The Transactions of the Entomological Society of London

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Page 479 - At any rate they carry nothing away, but eat all their prey on the spot. It is their habit to march through the forests in a long regular line — a line about two inches broad and often several miles in length. All along this line are larger ants, who act as officers, stand outside the ranks, and keep this singular army in order.
Page 11 - President, two or more Vice-Presidents, Honorary Treasurer, Secretary, and not more than twenty-one elected Members of the Society.
Page 102 - London for 1862—63;' by the Publishers. ' The Journal of the Society of Arts' for November; by the Society.
Page 11 - CHAP. III. Management. The affairs of the Society shall be conducted by a Council, consisting of thirteen Members, to be chosen annually, four of whom shall not be re-eligible for the following year.
Page 12 - All officers, except secretary, treasurer, and auditor, shall be members of the corporation. 2. The duty of the president shall be to preside at the meetings of the corporation and of the directors; to exercise a general oversight of the affairs of the corporation; to execute the instructions of the directors, and to make such suggestions to them as he may deem desirable.
Page 471 - ... set than the others. Underside of the body smooth and shining. The legs are rather long, with the joints of the tarsi pitchybrown. Length -^ inch. Hab. Wagiou, Dorey and Mysol. In Mr. Wallace's collection and my own. This is one of the most beautiful species of the genus, and may at once be distinguished by the brilliant thorax, rich purple elytra, and the length of the spines at the apex of the elytra. I have named it after Mr. Wallace, to whom Entomologists are so much indebted for the discovery...
Page 74 - Vol. i., 3rd series. Part I., was on the table, ready for distribution among the members and subscribers. May 5, 1862. FREDEBICK SMITH, Esq., Presideut, in the chair. Donations. The following donations were announced, and thanks ordered to be given to the donors : — ' Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London,' Vol. vi. No. 22 ; presented by the Society. ' The Zoologist
Page 7 - Council, each for the term of three years. 3. All officers of the Society to be chosen at any election may be voted for on one ballot. CHAPTER VI. ANNUAL MEETING. 1. The annual meeting of the Society shall be held on the second Tuesday after the first day of January in each and every year hereafter, when the annual election of the officers of the Society shall take place ; and if, from any cause, there shall be a failure of the annual election at the time above designated for that purpose, the same...
Page xxxi - Five shall be a quorum. CHAP. IV. Officers. The Officers of the Society shall consist of a President; three Vice-Presidents ; a Treasurer ; two Secretaries ; and a Librarian.
Page 19 - The Proceedings of the Scientific Meetings of the Zoological Society of London, 1861,' Part ii.; presented by the Society. ' Proceedings of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Liverpool, during the Fifteenth Session, 1860-61,' No. xv.; by the Society. 'Proceedings of the Royal Society,

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