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aid of some of my countrymen now in Italy who recollect the principal events, to supply in some measure the want of a regular detail, and to give a sufficiently accurate account of them. Having stated these circumstances, I shall merely observe that, without being influenced by national distinctions or prejudices, the chief merit to which I aspire in this narration is that of impartiality. I have related nothing but what I have either found in those writers upon Chili who have preceded me, or have received from persons of unquestionable veracity, and have thought proper to confine myself to a plain narrative of facts, and omit all reflections that might occur, in order nat to appear to be too much influenced in favour of either of the contending parties.

The attention of several philologists has of late years been directed to the examination of the barba. rous languages. For this reason I have been induced to annex to this work some remarks upon the Chilian tongue?

which, from its structure and harmony, well merits to be known. Several printed and manuscript grammars of this language are to be met with, but the one which I have principally used is that of Febres, printed at Lima, in the year 1765, and dem serving of particular recommendation for its method and its clearness.

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