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It being a customary thing to give the public our reasons for appearing before them, we shall do so unreservedly. For eight years we have been honoured by teaching young ladies in this good city, but have of late handed over our pupils to able and efficient masters, although all are still under our own superintendence. We are unwilling to be forgotten by so many dear little faces, who have looked up to us so long for instruction; and while yielding to the preference recently shown to masters, we have adopted the method of being still heard through the pages of this simple book. We have long had an ambition to make grammar easy and more attractive to the young child; and having noticed that rhyme is more pleasing than prose, we have made our attempt through that medium, in the hope that it might perhaps beguile “ the weary way.”

We have adopted the conversational style between mother and child, that the child's objections may be more easily removed by mamma's explanations; and if

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our language in any part should appear to the general reader to be too familiar, the liberty allowed between parent and child will, we hope, be sufficient apology. We like to encourage the child to make known its difficulties, and have never yet found the slightest disrespect from allowing and encouraging frankness and confidence.

We would here acknowledge the kind encouragement given us from the commencement of the work by a clergyman of this city, to whom we have been deeply indebted for correcting the press. We also feel grateful to several teachers who have seen the manuscript, and have promised us support. We scarcely dare hope for the introduction of HEART'S-EASE into schools conducted by gentlemen fully competent to explain grammar well; but we confidently expect it to be a favourite with the nursery governess for little girls, for whom it is chiefly intended.

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