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Fill up the following spaces with Pronouns.

am here—so are James and Hugh. will join

Mary is six years of age, but brother is eight.

are good; therefore they are happy. O look at

Did exhibition? Dr. Laurie placed

son under husband, and taught

medicine. Do tell what want.

sent son to school. Show Miss B. work. will put it to rights. There is. Give


see the

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I've now to tell a little more,
You have not heard this name before.
'Tis called a relative.
It does relate to somebody,
Whoe'er that somebody may be.
And now their names I'll give ;-

Who, which, or in their stead say that.
The man who caught a great big rat,
And nearly killed another.
The dog which saw the whole ado,
Ran forward and he caught one too ;

that ate the other.


You see the who relates to man,
And which is for the dog which ran-
Then that relates to puss.
We're very glad that puss should kill
The rats which might these houses fill
If they were all let loose.

When the relative pronoun relates to a person, we use who, as the boy who behaves well is beloved. But when it relates to an animal, or something without life, we use which, as the kitten which Jane gave me is black and white; or, the bottle which you broke cost ten shillings.


Fill up spaces with Relative Pronouns. The exhibition,

was wonderful, attracted many visitors. Milton, wrote Paradise Lost, was blind. The rain, fell in torrents, deluged the fields. Miss Thomas, came to school, met with an accident. John broke my gold-watch, cost thirty pounds. He broke my desk must pay for its repair. The children

presented me with that work-box, paid for it most liberally.

That is often used instead of which.


I mean to

There sits the snarling little boy put away.

The Koh-i-noor diamond

was pre

sented to our Queen, was once in the possession of Runjeet Singh. The scissors Mary broke were old favourites of mine. The beauty stands longest is that of the mind. When children quarrel the one

is most amiable gives in first. The mind is most noble can condescend lowest.

What is a compound Relative Pronoun, and is conveniently used instead of saying, the thing which, thus, You remember what happened yesterday; for, You remember the thing which happened yesterday.*


I told you

Fill up the spaces with the Compound Relative. ”,

would happen if you disobeyed mammia.

That is I paid for the book. He kept pleased him best. I suppose you do not know

he means. Bring Alison's Europe to John, for that is he likes.


Adjective-nouns you've heard before,

you will now learn something more-
Adjective-pronouns too.
These pronouns show no quality,
Yet place them with a noun, and try
How nicely they will do.

* Whatsoever, whosoever, &c., are Compound Relative Pronouns also.

My head, thy hand, his top, her doll,
Our cook, your cloak, their own green poll,
That monkey's lost its tail,
These houses, and this waterfall
Adjective-pronouns these are all;

And each or every gale.
There are four different kinds of adjectives pronouns.

1. Possessive, which are my, thy, his, her, our, your, their, its own.

2. Demonstrative, which are this, that, these, those. 3. Distributive-each, every, either, neither.

4. Indefinite--none, any,all, such, whole, some, both, one, other, and another. POSSESSIVE AND DEMONSTRATIVE ADJECTIVE

They are PosSESSIVE when you see
That each belongs to somebody,
My hand, thy head, his heart.
DEMONSTRATIVE means pointing out
As I do now all round about,
These books, that box, this tart.

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DISTRIBUTIVE means—give away,
To either, each, or every-nay,
To neither (it may be).
When not particular at all

any one, INDEFINITE call.
That list you've learned to me.


Insert Possessive Adjective-Pronouns in spaces.

cousin is wealthier than mine. John told me

success in life depended on own exertions. Show me teeth.

brother has found pocket-book. The sheep has had — wool cut. Take off wet coat, Harry. Is this slate ? No, it is sister's. This sweet flower lost perfume. I shall hear music lesson when

papa goes out. This work-box is lovely and compartments are useful.



- one.

papa for

house is much larger than the other. I do not admire song but I enjoy

I have asked books you recommended. Will you allow me to look over hymn ? pillows are surely not filled with down. If you give me

real flowers artificial ones.

jam is most excellent. The fruit was obtained from trees in Port-Glasgow which grandpapa planted.

I will give



John did not promise to give one of you an apple. of you may

You cannot all sit in my pew, but Jane or Mary may

take one, however.

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