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But much of my work was of As a contemporary philososuch a confidential or personal pher, known to fame as “Josh nature that his directions were Billings,” has said,

has said, “Gravity given to me either viva voce becomes a fool at all times; a or in private notes. And to wise man upon state occasions." this day I can laugh over some These were not state occasions, of these.

and Liddell was no fool! Here is a sample. When the The House of Commons had Fenians were smuggling revol- always a charm for me. Even vers and rifles into

Ireland, in the days when I was a law labelled as pianos, or butter, or student at the Temple, “the cement, I proposed that the Lobby"attracted me more than clandestine conveyance of fire- evening entertainments of the arms should be made an offence. kind frequented by my “pals.” The Secretary of State adopted I used to make friends with my projet de loi, and it was re- the police on duty, and by ferred to the Treasury Coun- their help I obtained Members' sel (Mr -- afterwards Lord — orders for the gallery

orders for the gallery. One of Thring) to draft the Bill. But, their number—by the way, a instead of acting on Mr Bruce's fellow-countryman of mine-let instructions, he wrote back a me in for a unique experience. strong letter of objection and How many living men protest. Even the magistrates, there, I wonder, other than he said, would regard such an M.P.'s, who have ever entered enactment as unworkable. This the House of Lords along was referred to Bow Street, with the “faithful Commons and the Chief Magistrate re- to hear the royal speech at plied that he and his colleagues the opening of Parliament ? approved of the scheme, and My police constable friend put saw no practical difficulty in me up to this. “If we catch giving effect to it. Liddell's you,” said he, “it's not in the minute to me on this, written House of Lords you'll find on a sheet of notepaper, was yourself ; but we'll not catch in the following terms: "This you if you do what I tell you."

” fellow Thring is getting I did what he told me. In bumptious. Prepare a letter Prepare a letter those pre-dynamite days there

to him for my signature. Just was no difficulty in getting tell him to go to

and into the Lobby; and on the square the circle: you know 5th February 1861 I found my- . how to put it?” I did ! self in the middle of a group of

In a similar vein it was that M.P.'s who were waiting there. he received my congratulations Presently the Speaker's stately the day he was gazetted a

was gazetted a procession to "the gilded chamK.C.B. Rising from his table, ber” came along, and as soon he faced me

on the hearth- as the leading Members had rug, and presently said he, his passed, the waiting group closed blank stare giving way to a in with a rush. Had I been genial smile, “But isn't it as anxious to keep out as I awful rot being called 'Sir'!" was to get in, nothing could

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have stopped me. I was al- memorable time, when there most carried off my feet, and were Parliamentary giants in it was not till I found myself the land, whose set speeches inside the House of Lords that were classio orations of a type I was able even to raise my unknown to the present genhand to get my hat off my eration. head. Some of the Members But this was not all. Probwere much amused at finding ably the majority of the M.P.'s me in their midst, and quizzed of to-day never even heard of me about my constituency. “Gosset's room." But in those

“ Donnybrook Fair had at- days the Assistant Sergeant's tracted the notice of Parlia- office-room was a notable inment at that time because of stitution. It was, in fact, & the rowdyism which led to its quasi social club. The etiabolition; and their amuse- quette which regulated it was ment was increased when I strict. No one frequented the told them I was M.P. for room without a definite invitaDonnybrook, and that my ex- tion, but an invitation made a perience in the Lobby made me man free of it afterwards. It think myself back among my was situated in one of the inner constituents.

corridors, and of course none After - events lent a special but M.P.'s had access to it, the interest to that occasion. It only exceptions being Captain was the last opening of Parlia- Gosset's sons and one or two ment at which “her Majesty's other immediate relatives, and own words” were heard from myself. I was thus brought her Majesty's own lips. For into touch with all the by-play after the Prince Consort's death of the House, and met the elite the Queen never again read of its Members. What a book her Speech in person.

I might write if only I had When I returned to the kept a note of the good things Metropolis in 1868, the House I heard there! of Commons had still greater seem to be running on the attractions for me. My enjoy- lines of that sort of sermon ment of life in London at that that consists of a series of time owed more than I can theses with an illustrative intell to the friendship of Cap- cident for each. The followtain Gosset, the Assistant Ser- ing may serve for the present geant-at-Arms. I was always "thesis." A Mr Pim, an Irish weloome at his dinner - table, Quaker, and one of the most and seldom a week passed that estimable and courteous of I did not avail myself of his men, was returned at this hospitality-a real privilege to time as M.P. for Dublin. Like a bachelor living in London many new Members, he was lodgings. But more than this: eager to hear, and being deaf, his friendship made me prac- he used constantly to flit about tically free of the Chamber. to find a coign of vantage. I was thus enabled to attend Robert Lowe it was who cyni. the historio debates of that cally remarked that he seemed

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morbidly anxious to throw who was referred to as “that away his natural advantages / ungainly youth Lord LarkHis movements attracted the ington. The Speaker, Mr more notice because he wore Denison, was then getting old oreaking shoes. The point of and crusty, and he was furimy story is Disraeli’s mot about ous. But Captain Gosset's him. After studying him for unbounded popularity in the some time he remarked, “I House saved the situation, and thought an Irish Member was the crisis was averted. always either a gentleman or a To that popularity it was blackguard, but he's neither 1" that he afterwards owed his

And Disraeli's inquiry about promotion. Lord Charles Rus- . another Irish Member may be sell, the then Sergeant-atworth adding here. Joseph Arms, had been appointed by Biggar, the Parnellite obstruo- the Prime Minister, and when tionist, had marked peculiari- he resigned in 1875 it was ties both of figure and gait. assumed that the office was in When Disraeli first saw him Mr Disraeli's gift, and that, walking up the floor of the as a matter of course, the House, he looked at him in- Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms tently through his eye-glass, would succeed to it. . It tranand, by the way, he always spired, however, that in sanoheld his eye - glass with his tioning Lord Charles's appointthumb and first finger wrapped ment, the Queen had directed round it, as if it were an un- that future vacancies were to familiar sort of optical instru- be reported to the Sovereign, ment,--and then, turning to a with whom personally the friend behind him, he asked, patronage rested.

patronage rested. And it was “ What is that?"

rumoured that her Majesty Before I dismiss the subject intended to confer the office of “Gosset's room," I may upon the gentleman who at

. mention that an indiscretion present holds it. But committed there one night at strong was the feeling of the this time very nearly brought House on the subject that it to an untimely end. In Disraeli went to Osborne to Gosset's absence a number of lay the matter before the the habitués held im- Queen. On the day of his promptu concert, and owing return I went down to the to some one's "telling tales out Lobby to seek for news. But of school,” Grenville Murray the Lobby was empty, and I got hold of the story, and a was driven to apply to the thinly veiled notice of it ap- principal doorkeeper. The subpeared in The Queen's Mes- ordinate officials of the House senger,' a short - lived racy have sometimes to act paper of that period. The “chuckers-out," but never bereport gave what purported fore, perhaps, did a doorkeeper to be the programme, which, I aot as "chucker-in." Indeed, remember, included a song by his passing a stranger into the the late Duke of Devonshire, House, save by express orders,




might in ordinary circum- Lord Charles Russell made me stances have cost him his punctilious in all my dealings place. But the moment he with their subordinates. With recognised me, he seized hold them I played no tricks. But of me, and rushed me in under the House of Lords officials the gallery; and I was just in were fair game.

were fair game. On the last time to see the Premier rise evening of the great historic to answer a question on the debate on the Irish Church, an subject.

old friend of my father's, whom He began by stating, with I met at dinner, spoke of his great solemnity and in his fruitless efforts to get an order grandest manner, that “the for the Peers' Gallery, and deappointment of Sergeant-at- clared that he would give £100 Arms was in the gift, and for a seat. When we rose from entirely in the gift, of her dinner I invited him to accomMajesty the Queen, and there pany me to Westminster, I is no person, whatever his posi- passed with him through the tion in the House, who has any lobbies, and up to the gallery influence whatever in that ap- door; and there, with the lordpointment.” Here he paused, liest manner I could assume, I ” ,

I and his words were received in told the doorkeeper that I lugubrious silence, as indicat- should be extremely obliged if ing seemingly the failure of his he could find a seat for my visit to Osborne. Then he friend. Whom he took me for added, “But I have been com- I never knew, but he responded manded by the Queen to state effusively, and begged me to that, being aware of the strong, bring him in. Later on I not to say unanimous, feeling noticed that he and a colleague of the House on the subject, were evidently discussing me, her Majesty, as a

a gracious trying no doubt to make out favour to her faithful Com

who I was. So I thought it mons, has been pleased to ap- better to skip,” as the point to the office the gentle Yankees say; but my friend man who is at present Assist- kept his seat till the House ant Sergeant-at-Arms." The rose. In passing out, I thanked tumultuous cheering which fol- the doorkeeper in a patronising lowed, from every corner of a tone for his courtesy, and excrowded House, was a strik- pressed my regret that I could ing testimony to Gosset's popu- not stay longer myself. I larity.

should add, perhaps, that I My relations with him and

never got that £100! (To be continued.)

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For several years of pro- against honesty, affection that miscuous travel Riza Bey is often outspoken, and indeBairam Zade was my com- pendence, should choose panion; and it was my pro

British butler and not mise to him that if ever I wrote Albanian kavas for his sera book of our journeys I would vant. If upon occasions our speak well of his people. Now tempers were

worn thin

by I am confronted with this diffi- vexations in remote places, culty, that it is impossible to amongst fickle and noisy Arabs, describe the Gheg Albanians are there any wanderers who as they would wish, and be under these circumstances have strictly truthful. To draw a not given way to an acrimopicture of the Northern "Ar- nious spirit ?

Our faults like nauds,” as they see themselves, our forgiveness were mutual. clad in a puritan though pris. Riza had cheerful creed, matic robe of virtue, would be shared I believe by tourists easy but not honest. They and by trippers in general, reminded me constantly of though not articulately exchildren with the highest code pressed, that "God does not of honour, but an even more look at error by the

way,”-i.e., absorbing love of sweets. Their that travelling and piety are acknowledged chivalry and an incompatible pair. This courage put the critic who formula, "Allah yolda kussur

“ pays some attention to their bakmaz," was constantly his equally undoubted frailties in grace as he shared my breaka false position. Where courage fast of scented mastik before and romance are so conspicuous marching out from a hovel to noble minds, why hunt for into the darkness that comes little faults ? they ask—and on before the bitter desert dawn. the whole I am inclined to In his dealings with Arabs agree with them, and 80 I he held also, and acted on, the shall content myself with

with same conviction as that which writing of Riza and his dominated an old English serpeople (and more particularly vant of my youth in her dealof him) as I have seen them, ings with foreigners. “I shout

I eating, sleeping, and marching, and shout,” she used to say, with only that suppression of “but they will not undertruth that is excusable in stand.” Riza believed firmly speaking of friends. For my- that in dealing with people self the virtues of Riza always whose tongue he could not shone resplendently, and their speak, hullabaloo was, if not alloy of vanity was only a per- essential to, yet a great ally petual amusement. The master of, lucidity. Here is a typical who weighs small derelictions scene that recurred in various of duty, or even etiquette, forms in march from


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