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Plural, 1. If I be, or if I am. 1. If we be, or if we are. 2. If thou be, or if thou art. 2. If you be, or if 3. If he be, or if he is. 3. If they be, or if they are.

you are,

[blocks in formation]

Insert in the following spaces Verbs belonging to the INDICATIVE Mood of the Verb To Be.


Dr. B. may call, but I not quite sure.

James ten years old this day. He a good boy. You kind to him, for which I thank you. Why they so long here? We. very fond of oysters. Thugs Indian robbers. Grapes refreshing. I anxious for a holiday. Thou the hearer and answerer of prayer.

Gold precious. You not so happy now as you once were.

Thereseven days in the week.





with me

most impatient for the post. He old man when he died. My nephew in town this

Papa very fond of him. How you pleased with the singing last night? I highly gratified. All the friends I appreciate on the Continent; and I

sorry to leave them. They delighted with the scenery on the Rhine. I

happy yesterday when I heard of Helen's recovery. The crisis is past, but we

afraid for many days that her life at stake.




John has arrived from India, and

here toHow delightful it — to hear all the If you are careless I

displeased with you. I

grieved if you compel me to punish you. I have no doubt you

successful in life, John. You not forgetful of Him who says - The seed of the righteous

blessed." I hope the war with Russia

avoided. Brother Jonathan

ready to help us if that is requisite.


Insert Verbs in the following spaces from the Perfect, Past Perfect, and Future Perfect of the INDICATIVE Mood of the Verb To Be.



long in answering my letter. He

so busy that he could not attend to my desire ; but he has promised to send me a likeness which long looked for. It

finished these six weeks. Storms

very frequent this sumGold

plentiful in California and Australia. Thou

gracious to us, O God. The weather appears


but it

very changeable these two months. Many people complaining of late. Fever, however, not prevalent here.



If it not for her good, it would not have been permitted. The children

asking for me when I was absent. "If Thou

here, my brother might have been alive.” All the magistrates

in attendance when her Majesty was expected. Job says: 66 It

better for me if I never born.” It would be well with us if we could be now what we will wish we

when we come to die.


When my fortieth year is completed I

here twenty years. When this generation arrives at maturity we old folks

where all is forgotten. If we make ourselves useful to the rising generation we

serviceable in ur day.


To what Tense and Mood do the following Verbs belong?

Am, is, art, wast, I was, they were, we are, thou art, thou hast been, has been, we were, wert, you have been, she has been.

I shall be, thou shalt be, we will be, wilt be, be, they shall be, it will be, thou wilt be, wilt have been, we have been, they will have been, we shall have been, had been, thou hadst been.

I can be, thou mayst be, canst be, she may be, you may be, he must be, they should be, it could be, wouldst be, thou couldst be, he may have been, must have been, wast, thou wast, we may be.

We may have been, mayst have been, can have been, I might have been, thou couldst have been, if I be, if thou wert, if we were, be thou, we are, we were, we should have been.

Be thou, be, to be, being, having been, to have been, been, be ye, if I am, if you be, if you are, if we are.


Insert verbs from the Imperative and Infinitive mood :Do cautious. Would you like

a good child, and God will love you. obedient to your parents, and patient to your younger brothers and sisters.

good ?


Now since


know the verb to be,
And say it all so readily,
Passive I'll show to you.
The verb to be, with transitive,
(Neuter and active you perceive)
Make passive voice—these two.

You'll conjugate this verb all through,
But for a moment, ere you do,
Observe this—“I was fined.
I was is past of verb to be,
Then fined is past of fine, you see,
And passive—when combined.

The passive's followed oft with by,
He was informed by somebody,
I was hurt by a log.
Dear James is loved by young and old,
And we were grieved by being told
He was bit by a dog.

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