Tantric Wisdom for Today's World - The New Yoga of Awareness

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Meadow Books, 2007 - Mind and body - 268 pages
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The Tantric Tradition known as 'Kashmir Shaivism' bore within it the understanding that God is not a being 'with' awareness. Instead God is awareness, pure and unbounded. This pure awareness is like a stainless mirror - invisible in itself - in which all experienced realities are not only reflected but actively and continuously manifested. The New Yoga of Awareness is not merely a commentary on or an explanation of this tradition, but the most comprehensive and original contribution to it since its synthesis by the great 10th century teacher and tantric adept Abhinavagupta. It unites religion, science, philosophy and theology, psychology and metaphysics in a way that truly makes it not just 'a' new yoga but THE New Yoga - an entirely new school of 'tantra' evolved from and for today's world. Tantra does not separate religion and science. It is yogic religious science. The aim of The New Yoga is to make this new and highly practical religious science known to the world in order that it can begin to work for it. It does so by challenging the foundations of both Western science and the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), along with the "monotheism of money" (Marx) and the godless 'science' that is its religion. Peter Wilberg's wide-ranging writings on tantra, introduced in this book, constitute a new and highly practical body of theosophical and religious scientific knowledge of the sort that alone can help bring an end to today's rising ocean of religious and scientific ignorance - and to the ecological devastation, economic inequalities and global mayhem that go with it. Above all, they offer a way of accomplishing this world-transforming aim - not through jihad, violence or war but through learning to experience that pure and Divine Awareness ('Shiva') which pervades all things, and the Divine Power ('Shakti') of Awareness that manifests them all.

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About Peter Wilberg and The New Yoga
The New Yoga and the Meaning of Life
The Christ of India and Christ in Kashmir
What is Awareness? What is Meditation?
Prime Identity and the Awareness Self
The CoCreation of God and Man
A Global Revolution in Awareness
The Supreme Synthesis
Taking Time to be Aware
The Foundational Mantra in Ten Steps
THE FIELD NATURE OF AWARENESS 167 Focal Awareness and Field Awareness
Cultivating Voice Awareness
Experiences of Tantric Pair Meditation
Tantra and the True Nature of the Soul
The New Yoga of the Breath
The Gunas as Basic Relationships to Being

Kula Akula and Kaula Tantra
The Fourth Field and the Fourth State Turya
Awareness as Guru
Trika as a Triadic Cycle of Awareness
The Light of Awareness in the Afterlife

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