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“As from the blind seed springs the flower,

As from the acorn soars the oak, From darkness into heaven may tower

The soul of man," he gently spoke, “ From Time into the Eternal Love!

Rally the might within thee, trust
In truth, and those broad heavens above,

They will not doom thee to the dust."


Troubles enough there were indeed

Before I caught the first great gleam. It came when I was most in need

And, like one waking from a dream, To a new heaven and a new earth

I saw and, kneeling, wept for joyDeath bringing heavenly life to birth

In bliss which nothing can destroy.


It was the night my loved one died,

The night our child, who lives, was born!, All night upon my knees I cried

To God to change His world ere morn, “Roll back thy stars, bring back my dead,

And take what else Thou wilt away; But bring not back to me," I said,

“The hopeless horror of the day.”

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I could not live, I could not die,

My fate was not in my control: I only knew that this wild cry

Would, with the dawn, destroy my soul, If, with that dawn, our rutted road,

The same dark trees, the same dark farms Should mock me! “God, too great Thy load!”

Then-round me swept the Eternal arms.


That once, if never in my life

Again, I felt them, as the dawn Came, with a deeper wonder rife

Than aught in that old world withdrawn : I felt His love around me furled,

His pity, gentle as the dew,
And plucked the blind aside. The world

Was changed. His earth was made anew.


A pure white mantle blotted out

The world I used to know :
There was no scarlet in the sky

Or on the hills below,
Gently as mercy out of heaven

Came down the healing snow.


The trees that were so dark and bare

Stood up in radiant white,
And the road forgot its furrowed care

As day forgets the night,
And the new heavens and the new earth

Lay robed in dazzling light.


And every flake that fell from heaven

Was like an angel's kiss,
Or a feather fluttering from the wings

Of some dear soul in bliss
Who gently leaned from that bright world

To soothe the pain of this.


Oft had I felt for some brief flash

The heavenly secret glow
In sunsets, traced some hieroglyph

In Nature-flowers that blow
And perish; tender, climbing boughs ;

The stars and then'twould go.


But here I felt within my soul,

Clear as on field and tree,
The falling of the heavenly snow,

A twofold mystery,
And one was meant to bless the world,

And one was meant for me.


And at the grave-side of my love

Once more thro' Nature did I see Unspeakable, O heaven above,

What shining from Eternity ! They lowered the coffin to its place,

And o'er the grave the great sun smiled Full in-that lifted, laughing face,

There, in the nurse's arms, the child.


Since then, the Power behind the world

Has never left me, and I find In every April fern unfurled

Some vision of the Eternal mind: The clouds affirm their Charioteer,

The hills demand His higher throne, And year cries out to fleeting year

The Everlasting claims His own.


The God I worshipped when a boy

I lost; and now that fifty years
Have passed with all they could destroy

Of all my hopes and dreams and fears,
Full fifty years, in this dear place

Where all those generations trod, Why (and heaven lit his lifted face)

Now, there seems nothing else but God.


or less

THE fine speech of Lord have never been of two minds, Rosebery at Shepherd's Bush, and that is the welfare and June 5, came at an opportune honour of the British Navy. moment. As the utterance of It had never entered the minds a great statesman who has of Englishmen till quite reenjoyed the confidence of the cently that this could ever Crown, and is still looked up to become a party question. Alwith hope by a large section of most


other political the community, it naturally or social principle must in the drew to itself no ordinary share long run be more of public attention and admira- affected by party consideration. Coming from one who tions. Let people say what now occupies an independent they like about keeping this position, detached from party or that subject out of the ties and free to speak his mind party arena, the thing is inopenly without regard to its evitable. But there is, as we effect on political connections, say, one exception; and that it possesses an additional value is our naval supremacy. Mr which the country will be quick M-Kenna amusingly observed to recognise. But over and the other day that this ought above these general claims on not to be a party question. It our respect, it has the special never was so till he made it and pre-eminent merit of going one himself. straight to what is the central Whichever political party point of interest at the present might for the time be uppermoment, with the effect of re- most, whatever Government minding us that we must allow might be in power, the people

, no other question, however have always felt assured that urgent or important, to divert this noble legacy from our our eyes from it. “We can, Elizabethan ancestors would and we will, build Dread

Dread- never be robbed or tampered noughts." Be these our watch- with. "

They laid their heads words. The Government would on their pillows in perfect confain draw a red herring across fidence that here at least was the trail, if they could, but & sure rook of defence placed this is just what they must beyond the reach of party not be allowed to do. The passions. In thoughtless mopeople of this country have ments, led astray by demaoften been divided in opinion gogues and fanatics, they have on some of the most vital placed Governments in power domestic and constitutional pledged to the destruction of questions which the science of ancient and valuable institupolitics embraces. But there tions and the violation of is one subject on which they principles essential to the cohesion of society. This they strength, with plenty of time for have done under the influence consideration, and looking the of tempting baits and glittering future fairly in the face, they falsehoods. But while yielding have deliberately decided to to these visions of a promised throw overboard the one great land, destined never to be real- security established and mainised, they never for one moment tained by their fathers for imagined that they were hand- the independence and security ing over power to men who of Britain and of the British would venture to strike at the Empire. They have taken a foundations of their empire, or deliberate step downwards haul down the flag which has no sliding, no drifting, but a hitherto defied the world. direct descent straight down

Yet this is what has hap- from a higher level to a lower. pened ; and it is to the gross Does the country appreciate betrayal by the present Govern- this? Do the people underment of the sacred interests stand how that this Governcommitted to their charge that ment, entrusted with the pre erwe desire to call pointed atten- vation of an hereditary primacy tion. That the Government so long and so honourably have been negligent, ignorant, maintained before the whole and subservient to the baser world, has practically ordered doctrines of a revolutionary them to go down lower – to

faction, deaf to all the gener- take a back seat? No flimsy ous traditions of our British exouses, or evasions, or mispatriotism, it is unnecessary representations disguise to repeat. But the particular the fact. Not the most veheoffence which invests their ment protestations can efface whole naval policy with the knowledge of what Gov. deeper shade of guilt requires ernment intended, and, as far to be set before the public in we have been informed, plainer terms than have hither. still intend, to do. They to been applied to it. Its real abandon our sea rampart on nature requires to be scanned, the pretext that the country apart from the details by which cannot afford to keep it up, it is necessarily encompassed, but in reality that they may though the Government do have money to spend on furtheir best to make them hide thering the designs of socialit. Our command of the sea, ism, and thereby securing themwe cannot repeat it too often, selves in office for a longer was placed in their keeping by term. The sacrifice of

too confiding nation, and imperial security goes hand in they decided to abandon it. hand with the sacrifice of This is no ordinary case of private property. Both are drifting, or doubling, or any of required to ensure the fidelity those shifts to which a weak of the Prætorians on whom Government is often obliged to the Government depend. The have recourse.

In their full dominion of the sea is our






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