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He dived down the fore- “I've been filled up with hatchway, just in time to opium before," he said, “but escape the itching boot of the this is the first time I've been unimpressionable Mr. Gates, sand-bagged. I suppose I was and proceeded between decks sand-bagged first and hocussed towards the stern. Presently afterwards. Yes, that's it." he came to the alley-way in He looked almost pleased. question. The man was still He was a man who liked to there, but had slightly shifted get to the bottom of things. his position since Allerton had Presently he continuedlast seen him. He was now “Could you get me a drink reclining across the passage, of water ? I've got a tongue with his head sunk on his like a stick of glue.” chest. His feet were bare, Allerton departed as bidden, and he was attired in a blue presently to return with jumper and a pair of trousers pannikin. Hughie was standwhich had once belonged to a ing up in the alley-way, swaysuit of orange-and-red pyjamas. ing unsteadily and regarding His appearance was not im- his attire. pressive.

“I say," he said, after gulpAllerton stirred him gently ing the water, “would you with his foot.

mind telling me—you see, I'm “Wake up, old man," he a little bit wuzzy in the head at remarked, “or there'll be hell present—where the devil I am, -well, I'm d-d!”

and whether I came on board For the man had drowsily in this kit or my own clothes ?” lifted his heavy head and dis- “Steamship Orinoco," replied played the features of Hughie Allerton precisely—“from New Marrable.

York, for Bordeaux." They gazed at each other for “Let me think," said Hughie a full minute. Then Allerton “ Orinoco ? Ah! now I'm said feebly

beginning to see daylight. “You've preferred the Or. What's the

of the inoco to the Apulia after all, owner, our friend from Coney then?

Island ?” Hughie did not reply. He Allerton told him. was running his tongue round he's more than your friend his cracked and blackened lips, now," he added ; “he's your and tentatively sucking his employer.” palate.

Hughie whistled long and low. “I know that taste," he I see," he said.

“Shangremarked. “It reminds me of haied-eh? Well, I must say a night I once spent in Canton. he owed me one: I fairly I have it-opium !”

barked his nose for him that Then he tenderly fingered night. But now that he has the back of his head, and had me knocked on the head nodded with the interested air and shipped on board this old of one who is acquiring a new ark, I think he has overpaid item of experience.

I owe him one again; VOL. CLXXXVI.-NO. MCXXV.



“ But


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and, with any luck, he shall feeling less dizzy and more have it."

collected each minute, set no “Do you remember being particular store by the oratorslugged?” said Allerton. ical display to which he was

“Can't say I do precisely. being treated. In fact, he was Let me see.

I recollect coming almost guilty of the discourtesy along Forty-Second Street on of allowing his attention to my way to the Manhattan. wander. He set the crown I'd been dining at The Lambs, upon his offence by interruptand I stopped a minute on the ing the captain's peroration. sidewalk under an L railway- “Look here, skipper,” he track to light my pipe, when— said, brusquely breaking in yes, it must have happened upon a period, "you can drop then."

that. My name is Marrable. "I expect you had been I am not a stowaway, and I shadowed all day,” said Aller- have been dumped on board ton. “But I'm forgetting my this ship by order of " duties. You are wanted on “Your name," said Captain deck."

Kingdom with relish, “is any“Who wants me? Noddy thing I choose to call you; and Kinahan ?

as you stowed yourself away “ Not much ! He doesn't

on board travel by his own ships. It's “Look here,” said Hughie, the captain.

I understand “I want a word with you that you are to be presented in your own cabin for choice. to the company as a little All right,” he continued with stowaway, and great surprise rising voice, as the captain and pain will be officially broke out again, “I'll have it manifested at your appearance here instead. First of all, on board.”

what is Mr Noddy Kinahan “ All right.

Come along paying you for this job ?” and introduce me.'

The captain turned to the Captain Kingdom's method mate. of dealing with stowaways- “Sock him, Mr Gates !” he natural and artificial - was roared. simple and unvarying. On Mr Gates, whose curiositypresentation, he first of all together with that of the rest abused them with all the re- of the crow_had been roused, sources of an almost Esperantic as Hughie meant it to be, by vocabulary, and then handed the latter's reference to Mr them over to Mr Gates to be Noddy Kinahan's share in the kicked into shape.

present situation, moved forOn Hughie Marrable’s ap- ward to his task with less pearance on deck the captain alacrity than usual, and paused proceeded with gusto to Part readily enough when Hughie One of his syllabus. Hard continued words break no bones, and “If you'll put back, captain, Hughie, who was breathing in and land me anywhere within great draughts of sea-air and a hundred miles of New York,

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I'UI give you double what not kicking. I wanted to get Kinahan is paying you for to Europe anyhow, and I rather this job.”

like long sea-voyages, especi“ You look like a man with ally before the mast. In fact, money, I must say !” replied I'd rather sail before the mast Kingdom. “Now then, Mr on board this ship than in the Gates!”

cuddy. (Keep still, Mr Gates !) “It's to be no deal, then ?” As I'm here, I've no particular said Hughie composedly. objection to working my pass“Very well. The next ques- age, always reserving to mytion is, if I am coming with self the right to make things you, how am I going to be hot for your employer when I treated ? Cabin or steer

get ashore.

I'll work as an “I'll show you,” roared the A.B. or a deck - hand if you incensed skipper. “Knock him like, though personally I would silly, Mr Gates ! ”

rather do something in the Mr Gates came on with a engine-room. I'm pretty well rush. But Hughie, who all qualified in that direction. But this time had been taking his I must be decently treated, and bearings, leapt back lightly in there must be no more sandhis bare feet and snatched a bagging or knoekabout variety capstan - bar from the rack business. Is it a deal?” behind him.

Captain Kingdom surveyed “Keep your distance for a the sinewy stowaway before moment, Mr Gates," he com- him thoughtfully. He manded, “if you don't want that until Hughie gave up the your head cracked. I haven't capstan-bar Mr Gates would finished interviewing this have little chance of enforcing captain of yours yet. Happy discipline. He must temporise. to oblige you later, for any “I can give you a job in period you care to specify." the engine-room," he said, in

“ 'Nother Peroy!" commented what he imagined was a more Mr Dingle dejectedly, expec- conciliatory tone. “ Second torating over the side. He was engineer's down with somea plain man, was Mr Dingle, thing this morning. You can and loved straight hitting and take his watch. Drop that words of one syllable.

capstan-bar of yours, and go Mr Gates paused, and Hughie, and see Mr Angus, the chief.”

' leaning back against the bul- “That should suit me," rewarks and toying with the plied Hughie.

" But capstan-bar, continued to ad- guarantee of good faith, and dress the fulminating mariner to avoid disappointing the ason the bridge.

sembled company, I'm quite

, “Now look here, captain, I'm willing to stand up and have going to be brief with you— a turn with Mr Gates here, brief

and business-like. You've or that gentleman over by the been paid by Kinahan to Shang- funnel - stay, or any one else hai me and take me for a long you may appoint. But I should sea-voyage. Very good. I'm prefer Mr Gates," he added,


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6 I'm

you, sir!

almost affectionately.

a high-pressure combat with a not in first-class form at pres- man who seemed to be everyent, as my head has got a where except at the end of his dint in it behind; but I'll do fist—to his honour, he never my best. Are you game, Mr once thought of employing his Gates ?"

foot-was an entire novelty to “Go on, Mr Gates, learn him. He fought sullenly but him!” commanded the highly ponderously, wasting his enorgratified skipper.

mous strength on murderous "Drop that bar,” shouted blows which never

reached the genial Mr Gates, “and I'll their mark, and stolidly endurkill you!”

ing a storm of smacks, bangs, “Half a minute, please,” said and punches that would have Hughie, as unruffled as if he knocked a man of less endur. were putting on the gloves for ing material into a pulp. But a ten-minute spar in a gym- there is one blow which no nasium. “I'm not going to member of the human family fight a man in sea - boots in can stand up to, glutton for my bare feet. Can any gentle- punishment though he be. man oblige me with-thank Hughie made a sudden feint

You are a white with his left at his opponent's man.'

body, just below the heart. A pair of oily canvas tennis Gates dropped his guard, moshoes, with list soles, pattered mentarily throwing forward down on the deck beside him. his head as he did so. InTheir donor, the “white man stantaneously a terrific upper-& coal-black individual at- cut from Hughie's right took tired chiefly in cotton-waste- him squarely under the chin. was smiling affably from the Mr Gates described a graceful engine-room hatchway. parabola, and landed heavily “They'll dae ye fine, " he

he on his back on deck, striking observed unexpectedly, and his head against a ring-bolt as disappeared below.

he fell. The whole fight had In a moment Hughie had lasted less that four minutes. slipped on the shoes. Then, Hughie was about to assist casting away the bar, he his fallen opponent to rise, hurled himself straight at the when he heard a warning cry head of Mr Gates.

from half-a-dozen voices. Нө In the brief but exhilarating swung round, to find the capexhibition which followed Mrtain making for him, openGates realised that first mouthed, with the capstan-bar. mate on the defensive is a very He sprang lightly aside. different being from a first further blessing on those list mate on the rampage. He shoes ! and his

opponent had become so accustomed to charged past him, bringing breaking-in unresisting dock- down the bar with a flail-like rats and bemused foreigners, sweep upon the drum of a taking his own time and using steam windlass. Next moment his boots where necessary, that Hughie, grasping the foremast

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shrouds, leaped upon the bul- choice. If you haven't got warks and pulled himself up them, anything quiet and unto the level of the bridge, obtrusive will do. But I dewhich was unoccupied save by cline to go about in orange-andthe man at the wheel, who had red pyjama trousers in midbeen an enthusiastio spectator Atlantio to please you or anyof the scene below.

body else.

For one thing Having climbed upon the they're not warm, and for anbridge, and so secured the other they're not usual. If you upper ground in case of any will oblige me in this matter, further attack, Hughie leaned I am quite willing to live at over the rails and parleyed. peace with you.

I don't see In his hand he held a pair that you can really suppress of heavy binoculars, which he me except by killing me, and had taken out of a box that is a thing which I don't clamped to the back of the think you have either the wind-screen.

authority or the pluck to do. “The first man who at- Why not give me a billet in tempts to follow me up here," the engine - room and cry he announced, when he had quits ?” got his breath back, “will get Captain Kingdom looked up this pair of glasses in the eye. at the obstreperous mutineer Captain, I don't think you are on the bridge, and down at the a great success as an employer recumbent Mr Gates on the of labour. You haven't got deck, and ground his teeth. the knack of conciliating your Then he looked up to the men. Can't we come to terms? bridge again. Mine are very simple. I want “All right,” he growled. some clothes – my own, for “Come down !”


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Hughie, having been relieved men. Mr Walsh was suffering to a slight extent from sar- from an intermittent form of torial humiliation, entered malaria contracted years ago upon his engine - room duties in an up-river trip to the pesforthwith.

tilential regions round Saigon. The society in which he Mr Angus, a hoary-headed and found himself consisted of Mr bottle-nosed Dundonian, who Angus, the chief,- engineers, could have charmed a scraplike gardeners, editors, and heap into activity, received Cabinet Ministers, are prac- Hughie with native politeness, tically all Scotsmen, - Mr and paid him the compliment

Goble, the Acting-Second (vice of working him uncommonly Mr Walsh, sick), and a motley hard. He explained (with pergang of undersized, half-mutin- fect truth) that the only reason ous, wholly vile sweepings of why he not at that humanity in the form of fire- moment driving a Cunarder


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