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cover that Royal a Hutch must anchor in the West Indies, and be the Rio de la Hacha, that the Frenchmen made themPotty Guavaus stands for Petit selves a bowl of punch in the Goave, and that a Bark of main hatch, while the EnglishLonger means a barcalonga- men brewed their bowl at the a longboat. Kelly is, we feel, binnacle. So these ill-assorted veridical, but he is dull. He comrades sat and watched one saw no romance in his own another till the English, seeing life, but goes on recording in the French off their guard, malapropian phrase how he seized their arms, turned them passed from this ship to that, out of the vessel, cut the cable from starvation to temporary “at the horse," and so marooned abundance, and back again. their late friends. There was A dull glow of anger seems to no honour among those thieves. rise in him as he tells how the When Kelly, having wandered pirate craft he was in at the all his ways, which took him time and her consort were sur- as far as Sumatra, came to prised on the coast of Jamaica stand in the dock of the Old by an armed vessel which sailed Bailey, he would have saved against on Sunday morning. his life if lying could have done It was not usual, says Kelly. it; but "justice taking place,” He is quite destitute of any as he honestly words it, he was sense of the fun of the position condemned, and he made his when he tells how he and some confession with the sobering English mossmates were re- certainty that the next day duced to serve in a Frenc had been xed for his execupirate, and how they freed tion. Justice undoubtedly took themselves from this degrad- place on the 12th of July 1700. ing subjection. They were at


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HER most ardent admirers capacity, with a different coland they had never been very oured funnel and a slightly numerous—could hardly have decayed interior, she had described the Orinoco

served for nine years as the rapid or up-to-date vessel. She Annie S. Holmes. After that

fair eight an officious gentleman from knots in ordinary weather (ex- the Board of Trade happened cept when the Chief Engineer to notice the state of her was not sober; and then she boilers, and unhesitatingly dehad been known to do as clined to renew her charter much as eleven), and she had until various things were done faced with tolerable credit which her present owner was seven strenuous years of North not in the habit of doing. Atlantic weather, winter and Consequently she had_lain summer alike. But she was rusting in Southampton Water no flier.

for six months, until an astute She had not always ploughed Scot, who ran a sort of Dr the ocean at the behests of Mr Barnardo's Home for steamers Noddy Kinahan, her present which had been abandoned by owner. As a matter of fact, their original owners, stepped she dated back to the early in and bought her, at the sixties.

She had been built rate of about a pound per on the Clyde, in days when ton; and having refitted her people were not in such with some convenient boilers hurry as they are now, for which he had picked up at steady and reliable cross-chan- a sale, and checked her fuel

nel service between Scotland consumption by reducing her and Ireland; and the crinolined grate-area, set her going again

1 ; young lady who had blush. in a humble but remunerative ingly performed the christen- way as & pig - boat between ing ceremony as the brand-new Limerick and Glasgow. Dursteamer slipped down the ways ing this period of her career had named her the Gareloch.

she was known as the Blush After fifteen years of honest Rose -- and probably smelt as

buffeting between the Kish sweet. and the Cloch the little Gare- The maritime Dr Barnardo loch had been pronounced too sold her three years later (at slow, and sold to the pro- a profit) to a gentleman who prietor of a line of coasting required a ship for some shady Steamers which plied between and mysterious operations amid

In this certain islands in the Southern

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Cardiff and London.




Pacifio. The nature of the Jedburgh Abbey, with a new poor Blush Rose's occupation propeller,--she had gone short may be gathered from the of blade for years,- her fact that in the space of rusty

tinkered into three months she made those something like sea-worthiness, already tropical regions too and her engines secured hot to hold her; and, with little more firmly to their her name painted out, a re- bed-plates, had re-established paired shot-hole in her counter, her social status by creeping and a few pearl oyster - shells once more into Lloyd's liststicking out here and there the Red Book of the Mercantile in the murky recesses of her Marine-and, disguised as the hold, was knocked down for Orinoco, of the “River” Line a song at Buenos Ayres to a of freight-carrying steamships, Spanish-American who desired had served Mr Noddy Kinahan her for the fulfilment of some well for seven years.

This rather private contracts, into grey morning, with Sandy which he had entered with a Hook well down below the Central American State, for a western horizon, she clambered consignment of small arms and wearily but perseveringly over ammunition delivered immedi- the Atlantic rollers, like a disately – terms, C.O.D. and no illusioned and world-weary old questions asked. Her captain cab-horse, which, having begun on this occasion was a Lowland life between the shafts of a Scot of disreputable charaoter gentleman's brougham, is now but inherent piety, who en concluding a depressing exist

. deavoured to confer a ratherence by dragging a funereal spurious sanctity upon a ne- “growler” up and down the farious enterprise by christen- undulations of London ing his nameless vessel the suburb. Jedburgh Abbey. But, alas! Her redeeming feature was a the Jedburgh Abbey was con- certain purity of outline and fiscated a year later by the symmetry of form. She boastUnited States Government, ed a flush deck, unbroken by and having disgorged a most any unsightly waist amidshps; uncanonical cargo, was knocked and not even her unscraped down by Dutch auction, with- masts, her scarred sides, and out benefit of Clergy, to the her flaked and salt-whitened highest bidder.

Competition funnel could altogether take for her possession not away from her her pride of keen, and she ultimately bo- race,—the right to boast, in

the property of Mr common with many a human Noddy Kinahan, who at that derelict of the same sex and a time was beginning to pile very similar history, that she up a considerable fortune by had “been a lady once." purchasing old steamers She had now been at sea for their way to the scrap-heap well over twenty-four hours, and running them as tramp- and her crew, who had to a freighters until they sank. The man been brought on board in

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what a sympathetic eyewitness Noddy Kinahan made the
on a similar occasion once de- “River" Line a profitable con-
scribed as “a state of beast- cern. There were also others,
ly but enviable intoxication," which shall be set forth in due
were once more beginning to course.
sit up and take notice. Their Captain Kingdom had just
efforts in this direction owed appeared upon the bridge. He
much to the kind assistance of a furtive and sinister-
Messrs Gates and Dingle, the looking individual, resembling
first and second mates, who rather a pawnbroker's assistant
with cold douche and unrelent- than one who occupied his
ing boot were sparing no pains business in great waters. But
to rouse to a sense of duty he was & useful servant to
those of their flook who had not Noddy Kinahan.
yet found or recovered their “Got all the hands to work,

Mr Gates ?” he called down to
The crew consisted of two the mate.
Englishmen and a Californian, "Aye, aye, sir!" replied Mr
together with a handful of Gates, knocking the heel of his
Scandinavians, Portuguese, and boot on the deck to ease his
Germans, divided by sea-law aching toes.
(which, like its big brother, The captain ran his eye over
non curat de minimis) into the crow, who were huddling
"Dagoes” and “Dutchmen” together forward of the bridge.
respectively, representatives of He cleared his throat.
the Romance

being “Now, you soum,” he began grouped under the former and genially, "attend to me, while of the Anglo-Saxon under the I tell you what you've got to latter designations. With one do on board this ship.” exception none of them had The soum, stagnant and un

upon the ship before, and responsive, listened stolidly to in all probability would never his harangue, the substance of do so again. They had been which did not differ materialpurveyed to Captain King- ly, mutatis mutandis, from one dom by a Tenderloin boarding- of Mr Squeers’ inaugural adhouse keeper, and had signed dresses to his pupils on the a contract for the voyage to first morning of term at DotheBordeaux and back, wages for boys Hall. Captain Kingdom's both trips to be paid at the end peroration laid particular stress of the second. If sufficiently upon the fact that Messrs

" knocked about they would in Gates and Dingle had been all probability desert at Bor- requested by him as a particudeaux, preferring to forogo lar favour to adopt the policy their pay rather than stand & of the thick stick and the big second dose of the home com- boot in the case of those memforts of the Orinoco. This was bers of the crew who refrained one of the ways in which Cap- from looking slick in executing tain Kingdom saved his em- their orders. ployer money and in which Mr The crew received his re

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marks with sheepish grins or

" Where did you anysullen scowls; and the orator body?” concluded

Mr Allerton rose slowly and “Pick watches, Mr Gates, painfully from the scuppers. and then we'll pipe down to There are moments when the dinner. Are all hands on role of a Democritus is difficult deck ?

to sustain. “Ayo, aye, sir,” replied Mr “I'm sorry you did that, Gates, looking over his list. captain,” he remarked, “be“I saw somebody down below cause I know


didn't mean a few minutes ago,” drawled a it personally. You had to voice, proceeding from a figure make some sort of demonstraseated upon a bollard.

tion, of course, to put the fear It was Mr Allerton, who, of death into these new hands, with characteristic content, but I regret that you should ment with (or indifference to) have singled me out as the his lot, had performed the un- corpus vile - you don't know precedented feat of signing-on what that means, I daresay : for a second voyage in the never

mind! — because you Orinoco. He wore his usual air have shaken up my wits so of humorous tolerance of the much, besides nearly breaking cares of this world, and spoke my hip-bone, that I shall have in the composed and unruffled to pause and consider a minute fashion which stamps the high- before I remember where I did caste Englishman all over the see the gentleman.” globe. His lot on board the If the captain had been Mr Orinoco had been lighter than Gates he would probably have that of most, for his com- felled Allerton to the deck a panions, finding him apparently second time. As it was, he impervious to ill- usage and shuffled his feet uncomfortably philosophically genial under all and glared. The broken man circumstances, had agreed to before him, when all was said regard him as å species of and done, was his superior; heavily decayed and slightly and the captain, who was of demented “dude," and had sufficiently refined clay to be half - affectionately christened sensitive to social distinctions, him “Peroy”-a

-a term which was angrily conscious of that sums up the typical English- sense of

of sheepish uneasiness man for the New Yorker almost which obsesses the cad, howas vividly as “Rosbif” and ever exalted, in the presence “Godam !” perform that office of a gentleman, however defor the Parisian.

graded. The captain descended from Allerton continued the bridge, walked across the “I remember now, captain. deck, and dispassionately The man was lying in the kicked Mr Allerton off the alley-way leading to the combollard.

panion. I'll go and see how he “Stand up, you swine, when is getting on. Keep your seats, you speak to me!” he shouted. gentlemen.”

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