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are competent engineers. After Later that afternoon, as the that we'll have some breakfast, Orinoco pounded along at a and after that we'll make strictly processional

pace tracks for home. We'll work” through the ruffling waters— -he smacked his lips cheerily, the glass was falling and a like an energetic pedagogue on breeze getting up — Deputythe first morning of term—“in Quartermaster Lionel Hinchshifts of three. Two men will cliffe Welford - Welford Allerrun the engine-room and stoke- ton, late scholar of Trinity hole, and the third will take College, Cambridge, sometime the wheel. The fourth can Assistant Deck-Hand in the sleep. That will give us each mercantile marine, descried eighteen hours on and six from his post on the bridge hours off. I don't know where & small moving object upon

a we are, and I have no means the starboard bow. of finding out, as Captain It was the Orinoco's whaleKingdom has walked off with boat, which was proceeding the chart and most of the under two lugsails on a course proper instruments. But we parallel with the steamer's. must be near land, or they Allerton, who, in the excitewould not have taken to the ment of salving the Orinoco, boats yet. If we keep steam- had almost forgotten the exing steadily east (with a little istence of the gang of buccanorth in it), at about a hun- neers who had scuttled her, dred miles a-day,— which I excitedly rang the telegraph fancy is about our limit,—we bell and summoned the rest should knock up against some of the ship's company to his thing sooner or later. And side. when we do, we'll get hold of The emotions, however, athe proper authorities, and I roused in the Orinoco by the venture to think that with the sight of the whale-boat were help of these two letters and mild in comparison with those that doctored bilge-valve down excited in the undutiful whalebelow we shall be able to pre- boat by the spectacle of her pare a welcome for those three resuscitated parent. Mr Angus, boatloads of shipwrecked mari- on beholding the steamer, kept ners, when they arrive, that discreetly silent. He had given will surprise them. Also, I himself away by seeing things fancy there will be pickings which were not there once or for you in the way of salvage. twice in his life before. But What a game!” Hughie stood Captain Kingdom turned up, and inhaled a great breath. delicate apple-green. This was real life !

“Look there!” he gasped, on, boys ?” he cried suddenly. pointing. "Is the old Orinoco going to “Yon bit cloud, ye mean?” the bottom this journey?" said the cautious Angus.

The crew rose at him and “No, no man, the Orinoco !gave three cheers.

cried the frantic skipper.

“Oh—the shup! Aye, aye!'


Are you

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replied Mr Angus, rather men on deck.” He raised his pleased than otherwise.

binoculars again. “Yes, there “There's a crew on board they are. Well, whoever they her,” continued Kingdom shak- are and whatever the game is, ily. “And she's got steam on we must get on board again her, too !”

and do the job properly this “Aye," said Mr Angus. "I time. ... Hallo, one of them doot somebody will have closed is running below! . . .

.. Here yon sea-cock again.”

he is again! . “Who can it be?" demanded ing something—flags, I reckon. the captain feverishly. “Surely They're going to signal us.” we left no one on board. I told He was right.

Up to the Dingle to take that fellow topmost summit of the Orinoco's Marrable in his boat."

grimy foremast travelled a sig“Perhaps," suggested Mr nal-a banner with a strange Angus, “yin of the other boats device indeed, but conveying cam' back."

& perfectly intelligible message Kingdom pointed impatiently for all that. It consisted of to two small specks upon the the nether or unmentionable horizon.

portion of a ragged suit of “They're there," he said. orange - and - red striped py

“Maybe some liner has come jamas. across her and left a bit crow Having reached its destinaon board her," continued the tion, it inflated itself in the fertile Mr Angus.

freshening breeze, and streamed “If so, we'd have seen the out, defiant and derisive, in the liner,” replied Kingdom irrit- rays of the setting sun ; flingably. He took up his binoculars ing to the fermenting couple and began to scrutinise the in the whale-boat the simple Orinoco, which had altered her but comprehensive intimation course a few points in their “ Sold !” direction.

Then, with one single joyous Mr Angus had a fresh in- toot from her siren, the Orinoco spiration.

altered her course a couple of “Did ye mind tae wauken points and wallowed off in a Walsh ?” he whispered. “If north-easterly direction, leavnot, ye ken he micht weel- ing the crew of the whale

The captain lowered his boat to listen in admiring glasses, and nodded.

silence to a sulphurous anti“He might be one,

be one,” he strophe in two dialects proagreed; “but there are four ceeding from the stern-sheets.

(To be continued.)



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A CORNET joined the Lancers Cape Colony, and under conone day. În those times of ditions calculated to damp any national emergency young undue exuberance of spirits to gentlemen who had enjoyed which enrolment in a disno previous military training tinguished regiment might obtained commissions and pro- otherwise have made him ceeded to the seat of war. prone. The Squadron-Leader They came to their regiments from the outset kept him in a ignorant of the very rudiments state of vassalage. The comof soldiership, and it is no dis- plement of officers in the paragement of the cornet to squadron happened to be unsay that he could not have usually high, and the junior saluted correctly with his sword second - lieutenant therefore had a king's ransom depended found himself supernumerary upon his emerging from the in a sense. Only in a sense be ordeal unscathed. Whether he it noted, for he was was really respectable or not supernumerary on any occasion remained to be seen; but that when some particularly unhe could not possibly be so pleasant duty had to be perrespectable as he looked was formed,—on the contrary, when obvious to his brother officers a case of this kind presented the moment that he appeared itself the Curate invariably before them. Cast in one of turned out to be the only officer nature's generous moulds, he available to cope with it. He was just the man to fill a found himself, metaphorically surplice to admiration and to speaking, a hewer of wood and overflowing. He displayed at drawer of water, and to be, as the outset that diffident and it were, without the pale. This bashful manner which hides lasted for some weeks; but so frequently a heart of gold. after a time he was enabled to Circumstances over which he manifest a certain aptitude for could claim no control repre- replenishing the officers' mess sented him as one clean-shaven, from local sources, and his His exquisitely modulated voice Commanding Officer, who was was of that sympathetic timbre ever quick to detect the specialwhich seldom fails to banish ist within his flock, thereupon insomnia even from the hardest began to employ him largely pew.

Therefore he was called confidential commissariat the Curate, and outside of his work. own squadron few in the Accompanied by two orderColumn ever heard what was lies he was made free to roam his real name.

at large, so as to gather in The Curate's career

luxuries from farms that lay subaltern of horse opened in along the road to furnish the







table of his brother officers. rewarded with some words of The Squadron-Leader adopted grudging commendation from an attitude towards him in the Squadron-Leader, when he this connection which

met with a reverse of fortune evidently modelled on that of which shattered his nerve for the Congo official intrusted the time being, and which with administering the rubber robbed him of most of the industry. Bread and eggs and assurance that he vegetables had to be produced rapidly acquiring. -and woe betide the Curate The Intelligence - Merchant on the day when he came back had told him of a prosperous empty-handed! No questions landowner who dwelt beyond were asked nor were expostula- a neck some distance off, and tions listened to, and the efficacy had further engaged himself of this method of training the not to let the Signalling-Officer young officer was ere long de- know. Flushed with hope, monstrated by its results. For therefore, and attended by his by dint of earnest application satellites, the Curate rode off and continued practice the towards the mountain gap Curate became a past - master which led into this promised in the art of foraging. land. Nor did he see aught to He learnt how to appraise cause him disappointment when by instinct the prospects of a he topped the rise and the homestead from afar, and his country beyond unrolled itself tact in cajoling the suspicious before his gaze. For he at and unfriendly local

descried substantial became a theme of eulogistic homestead embosomed amidst comment in the Column. It is luxuriant trees, and his trained true that in the execution of intelligence assured him that his office he sometimes came the goal he aimed for promised into collision with the Signal- more than well. While patches ling-Officer, who managed the of growing corn stamped the headquarters mess; but it is lord of the manor as a man of only fair to that illustrious progress, myriads of sheep at member of the Column staff large upon the hill - sides afto place it on record that, forded evidence that he was after he had in virtue of his furthermore a man of wealth, higher rank secured all that enclosures stretched away across he wanted at a farm, he the flats on one side to serve as never grudged to his harassed domain for solitary ostriches, junior anything that might and around the whole there happen to be left. Still the hung an unmistakable atmoCurate gained in confidence sphere of peace and plenty. from day to day.

He had Therefore in keen anticipation actually contrived to fore- of a productive foray the stall his rival from the head- Curate cantered forward gaily quarters mess on one or two to the outskirts of the cultioccasions, and had even been vated lands; then he drow rein



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and proceeded onwards at a was on her cheek. The mornmore deliberate pace.

ing sun was toying with her Luscious greenery was sooth- tawny tresses as they rippled ing to the eye after the ever- in the gentle breeze. Brocades lasting duns and purples of and cloth of gold do not always these sun-dried wilds. An become proud dames who grace avenue led through herbage the courts of kings, as her blotched with brilliant flowers simple light-grey frock became in the direction of the house. this winsome girl. Nor did she A neat plantation afforded show signs of any emotion welcome shade to the hot and other than a mild curiosity as dusty travellers, nor were there the martial cavalcade drew wanting in the surroundings of nigh to her with its stalwart this outpost of civilisation in leader riding, as was right and the rugged hills, indications fitting, a full horse's length in that suggested the touch of front. some cultured woman's hand. The Curate pulled himself The farm itself turned out to together. He was aware that be one of those one-storeyed, damsels of Dutch extraction buff - washed structures, fur- from up - country undergo in nished with an elevated stoep their teens a finishing process beneath & beetling brow of in the select seminaries of the thatoh, such as are typical of Paarl or Swellendam, His the architecture favoured by instinct told him that he had the Dutchman in South Africa. before him one of these, and Stables and sheds adjoined, and that in the absence of a cerebuildings of mud and cor- monious introduction it behoved rugated iron lay farther on him to observe all due formalifor the dependants. But it ties. He assumed therefore was not details such as these that pose of rigid discomfort that gripped the attention of which the beau sabreur adopts the Curate suddenly and when the occasion demands of brought him to a startled him to try to look his best. halt. For on the stoep, erect He dropped his heels and and fearless, there stood a turned his toes inwards till he dainty, fair - haired daughter felt a twinge of cramp. He of the Karoo, of some seventeen endeavoured to draw his summers, and the chivalrous stomach and the small of his Lancer's pulse beat hard and back in, at one and the same fast in anticipation of the time - à feat which no man

. coming interview.

has accomplished yet. Framed in the rough timber. With a graceful motion of the work which upheld the roof hand and head, at once and standing out in bold relief knightly, courteous, and deagainst the sombre shadows ferential, he applied the proper thrown within the stoep, she aids to urge his steed towards made a very charming picture. the lassie looking down upon The bloom of youth and health him from the stoep. Finally,

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