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heeded him not, and in his own tion & grievous wrong—"the despite he felt insulted by the chatter about Harriett." neglect. “My faculties," he As we close these two stout writes to Hunt, "are shaken to volumes we reflect how dimly atoms and torpid. I can write they reveal the real Shelley, , nothing; and if 'Adonais' had the child of fancy and wonder, no success what incentive can for whom the stress of the I have to write ?" On the world meant too much and other hand, he was properly too little. And we turn with indifferent to the critics. They the pleasure of relief to the at least could not touch him. impassioned prose of a poet, to As to reviews, don't give whom more than to any other Gifford or his associate Hazlitt” the true spirit of Shelley has

- queer associates truly !—"a been revealed. “The universe stripe the more for my sake. is his box of toys," writes The man must beenviably happy Francis Thomson. “He dabwhom reviews can make miser-bles his fingers in the day-fall. able. I have neither curiosity, He is gold-dusty with tumbling interest, pain, nor pleasure in amid the stars. He makes anything, good or evil, that bright mischief with the moon. they can say of me. I feel only The meteors nuzzle their noses a slight disgust, and a sort of in his hand. He teases into wonder, that they presume to growling the kennelled thunwrite my name.” What would der, and laughs at the striking he say to-day, if he knew that of its fiery chain. He dances every scrap of prose or verse in and out of the gates of that ever he wrote was cher- heaven: its floor is littered ished with a mad devotion, that with his broken fancies. He he above all men had tempted runs wild over the fields of the ghouls of literature

of literature to ether. He chases the rolling superhuman ingenuity? His world.” What word can be have been both the misery and added to this? What mean all the happiness of fame. The the letters, with their Hoggs and appreciation would have de- their Hunts and their Godwins, lighted his soul, as he would when we can picture Shelley have shrunk in horror from alone with his poetry and "the that which has done his reputa- universe his box of toys"?



FROM Mr Balfour's speech industries by giving it adeat Birmingham, coupled with quate security, is as masterly Mr Chamberlain's letter which in its way as Lord Rosebery's was read to the meeting, three dissection of the entire Budget. points emerge. The first, that we want to widen the area the Budget, so far from being of employment and to cause a poor man's Budget as the money to be spent at home Ministerialists pretend, will in- instead of going into the jure the poor more severely pockets of the foreigners. This than any other class in society. can only be done by protecting The second is that the prin- ourselves against foreign comciple underlying the whole petition, which now threatens measure, and leading directly us on all sides. England is to the confiscation of private not now where she was in property, is pure Socialism. The 1846. Her commercial supremthird is that it is the duty of acy was

was then unquestioned, the House of Lords to take and in that position she could care that such a measure is not afford the experiment of Free passed into law till the opinion Trade. But that position of the country has been taken. exists no longer. The experiPart of the ground had been ment has failed. And if we still already traversed by Lord choose to be slaves to a wornRosebery in his speech at Glas- out shibboleth we must take gow. But the pretence, to the the consequences. The choice exposure of which Mr Balfour is before us, and the whole more especially devoted him- population of these islands self, has never been handled must be made to understand before so closely and so effect- what that choice is. When ively as it was by the Unionist they do understand it neither leader. The Government in Mr Chamberlain nor Mr Bal. posing as

man's four has any fear of the result. friend have had all the ad- Security, as they say, is of the vantage which the plausibility very essence of industrial sucof a class-cry is sure to assume cess, and if you tamper with among the ignorant. But we security the first thing that doubt if we shall hear much you injure are the wage-earnmore of it in future.

ing classes of this country. Mr Balfour's lucid demon- The Budget does tamper with stration that Socialism must this security, and “cuts at the necessarily tend to the reduc- root of all enterprise," cuts the tion of the poor man's wages, ground from under the feet of and that the only way to pre- those by whom all modern vent it is to encourage the work and modern business is investment of capital in home carried on, and by whom the

the poor


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poor man's wages have hitherto The whole argument comes been paid. The first symptoms back to this point-that you of what would follow if the cannot injure the rich without Government had their own injuring the poor. The latter way are already visible. Mr depend upon the former, and Balfour refers to the Socialist must continue to do 80 to answer, that if the land were the end of the world. No the property of the State it doubt there is a certain class would be distributed in small of politicians who say that the holdings among

the poor, destruction of wealth would be

. But, says Mr Balfour very cheaply purchased by the intruly, small holdings can never crease of poverty. Mr Balfour answer as tenancies. It is only knows that we have these to the stimulus of ownership reckon with. But such docwhich can make them pay- trines alien to British and, of course, the Socialists common sense ; and though can never sanction any form they may pass muster for a of private ownership in land. time when set off with all Let the working man remem- the jargon of German anarber that. We may have our chists, whenever they can be own opinion on the utility of stripped of all their philosophic small holdings, whether free- frippery they will, we agree hold or otherwise. That they with Mr Balfour, be indigcould answer as an expedient nantly repudiated. But this for supporting whole classes of is the difficulty: there is the the population in lieu of wages choice before the people. But is what no one in the slightest who is to clear their minds degree acquainted with the from all the lies and the desubject can believe for a mo- lusions which have been carement. We agree with Mr Bal- fully instilled into them? four that a judicious extension What is wanted is an infusion of them on conditions which into the Anti - Budget camhave often been specified by paign of speakers taken from experts, by land agents, by among the working classes. commissioners and others, who These they will listen to more have practical experience of attentively, perhaps, than to their working, is a wise and others of a higher station, generous policy. But the who, however eloquent and peasantry so far have the popular, are always liable to Conservatives to thank for it the suspicion of interested rather than the Liberals; and motives. These are, neverthethey will never get it from the less, rendering great service to Socialists in any form which the Constitutional cause. And can really benefit them. Such the people like being talked a system if established by the to by gentlemen. But the State must inevitably collapse campaign would be none the

long, amid widespread worse if a few selected artmisery and ruin.

isans or peasants eould be





associated with them. The ginning of his speech that he crisis with which we are con- was not going to discuss the fronted to-day has, says Mr Budget in detail. That had Balfour, been obviously in- been done by others, and of evitable for some years.

All course the masterpiece of exthe tendencies of domestic posure has been Lord Rosebery. politios have been gradually He lamented his own forced working up to it. The par- secession from his former ticular moment has now come friends, but found that he when

those who could no longer conceal from most reluctant to say Yes or himself the goal towards which No to any proposition what- they were marching. On this ever must make up

their road he could not accompany minds. They must say one them one inch farther, and he or the other

must commit spoke of the Socialist movethemselves to one side or the ment even more strongly than other. Of this Budget you Mr Balfour. must remember, he says to the There are always in the working men, that a poor world men who regard Thought man's Budget it is not. But as an enemy, and gladly take your choice is limited to that, refuge in any plausible excuse and the great fiscal change for avoiding it. These are they which will at least make us in whose ears the words “ Thou masters in

own house. shalt not surely die ” are for The decision does not rest, as ever sounding: suggesting that he tells us, with either the all predictions of future evil, Lords or the Commons. It consequent on our present conwill not be decided at West- duct, are either the fictions of minster. The question before interested parties or the voice us is much more than a financial only of antiquated superstitions one. It involves funda- or feminine credulity. Even to mental change in the organisa- such as these, however, we tion of society and in the would venture to hope that the machinery of the Constitution. solemn words with which Lord “The only tribunal, the only Rosebery concluded his address court of final appeal which can at Glasgow will convey some declare between the two alter- message, rousing them for the native policies now before the moment at all events to the country, which can say whether contemplation of possibilities we are to go down-hill under which if ever thought of before Socialism or

under have been put aside for a more Tariff Reform, are the people convenient season. of this country.” It cannot be We have never ceased to settled over their heads by a point out that under various chance majority of the House forms, and on divers pretexts, of Commons returned when no Socialism was the one dominatsuch question was at issue. ing principle to which the

Mr Balfour said at the be- policy of the Government was


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obedient. And now at last tradition, all alike been blinded Lord Rosebery can no longer dupes or sordid impostors? conceal from himself that the This is the question which goal to which we are rapidly Lord Rosebery's words, above tending, as long as the present quoted, immediately bring beMinistry remain in power, is— fore us in the plainest and what?

most direct form, and “Socialism is the end of all, one, who is not prepared to the negation of faith, of family, answer it in the affirmative, of property, of monarchy, of but must feel it his bounden Empire.” “Maga' has said the duty to resist, through every same thing more than once, channel that is open to him, and the same words now come the iniquitous scheme which emphasised with all the would make a clean sweep authority of Lord Rosebery. of old England. The Socialists will of course It is perfeotly plain that reply - 80 much the better. if Lord Rosebery's description For them the past has no of the Budget is correct there lustre; what England has been is only one course for the House is to them nothing or worse of Lords to pursue. It is imthan nothing; such terms as possible that any alterations patriotism, honour, reverence, now be made on the our national character, our Budget, extracting its virus, domestic virtues, our political without destroying its essence. freedom, our respect for law The Government will not do and order, our rank among the this, and Mr Asquith, following nations of the world, are in Lord Rosebery, has told us their eyes but so much clap- pretty plainly what we have trap, by which fools have been to expect.

Let us gulled for centuries. Such is what Lord Rosebery has given the Socialist creed. Can we, him to answer. Mr Asquith then, all have been mistaken ? set out by saying that there Have twenty generations of being a deficit of sixteen milEnglishmen, when they gloried lions the gap can only be filled in the greatness of their country up by this Budget. But of and the power of her name, this Budget the land taxes are been dreaming dreams? Have by far the most important and all the genius, wisdom, and the most obnoxious part, and valour which have gone to they will do next to nothing make England what she is towards supplying the necesbeen wasted on a mischievous sary amount. Then what other delusion, and treasures purpose

are they meant to which we now discover to be serve ? This is the question only pieces of slate? Have the asked by Lord Rosebery, and statesmen, philosophers, and Mr Asquith offers no explanapoets, the conquerors and colo- tion of this obvious anomaly. nisers who have for centuries If you lay exceptional taxation bowed down before our great on a single great interest in

now see


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