Mystical Dream Interpretation and Dictionary of Dream Symbols

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CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, May 18, 2016 - Dream interpretation - 166 pages

You will be amazed at what your dreams will reveal about your future.

An international best-selling author and the most respected dream expert working today brings to light tantalizing clues about the twists and turns your life can take. Unlock the hidden power of your own clairvoyance and interpret your dream symbols to know your destiny.

No one knows how to interpret the psychic significance of these nocturnal symbols better than Craig Hamilton-Parker, the celebrated author of The Hidden Meaning of Dreams, Unlock Your Secret Dreams, and other notable books. Find insight on the meaning of specific symbols; on issues like finances, relationships, and health; and on practices such as numerology, telepathy, and more.



In-Depth Guide to Mystical Dream Meanings
Accidents, Afterlife, Awareness of Loss, Animal Psychics, Animal Spirits, Animal Symbols, Banal Psychic Dreams, Biblical Prophecies, Birth, Buildings and Places, Clairvoyance, Coincidences and Synchronicity, Crystals, Death and Dying, Disasters, Dream Incubation, Extra Sensory Perception, Future Dreams, Guides and Gurus, Health and Healing, Hypnagogic and Hypnopompic Dreams, Intuition, Journeys, Lucid Dreams, Luck, Money, Mutual Dreams, Nature, Numerology, Numinous Dreams, Omens, Oneiromancy, Oracles, Oriental Dreams, Out-of-Body Experiences, Paralysis, Parapsychology, Past Lives, People, Precognition, Prediction, Prophecy, Protection, Psychic Attacks, Psychokinesis, Remote Viewing, Serialism, Skepticism, Soulmates, Spells, Success, Superstition, Symbolism, Telepathy, Time, Tribal Dream Interpretation, Unidentified Flying Objects, Unconscious Mind, Universal Mind, Wicca and Witchcraft, Work, World Events, Xenoglossy, Yoga Traditions, Zodiac.

A-Z Directory of Mystical Interpretations
600 more dream meanings - detailed dictionary of traditional and prophetic dream interpretations.

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