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“He is very much better. opened his eyes he asked her to The crisis was passed early in throw the window open.

He the morning.” Then she knew wanted to see the peak. It was that she must have asked to there calling him. see him, for

the nurse was “I've forgotten to arrange saying

about the transport,” he said "Perhaps the doctor would absently, let you, just for a few minutes. But Margaret exercised & You had better come again at counter - spell. She talked of eleven.

Scotland until he could smell At eleven Gerard woke up the bracken and the pines. and saw Margaret by his Then she talked of Kent. side. His haggard eyes caught “Do you remember what the the reflection of great woods are like in autumn ?" she joy.

said. “ Beech and brackenShe laid her hand on his a roof and floor of gold. We'll head. “ You mustn't talk," go to Bedgebury. I know the she said.

seasons to a week. It will be They were silent a long just about the time that the time. "When Gerard spoke it pheasant lets you get near was of the bogie.

enough to

his crimson “His Obesity seems to have eye.” changed our luck,” he said. It was a siren's song in his “Tell Ghazi Khan to put it ears. back on the cairn."

“Ter-res-sit-ta mia,” he said, Margaret told him that she “you have made all things had put it back.

good. Just now I'd like a He dozed a little. When he breath of clean home air."





WHEN my friends used to who go frequently speak at incongratulate me on belonging ordinate length and exhaust to the best Club in London, my both the subject and their answer invariably was, You hearers, the heoklers who may call it so, but in my must be dealt with with a opinion the entrance fee is far dexterity which only practice too high and the annual sub- can give, the perpetual change scription extortionately heavy. of beds and hotel accommodaNursing a constituency is an tion, and the necessity of being expensive process, and may run what some rather “ravelled to thousands a-year if you are person said Cæsar's wife ought trying to turn out a rich man. to be, all things to all men, When any of my constituents combine with the natural used to play off my opponent worries and uncertainties of a against me by pointing out perfectly now position to make that he had given so much to up a blend of anxiety and occasome particular charity, my sional discomfort which must answer was always the same: be rather hard to beat. One “Keep him a candidate as long of the most trying things is as you can, for if he becomes the necessity of pumping up your member he will probably three or four speeches daily for be as mean as I am,” and then several weeks on precisely the I gave half his contribution. same line of subjects, and the Sir H. James, as he was then, difficulty of this is largely tried to deal with this species added to by the continual of organised blackmail, but he presence of reporters whose found it impossible to do any- critical eye is most embarthing, and the member or can- rassing, and who have a disdidate is only protected by concerting way of laying down common - sense, impecuniosity, their pencils and staring into or custom.

vacancy when the familiar platiI can hardly imagine & tudes are trotted out, and pergreater mental and physical haps a well-worn peroration strain than a sharply-contested appears which has done duty election. Long, often rough, on many previous occasions. drives in all weathers, pre

How best to deal with heckcarious and irregular meals, lers is a difficult and delicate disturbed sleep, the inevitable point, and candidate or cranks and dreary bores whose member may do himself imaim and object seem to be to mense good or enormous harm magnify their own importance by the taotful or tactless way and make other people uncom- in which he deals with these fortable, the tiresome chairmen frequently useful and amusing

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people. It requires some ex- better, at twelve o'clock to-morperience to discover the pre- row she'll know that I'm in." cise object of their questions. And Dizzy, too, was very happy Sometimes a man will get up when he stood quite unknown and in an apparently threat- on the hustings along with a ening way ask something in- more experienced

experienced candidate tended to enable you to make who had just expounded his clear something you may have views.

“ And what do you left obscure, or to touch on stand on?” pompously asked some point which you may an influential elector. have omitted. If you jump on my head,” was the somewhat him, you will probably make disconcerting answer. him your enemy for life, and Having earned by brain and to a random answer given on pocket the right to sit on the one occasion to a deadly earnest green benches, let the new person, who had not under- member forget not to gone the surgical operation himself with his credentials, and could not see

à joke, I as worrying delay and much attribute a nasty three-cornered anxiety have been caused by fight which caused a great a lapse of memory leaving it deal of bitterness and anxiety. behind in his coat-pocket or in These friends in disguise should the cab. And now comes that be tenderly dealt with, but no which ought to be the most quarter should be given to the solemn and awe-inspiring, but enemy who tries to trip you up, which I have no hesitation in most especially to the emissary, describing as the most futile paid or otherwise, of the other and absurd, episode of his life side, who produces from his – I refer to the ceremony pockets a long string of queries known as taking the oath. concocted by the minister I really used to be ashamed or the schoolmaster, or, still of ourselves when we stood at worse, sent down in printed the table, four deep, fighting form from the central associa- for the book as though we were tion. You should always try hounds struggling over a mutto turn the laugh against him, ton-bone, or boys at a football and if you succeed you will scrimmage passing the ball. have the audience heartily The first moment of disen

A quick, smart, chantment, however, good-humoured retort will do when, fresh from the triumphs far more for a candidate than of the poll, the cheers of victhe most eloquent speech. The tory, the congratulations of Marquis of Carmarthen's famous friends and the press, and the repartee has become classic. He natural feeling of elation at was very boyish-looking when having secured or retained a he first stood for Parliament, seat for his party, he plants and some

with you.

one called out to himself on a seat (if he can him, “Does your mother know find one) and looks round the you're out?" “Yes,” was the House. A feeling of utter and immediate reply, “and what's hopeless worm - like insignifi






cance comes over him. He has and this gives rise sometimes now become a mere unit, and to amusing incidents. Those sits forlorn and unnoticed in a who saw it can never forget pushing and struggling crowd the occasion when Gladstone, of colleagues, all of whom seem

who never

hat in to be thoroughly at home, com- the House, had to surmount peting eagerly for the Speaker's his mighty cranium with a eye and other Parliamentary "topper” hastily snatohed privileges. I have known men from the head of his neighmake up their minds there bour Herschell. The forbidand then to quit an assembly den things are numerous. It is which, if not actively hostile, a serious Parliamentary crime is supremely indifferent to the to pass between a speaker and advent of a newcomer. It is a the chair, and loud cries of kindly act to take the neophyte order greatly confuse the in hand, introduce him to the neophyte who makes this misofficials, see that he gets a take for the first time. A locker, that indispensable aid front bench man may loll on to Parliamentary comfort, help the small of his back and plant him to order his first lunch and his boots on the table without dinner, to get his smoke, to remonstrance, but his humble escape for a little with the help satellites are sharply pulled up of a pair,—and your bread thus by the Sergeant-at-Arms if cast on the waters will be re- they venture to follow his exturned to you in the shape of ample. You must not ostengratitude after many days. tatiously read a book or a

There are some things that newspaper I once saw Mr you may do and others that Chamberlain pulled up for quotyou must not do—in the House ing from a file of "The Times' of Commons. For instance, -or open letters in the House, when you have crossed the nor read your speech; and if Bar, you must bow respectfully you indulge in tedious repetito the Speaker. But the same tion you may be admonished reverential inclination of the by the Speaker, if any common head must be made even if he informer puts the law in motion. is not there. Why is this? Nor are you allowed to eat The reason is not very clear, anything from your place on but it has something to do the green benches. I rememwith the fact that the House ber once, during one of the allis supposed to be built on the night sittings, the late A. M. site of an ancient chapel, and Sullivan, towards the small that reverence must be made hours of the morning, proaccordingly.

duoed a paper bag and proWhen you rise up to speak ceeded to feed himself with jam you must be uncovered, but puffs, and when his attention after a division is called, and was direoted to this irreguyou wish to raise a point larity by the Chairman, he of order, you

must do it replied, "I thought, Mr Playwith your hat on your head, fair, that we were in ComVOL. CLXXXVI. —NO. MCXXVIII.

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mittee of Supply.” I have his highly successful harangues. never, however, seen any one Dress regulations were strict in pulled up for partaking of former days, and the late Mr fluid refreshment in the House. Cowen was obliged to get the Mr Gladstone used to slobber Speaker's leave before he could up a glutinous - looking mess wear-at the instance of his out of a pomatum pot, com- doctor—a soft felt hat. Colonel posed, one of his sons told me, Gourley told me that he was of egg, other, and sherry; Lord called up to the Chair and Palmerston sucked oranges; told that it was out of order some front bench men have to exchange the more formal their glass of claret; and an costume of society for & cutamusing story is told of Sir away coat. This is all changed M. Hicks - Beach, as he then now, and every variety of was. During a budget speech costume is allowed. Mr Keir he was indulging in some of the Hardie has replaced his deertime-honoured jokes appropri- stalker by & sort of Spanish ate to the occasion, and said, sombrero, and billycocks of “Who drinks rum nowadays ?” every shape and size surmount But a modest quencher of port, the crania of hon. members. brought him from the bar, I have only once seen a straw happened to be of the tawny decorating in somewhat defiant variety closely imitating in fashion the austere brows of a colour the liquor whose dis- Radioal below the gangway, appearance from popular con- and some time ago a perspirsumption he had announced, ing senator might be seen hard and when he raised it to his at work in the library with his lips an immediate shout of coat off. laughter rippled over the green Swords can only be worn by benches. The great Wilber- the mover and seconder of the force is reported to have taken address—even the Sheriffs of an opium-pill before he spoke; London, and that awe-inspiring and Lord Granville, in the funotionary, the City Marshal, 'Life'so admirably written by are disarmed before they apmy friend Lord Fitzmaurice, pear at the Bar; and I rereproached himself with hav- member on one occasion, when ing once in the House of Lords a member going to some official risen before Lord Beaconsfield, funotion was sitting with selfwho had primed himself up by conscious pride in the full drinking something, or inhal. glories of a court suit, he had ing something, to fire off at a his dignity rudely disturbed particular hour. . And it is by the Sergeant-at-Arms, who hinted, with what truth I there and then divested him know not, that a young rising of his sword and left him politician of the front bench defenseless. rank, whose name wild horses It has become almost or their equivalent would not colloquial and journalistic drag from me, has recourse to commonplace to say that our oxygen before beginning one of manners are bad and want

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