The Mariner's Chronicle: Containing Narratives of the Most Remarkable Disasters at Sea, Such as Shipwrecks, Storms, Fires, and Famines: Also Naval Engagements, Piratical Adventures, Incidents of Discovery, and Other Extraordinary and Interesting Occurrences

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Durrie and Peck, 1834 - Naval battles - 504 pages

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Page 394 - On seeing this we ceased firing, so that in thirty minutes after we got fairly alongside the enemy she surrendered, and had not a spar standing and her hull below and above water so shattered that a few more broadsides must have carried her down.
Page 323 - We now consulted about the course which it might be best to take — westward to India, eastward to South America, or south-westward to the Society Isles. We knew that we were at no great distance from Tahiti, but were so ignorant of the state and temper of the inhabitants, that we feared we should be devoured by cannibals, if we cast ourselves on their mercy. It was determined therefore to make for South America, which we computed to be more than two thousand miles distant. Accordingly we steered...
Page 351 - Yes, Sir, farewell, and the Lord have mercy upon us !" I then turned about to look forward at the ship ; and thought she was struggling to get rid of some of the water ; but all in vain, she was almost full below. " Almighty God ! I thank thee, that now I am leaving this world, which I have always considered as only a passage to a better, I die with a full hope of thy mercies, through the merits of Jesus Christ, thy son, our Saviour!
Page 360 - From the summit of the lofty mountain on the promontory we could see Prince Regent's Inlet, Barrow's Strait, and Lancaster Sound, which presented one impenetrable mass of ice, just as I had seen it in 1818. Here we remained in a state of anxiety and suspense which may be easier imagined than described. All our attempts to push through were...
Page 14 - ... in reading the Scriptures with the ladies, some of whom were enabled, with wonderful selfpossession, to offer to others those spiritual consolations which a firm and intelligent trust in the Redeemer of the world appeared at this awful hour to impart to their own breasts. The dignified deportment of two young ladies in particular formed a specimen of natural strength of mind, finely modified by Christian feeling, that failed not to attract the notice and admiration of every one who had an opportunity...
Page 389 - I could only look at the enemy's galleys going off in a shattered condition, for there was not a mast in either squadron that could stand to make sail on ; the lower rigging, being nearly all shot away, hung down as though it had been just placed over the mast heads.
Page 398 - The Niagara being very little injured, I determined to pass through the enemy's line, bore up and passed ahead of their two ships and a brig, giving a raking fire to them from the starboard guns, and to a large schooner and sloop, from the larboard side, at half pistol shot distance.
Page 360 - Lordships' consideration. We have, however, the consolation, that the results of this expedition have been conclusive, and to science highly important, and may be briefly comprehended in the following words : — The discovery of the Gulf of Boothia, the continent and isthmus of Boothia Felix, and a vast number of islands, rivers, and lakes ; the undeniable establishment that the north-east point of America extends to the 74th degree of north latitude ; valuable observations of every kind, but particularly...
Page 360 - ... degrees below zero, immediately took the consistency of ice ; and thus we actually became the inhabitants of an iceberg during one of the most severe winters hitherto recorded ; our sufferings, aggravated by want of bedding, clothing, and animal food, need not be dwelt upon. Mr. C. Thomas, the carpenter, was the only man who perished at this beach, but three others, besides one who had lost his foot, were reduced to the last stage of debility, and only 13 of our number were able to carry provisions...
Page 398 - In this situation, she sustained the action upwards of two hours within canister distance, until every gun was rendered useless, and the greater part of her crew either killed or wounded.

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