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point, as they have done on system are not the work of the many others.

But we must Constitution under which they again beg our readers to re- fondly imagine that they still member what were their orig. live. Let them realise this inal intentions, and to reflect truth, and then act as they that if baffled now they are think fit. In the second place, sure to be revived hereafter, it cannot too often be repeated if the present men remain in that the methods by which the power.

Radicals and the Socialists are But over and above all the endeavouring to secure success vicious and dangerous machin- are of a nature to kindle pasery by which the Government sions of which no one can foreis working its way towards see the end. The Ministerial the Socialist idea, we have to orators—Mr Lloyd-George and consider first of all the con- Mr Winston Churchill in pardition to which it has reduced ticular-are now teaching one Parliament, and secondly, the class of the community that effect both upon England and they have been robbed of their the whole British Empire of rights by another, and must the legislation which sets class fight for their recovery. Supagainst class and exhibits us posing these speeches to have to the world as a divided in the effect which they are instead of a united people, is tended to have, this country calculated to produce. The would be distracted from one House of Commons could not end to the other by a social have been reduced to greater war, whether accompanied by impotence even by Cromwell violence or not. Now class warthan it has been by the present fare means of course national Government. The frequenoy weakness : inability, that is, and levity with which the to devote the whole national closure has been applied re- strength to any one given pur. minds us of the Queen in Alice, pose. What would be the effect who at every little offence of such a spectacle in every given cried “Off with his part of the British Empire head.” Parliamentary discuss where a spark of disaffection sion is now at the mercy of a exists ? The Revolutionaries Dictator who can stop it when- and Separatists would ever it pleases. There are

that their time had

had come. those we know who think that What would be the effect on Parliamentary government has Ireland, on India, on South seen its best days, and that Africa ? This point has never more expeditious and been considered.

The present decisive mode of conducting is no time for introducing civil public business is now called discord into Britain. Look at for. However this may be, the Russia, look at Spain, seething people of this kingdom should with anarchy. With these be taught to understand that passions at work before us laws passed under this new elsewhere, no terms can be too



strong in which to denounce which should be dear to a those reckless and selfish agi- commercial country, and this tators who do not scruple to insidious attack on the social appeal to them in England, fabrio and our well-ordered and to light a flame which Constitution which should be means war to religion, war to doubly dear to us all ? Mr culture, and war to capitalised Chamberlain, in his letter, wealth in all its forms, war to hopes the House of Lords the acres of the landlord, war will see their way to force a to the profits of the tradesman. general election, when he has For whatever they may say no doubt what the answer will themselves, that is the con- be. All members of the Union

. struction which the people will ist party are not equally sanplace upon their teaching. We guine, and it has been suggested do not anticipate a Jacquerie. that the Lords, by throwing We have too much confidence out the Land clauses only, in the character of our artisans might escape the odium of and peasantry to fear any such rejecting what is thought to result as that. But if the be a popular Budget. One struggle which

the Radicals answer is, even were there no anxious to precipitate other objections, that the Lords ever really began in earnest, in so doing would lay themthe seeds of animosity and selves open to the charge of hatred sown all over the king- selfishness by rejecting only dom would produce a poisonous those clauses which were incrop, not to be rooted out, if jurious to their own order, and

, ever, for many generations, leaving the rest of the public and changing Great Britain to take care of itself. An ininto a cankered and unhappy fluential weekly paper contends country. We hope when the that no such charge could be appeal to the people is made, sustained, and no more it could. as it must be very shortly, But it would be made all the that they will be urged to same, and swallowed at once consider not only the iniquitous by the more ignorant part of character of the Budget itself, the constituencies. It does not but also the violent and tyran- seem to us that such a half nical means by which it has measure would have effect been pushed forward, and the in disarming the hostility which criminal attempt

to enlist it is the business of the Gov. popular feeling in its favour ernment to inflame to the by setting class against class, uttermost. It is far better by preaching the doctrine that that the House of Lords should private property is a publio simply decline to pass such a wrong, and that its owners are measure till an appeal to the robbers and usurpers.

people has been made. Such What steps then are to be action could not be called oppostaken to counteract this opening the will of the people, when attack on economic principles it simply asked them what it


was : on the whole, we should after allowing itself to be say that is the course of pro- bullied by the Government ceeding both Mr Chamberlain than after accepting the verand Mr Balfour have in their dict of the country? We minds. Even if the result of should say the reverse would a general election should not be the case. However, there be what they anticipate, we do seems to be little doubt at the not see wbat harm would have present moment as to what the been done. It is said that in Unionist leaders are contem. that case the House of Lords plating. Half measures would would have lost all authority be a great mistake. They for the future, and would would not be successful. henceforth be treated as a non- the Lords, if defeated in a entity. Why? Why should general engagement, would fall the House of Lords stand with more dignity and with less better in public estimation loss of self-respect.

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WE had sighted Cap St of the Saigon river, every turn Jacques shortly after midday, of which seemed about to lead and thereafter had come to us baok again to our startinganchor under the lee of the point-the three isolated knolls three rounded bills, which are at Cap St Jacques. There are the only landmarks of the sort eight-and-forty miles of this visible anywhere in the flat river to be traversed between landscape of Cochin - China. the mouth and Saigon, though There we had anchored to the distance as the crow flies await the tide, grilled by a cannot be as much as a dozen vertical sun, and with nothing miles. No attempt has been to look at save a smooth white made to abridge the journey by floor of sea, and the big, square, means of canals from point to ugly French buildings which point in places where the stream disfigured the foreshore. Later forms of its innumerwe had begun to make our able figures of eight; hardly way cautiously up the zigzag any attempt even has been VOL. CLXXXVI.-NO. MCXXIX.

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made to mark the fairway, and by the opera - house and on we got well aground once, and three by hotels and cafés. The touched bottom time and again. blazing arc-lights fell full upon The country on every side, and the shining wet asphalt, upon as far as the eye could carry, the trees ranged in orderly was flat as the palm of one's rows along the sides of the hand, and covered with mean streets, upon the verandahs of scrub. It all had the air of the hotels and cafés, which the amphibian, and the squalid were brilliantly illuminated, native villages which here and and which were crowded by there rose in glorious from the men and women seated at mud looked as though they small tables, talking, drinking, were in the habit of spending and listening to music. Bands, as much of their time under as hidden somewhere at opposite above water - level. Yet this sides of the place, in turn burst failed to impart to them any out into some light and tripsemblance of cleanliness. In- ping air, and once in a while stead, they seemed to be coated when these were silent the dreadfully with the foul slime voice of a singer—the voice of and ooze into which they had a man, florid and luscious and been dipped. The depressed, evil, you could hear the heavy, flat - featured natives who sensuous jowl above the vast squatted about them nicely and flowing necktie - defiled

matched their surroundings. the purity of the night with The whole was strangely sug- words which received gestive of some mean parasite with rounds of delighted life hich had spawned un- laughter and approbation. cleanly in uncleanly places. I I leaned out of the window was glad when the sun sank of my hotel and watched this behind heavy black clouds and scene for near an hour, and shut out from sight the melan- again and again I had to rub choly scene.

my eyes and to force myself to Saigon greeted us with a remember that this in truth thunderous downpour of rain, was Asia. The sallow rick-rain such as falls only in shaw coolies and the drivers these latitudes, and with diffi- perched on the boxes of the culty I stowed myself and my little victorias drawn by two shirt-case into a rickshaw, and small rats of ponies, these was dragged off to a hotel in and the soft-footed Chinese the Rue Catinat. I sat under servants who served the inthe low hood with the apron mates of the cafés were the drawn high to keep as much of only Orientals within sight: the wet out as would consent the rest were white men and to be excluded, and I could see white women of sorts, and nothing until, with blinded the Rue Catinat was a little eyes, I staggered out into the tawdry pandemonium of their glare of innumerable electric creation. Le Français arc - lights. A big place lay s'échappe jamais de la France : before me, flanked on one side 80 much is known to all of


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