Matthew: Christian Rabbi

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AuthorHouse, Oct 1, 2005 - Religion - 316 pages

Matthew: Christian Rabbi presents a radically different approach to the study and understanding of Matthew and all the Gospels.  Building on ground-breaking scholarship by English theologian Michael Goulder, it presents historical and cultural background, then offers a radical (but highly convincing) scenario for the development of the Gospel: as a cycle of Sabbath readings for use in synagogues (and later, in churches when Christian groups had separated from Jewish congregations).  While taking a historical approach in examining each section of the Gospel in turn, presenting every Biblical source and parallel for each verse, the book discusses significant theological problems and issues.  (Why did Matthew omit Mark’s account of Jesus’ family seeking to have him locked up because they thought he was crazy?  Why do all the Gospels take different approaches to playing down the significance of John the Baptist?)  Suitable for ongoing group study or individual reading.

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About the author (2005)

Christopher B. Sanford was raised as a Presbyterian, dropped out, was influenced considerably by Unitarianism, and was active for over a decade in the Unity Church.  He discovered A Course in Miracles, and led a Miracles study group for a number of years.  He brings an intelligent layman’s skepticism to Biblical study.  He has spent over a decade reading outstanding scholars and comparing their views, in an effort to come to a personally satisfying understanding of what the historical Jesus may in fact have said and done and taught.  The study has brought many surprises.  The Jesus of history has little in common with the Jesus of faith. 

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