Drill and rifle instruction for volunteer rifle corps

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Page 53 - The eye should be fixed steadfastly on the mark aimed at, and not on the barrel or foresight, which latter will be easily brought into the alignment, if the eye is fixed as directed. IV. — In aiming, the left eye should be closed. Aiming drill is generally taught with a
Page 55 - ... of the shoulder, the muzzle to be a few inches below the mark the eyes are fixed upon, the forefinger to be extended along the outside of the trigger guard, and both elbows to be inclined downwards.
Page 42 - Front, the squad will turn to the left, and re-form two deep -as already described. Fours- As already described. Left. ' On the word Left, the squad will turn to the left, and the left files will form on the left of the right files, by taking one pace of 24 inches to the left with their left feet, and one pace of 24 inches to .the rear with their right feet. {On the word Front, the squad will turn to the right, and re-form two deep as already described.
Page 55 - At the last command, without moving the body or eyes, raise the rifle smartly to the front of the right shoulder to the full extent of the left arm, elbow inclined downward, the barrel nearly horizontal, muzzle slightly depressed, heel of the butt on a line with the top of the shoulder.
Page 30 - ... which they are ordered to extend, and move off in double time. As soon as each file has extended to its proper distance, it will turn to its front and...
Page 39 - When retiring, the successive relief of the skirmishers by supports, is the most effectual manner of keeping an enemy in check : the officer commanding a support, should, therefore, be constantly on the look-out for good positions, such as a bank, a ditch, a wall, or like cover, where he may extend his men -with advantage.
Page 46 - Formation of an Advanced Guard on a Road. — When a column is marching along a road, the advanced guard will be composed of one or more companies, divided into four parts or sections ; the two rear sections (under the command of the senior officer...
Page 29 - In extending, as a general rule, it is the business of the rear rank man of each file to regulate the distance, and of the front rank man to look to the direction. The number of paces that files are to extend from each other may be specified in the caution by the commander thus: THREE PACES FROM THE RIGHT EXTEND.
Page 34 - The third and fourth ranks will make ready as a front and rear rank standing. Muzzles of rifles to be inclined upwards. The standing ranks will fire by files, and the kneeling ranks in volleys by word of command. When the sides of the square are less than four deep, the front rank only will kneel. In this manner dispersed parties may be formed to resist an attack of cavalry in an open country, either in one or more squares, according as they may be more or less dispersed ; each square consisting...
Page 54 - Fine-sight is when the line of sight is taken along ^ the bottom of the notch of the backsight, the fine point of the fore-sight being only seen in the alignment ; as A, fig.

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