa., 131 Nassau Street, New York. JW



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