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or false. Exercise is of the seen about, to retain one's highest importance, and rash friends, and above all, to follow mortals who have defied the Dr Johnson's advice and keep laws of nature by the acquisi- one's friendships in constant tion of purely sedentary habits repair. But to any one who have learnt when it is too late wishes to make a real career in that the penalty must be paid. politics, it is most important to Taste and pocket, alone or be in constant attendance in combined, will prescribe the the House, to seize opportuniparticular form of physical ties which sometimes unexexertion, and shooting, or pectedly arise of taking part in tennis, or pedalling on the its proceedings, to impress “ free wheel," and various other those in authority that you are games,

will form an agree- a serious worker and anxious able and healthful distraction. to help in various little ways There is at present a boom in that will soon become obvious. golf, and golf jaw has taken It often happens that when a its place in the list of diseases member is away dining or caused by excessive muscular amusing himself outside he activity. I envy those who misses an important speech or have fallen a victim to its a critical division, or an amendfascination, for to me it is the ment he wishes to propose on most irritating, and even

a Bill in Committee is passed asperating, of all sports, and over in his absence. And alI was very glad when «The though eating good food in Lancet' uttered some words cheerful society is hygienically of much-needed warning to beneficial, it may be overdone, over-tired and worried people, and my shrewd old friend who tire and worry themselves George Anderson, member for a great deal more in vain Glasgow, used to say, “It is efforts to acquire even a moder- not over-work, but dining-out, ate proficiency in a game of that kills men.” such elusive and

and uncertain Above all, don't acquire a quality that even the hero of platform reputation, for you å hundred fights will madden will find it a most dangerous himself and disappoint his possession. You will be conbackers by some unexpected- tinually postered by Whips and ly feeble performance on the fussy wire - pullers to go on hundred and first.

the stump at great expense, Nothing interferes so much anxiety, wear and tear, and with Parliamentary success as little compensating advantage too much addiction to social to yourself. Gratitude is not life. By this I don't mean to kept largely in stock nowadays, say that a man should be an and the arid triumphs of proascetic, and cut himself adrift vincial meetings will not confrom rubbing up against his sole you for leaving your fellow-beings who don't happen comfortable quarters at home, to be professional politicians, partaking of heavy teetotal for it is a good thing to be menus in Nonconformist houses, and finding perhaps when you amount of compensation does arrive that you are merely one the member get for all his of many others who are to trouble, worry, and expense ? speak, and have to come in at What are the real and tangible the tail end of the meeting advantages of his position? Of when better known and more course, we all know that the forcible people have skimmed assumption of the magic letters the cream off the subject and confers no precedence, and the the attention of the audience. conventional market value of

This is my last hint. If you the title is much depreciated have been a busy man and by the inferior social position accustomed to do things for of many who now hold it. yourself, you will be much de- The only tangible advantage pressed at first by the extreme we obtain is to have the traffic difficulty of catching the eye stopped for us when we cross of the presiding authority (a the road at the corner of Parpolite fiction in these days) and liament Street, and when the getting the innings you think pushful motor and the lordly you have a right to expect. barouche have to pull up short The real remedy for this is to in obedience to the policeman's throw yourself heartily into imperious upheld hand, the committee work. The Com- proud member steps proudly mittee of Selection, to which I across at & pace perhaps unformerly belonged, takes care- duly retarded to make the ful note of the qualification of most of his opportunity. But members for that class of busi- the indirect benefits are oonness, and especially of their siderable.

When we

travel wish to do it. And what be- abroad we receive notice and tween private bill committees attention, and although “Pad- . and select committees, and, if get, M.P., ,"1 has somewhat disyou are lucky, the exceptional counted our prestige in India, privilege of a Royal Commis- the natives at all events still sion, you can have your time believe in us and show us deffilled up in a most interesting erence and respect. In foreign and useful way, and in the hotels, when we scan the visfulness of time you will eventu- itors list, we always wish to ally attain to what I consider pick out the members; and at the most honourable and dis- any public function, at home tinguished position to which a or abroad, they are invariably private member can aspire out- treated with exceptional conside the Treasury bench, the sideration. Then if you wish right to sit in the chair of one to study anything special, or of those important tribunals to follow up any line of social whose decisions invariably com- investigation, your name is :

a mand the respect and concur- passport everywhere, and officrence of the publio outside. ials of museums and librar

We may now consider, What ies and hospitals and work

1 Departmental Ditties,' by R. Kipling.



houses vie with one another Hundreds, a payment of a few in their efforts to give you shillings which used to be given information and to help you to the bailiffs appointed to along. And surely it is no protect the inhabitants of the mean honour to feel that you Chiltern Hills from the depreare really an active citizen of dations of wolves and robbers a great empire, and helping infesting the adjoining woods, to build up and consolidate its and which applied for by the position and to make its his- retiring member renders him tory. And whilst it is given incompetent to continue in to some to design the edifice Parliament. If he prefers and to others the task of some other arrangement he carrying out the architect's may become a Peer or a bankplans, we of the rank and file, rupt or a lunatio, or may be who may only be the simple expelled for misconduct hodman patiently bearing the unseated for bribery. But albricks which are placed in though some of these methods position by more prominent may be forced upon you, they oraftsmen, may console our- are not what we should speciselves with the reflection that ally select, and the official plan without us the work could not is swift, sure, and effective. be done at all, and like the During my first session a most organ - blower in the famous unfortunate thing happened, story, it is our privilege to use when my poor friend Middlethe word “we” in connection ton, worried out of his senses by with it.

the anxieties and exactions of We have now considered how his seat, lost them entirely and to get into the House, and what was placed in a lunatic asylum, to do when you are there, and in which, unhappily, he acquired the next question is, How to fixity of tenure; and as he could get out of it? At first sight not personally apply for the nothing would more Chiltern Hundreds, and simple. Resign and

retire there was no other means for into private life. Not a bit enabling him to retire, the of it. By some strange and great constituency of Glasgow unexplained anomaly you are was disfranchised till his renot allowed to do that, but you gretted death. Legal steps must go through the hollow have now been taken to remedy farce of accepting an office of such serious inconvenience. profit under the Crown, which And so our member is now is well known to invalidate a out of the House, and the seat,-a purely bogus qualifica- curtain rings down on the last tion or disqualification called act of his Parliamentary career. the stewardship of the Chiltern Requiescat in pace !





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PASSING of late, like Thack- lève is in fact an iron spoon, eray, through

with the head fastened straight

in continuation of the line of "a dingy court Place of Israelite resort,"

the shaft, but how the stroke

of passe, our holing out, was I caught a glimpse of a pretty executed is a puzzle. piece of colour within the After admiring the picture I window of a frame - maker's entered the shop, and found shop. I turned to look at the that the portrait of the child picture and fell in love with was signed F. Archiard, d'après the subject, a very young Flinck.

Now Flinck (born at damsel, --her years may have Clèves, 1615, died 1660) was a been ten or twelve,-a blonde pupil of Rembrandt and an blue-eyed child with pearls in esteemed painter of portraits, her hair, wearing a necklet of while in other lines of art he pearls, and attired in the bears a good reputation. This simple dress of 1640 - 1650. portrait of his is in the Louvre, The portrait is a half-length. and, as photographed, precisely Pleasing as is the girl and resembles Archiard's excellent agreeable as is the scheme of copy. colour, what most attracted

It may seem odd that Flinck me was an implement carried put an iron lofter into the hands by the little lady. At the end of such a very young girl, but of a slim wooden shaft was in 1601 an earlier Flemish something like a long, deep, artist dignified a girl of eight narrow, square - tipped iron years old with a predecessor spoon!

of the latest patent in golfing How many people must lofting irons, so contrived that have passed and looked at the it may be used with either the picture without guessing the right or the left hand. That name and nature of the im- this olub was in fashion at the plement. If I am right (the date is proved by a woodcut in objections will be stated later), which a sturdy Fleming is using the thing is la lève, “the lofter” it in golf on the ice, where inor "lofting iron,” used in the stead of putting at a hole, they

“ old French game, le jeu de mail, putt at an erect conical stone, our pall-mall. In one form of the pierre de touche of the jeu jeu de mail they did not putt de mail it is played the ball into the hole in the at Montpelier, in Southern green, as at golf, but lofted it France. with the iron-headed lève or The little lady with her spoon through the passe, an

an necklet of pearls and her archet or hoop of iron. The emerald jewel became my


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property at a very moderate Lauthier praises the jeu de ransom.

mail exactly as enthusiasts Now we may explain as far now praise golf. “It is the

“ as we can the nature of the most pleasant and healthy of gane in which, two hundred games; it is not violent; at and sixty years ago, she had jeu de mail you can play, talk, been taking part.

In most and walk in good company,' respects it is surprisingly like as Madame de Sévigné writes golf. I take the account of it to M. de Grignan that she had from the first volume of 'La just been doing on June 13, Plus Nouvelle Académie Uni- 1685. The true golfer, howverselle des Jeux' (Amsterdam, ever, does not now talk as he 1752). The Dutch editor has plays : in solemn silence all lifted his materials from an pursue the migratory ball. older book, "Le Jeu de Mail' Jeu de mail, played in fine of Lauthier (Paris 1717). I weather, “cures or prevents have seen but one copy of this rheumatism,” says my author, rare little volume. Mr Quaritch and is suited to all ages from won it from me long ago at a childhood to old age : sale by auction, and my friend, swiping is not the only object, the late Mr H. S. C. Everard, though the perfect player is he afterwards bought it from Mr who drives sure and far. As Quaritch. It is admirably for the attitude, you should bound in red morocco, in the imitate the best players, stand style of Padeloup. Mr Everard easily, neither too near your (whose loss to golf and the ball nor too far from it; the history of the game, as well knees neither slack nor rigid; as to the friends who admired the body not erect, yet not too his wide and curious reading, much bowed, and you must ancient and modern, and his drive with a swing, turning the

, manly and amiable character, body and head from the waist, is irreparable) was engaged on " but always keep your eye on a translation of Lauthier's vol- the ball.Driving in this way, ume. He had mastered many your club makes a wide cirole. difficulties, but his task, like his “ Slow back !The wrists must translation of 'Quintus Smyr- be thrown into the stroke; the næus,' remains a fragment.1 pose of the body, arms, and

As for Lauthier himself, the legs must not be disturbed, so researches of the Marquis as to preserve the harmony of d'Eguilles, who retains the action, and

action, and the adjustment friendship for Scotland of his taken at the first glance in ancestor, the French military relation to the ball. This attaché to Prince Charles in seems very good advice for 1745, have discovered that he the golfer, who has to resist held a small place in the Court the constant tendency to alter of Louis XV.

the adjustment of his body,


1 Mr Everard wrote 'A History of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club' (Blackwood), 1907.


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