Zoologist: A Monthly Journal of Natural History

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West, Newman, 1874 - English periodicals


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Page 4028 - A thousand horse, and none to ride ! With flowing tail, and flying mane, Wide nostrils never...
Page 3883 - Sixth annual report of the United States geological survey of the Territories, embracing portions of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah, being a report of progress of the explorations for the year 1872, by F. V.
Page 3970 - ... the bank, about ten inches from the margin of the nest, but quite lively after being warmed in the hand. They were replaced in the nest beside the cuckoo, which struggled about till it got its back under one of them, when it climbed backwards directly up the open side of the nest, and hitched the pipit from its back on to the edge.
Page 3933 - I made his acquaintance and saw the happy sense of security with which he hopped about. I took a few specimens home with me, and tried my fowls and ducks with them, but none would touch them. At last, by throwing down pieces of meat, for which there was a great competition among them, I managed to entice a young duck into snatching up one of the little frogs.
Page 3971 - It then stood quite upright on its legs, which were straddled wide apart, with the claws firmly fixed halfway down the inside of the nest, among the interlacing fibres of which the nest was woven ; and, stretching its wings apart and backwards, it elbowed the Pipit fairly over the margin so far that its struggles took it down the bank instead of back into the nest. " After this the Cuckoo stood a minute or two, feeling back with its wings, as if to make sure that the Pipit was fairly overboard, and...
Page 4028 - They stop, they start, they snuff the air, Gallop a moment here and there, Approach, retire, wheel round and round. Then plunging back with sudden bound, Headed by one black mighty steed, Who seem'd the patriarch of his breed, Without a single speck or hair Of white upon his shaggy hide; They snort, they foam, neigh, swerve aside, And backward to the forest fly, By instinct, from a human eye.
Page 4265 - So far as I am aware, no attempt has yet been made to divine the construction of the psychic instrument by means of such dissection.
Page 3840 - LATHAM, Esq., President of the Section, in the Chair. This being the first meeting of the session, the President delivered an address reviewing the past proceeding of the Section, and referring with satisfaction to the proposal to extend its objects to subjects of natural history generally. Mr. Sidebotham read
Page 3933 - He cannot be mistaken for any other, and his naming vest and blue stockings show that he does not court concealment. He is very abundant in the damp woods, and I was convinced he was uneatable so soon as I made his acquaintance and saw the happy sense of security with which he hopped about. I took...
Page 3892 - Ophiacantha, but almost constant, sometimes flashing out at one point more brightly and then dying gradually into comparative dimness, but always sufficiently bright to make every portion of a stem caught in the tangles or sticking to the ropes distinctly visible.

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