The Time Machine

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Independently Published, Oct 26, 2020 - 90 pages
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Time Travel Escapades!

Time travel is a fascinating subject to all people today and also was even in the 19th century. H.G. wells is a great classic science fiction author. He believed in what many people could not fathom at the time. In the 19th century, time travel as told by Wells sounded like a very far-fetched story.

In the book, the narrator of the time travel narrates how he has managed to travel back and forth through time. He paints a picture of his escapades while traveling through time. How at one point he traveled to 83rd century A.D. In that century all people in the world were vegans since chicken and some edible animals were extinct.

The narrator continues narrating how a certain young lady flirted with him and even gave him white flowers as a token. He explains how during this century simple-minded small people lived in palaces. Also during the century, he learned that humanity was divided into two different species: the light dwellers, living on the surface, and night-based, who lived in darkness on the underground.

In the Time Machine, the journey is way beyond the prosaic limits of imagination. Accounts are given by the narrator of interacting and trying to learn the ways of strange human species sounded surreal at the time. The author gives the following in details:

  • The encounter.
  • The Eloi and Morhani.
  • The time machine is built
  • The time machine has disappeared.
  • A time machine is found.
  • Home at last!
  • The unbelievable time travel tale.
  • Time traveler rescue Weena from drowning.

Author ́s Biography

Herbert George Wells was an English author. He was born in Bromley, High street, London, the UK on 21st September, 1866. He was fecund in many genres. He first published The Time Machine on 7th May 1895. He wrote a dozen novels and short stories. He passed on, on 13th August 1946.

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