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The references designate the numbers of the quotations.

Abilities, the limits of our, 2. Admiration or friendship, 4600.
Ability, to conceal one's, 5.

or reverence, 4785.
to have more ambition than, 104. we must learn, 55.
A-borrowing goes a-sorrowing, 588. Admirably, none can teach, if not,
Abroad, saint, and a devil, 4038.

Absence, conspicuous by its, 10. Admire, always like those who, us,
I dote on his very, 11.

is not of matter, 9.

not always like those whom we,
Accident, the, of an accident, 4089.

Accidents, chapter of, 13.

Adulation is not of more service to,
rule men, 760.

Accusations, man's, of himself, 4951. Advantage, social and political, is
Ace, most coldest that ever turned opportunity, 3900.
up, 1960.

Adversaries, better to make friends
Acquaintance, decrease it

upon than, of a, 1717.
better, 3503.

Adversity, in, only the virtuous can
liberty of choosing one's, 15.

entertain hope, 2537.
Act on interest, 4485.

no education liké, 59.
no, is safe that does not, 33. Advertisements, art in writing, 63.
Acting, finest achievements in the in a newspaper are, 64.
world of, 24.

Advice, before giving, 65.
the moving picture of, 23.

but we mean approbation, 68.
Action, a single lovely, 32.

can never be very grateful, 75.
done to great purpose, 4554.

give, cannot give the wisdom, 77.
facility of, 37.

giving, 70.
human, gains in honor, 34.

good, 67.
in, how like an angel, 3483.

may give, but we, 72.
is but coarsened thought, 26. of a fool for once happen to be
suit the, to the word, 1191.

good, 1602.
the right outlet of emotion, 27. that is wanted is, 74.

weigh the glory of thy,with, 1342. to a self-conceited man, 78.
Actions of the last age, 29.

vanity, the apparentmotive of, 76.
thought runs before her, 5396. Affectation, contempt the punish.
Activity is contagious, 31.

ment of, 83.
spasms of, 5089.

necessary to the mind, 82.
Actor, enthusiasm which a great, Affection, founded upon virtue, 86.
excites, 40.

silence, the gratitude of, 5010.
Acts, great, and great eloquence, Affections are our life, 84.

gone hand in hand, 2266. Affliction may one day smile, 6168.
great, grow out of, 4483.

teacheth wicked to pray, pros.
Adam, fall of the first, was the end perity, 4427.
of the beginuing, 2878.

AMictions, other people's, 949.
rise of the second, was the be. Afternoon, multitude call the, 87.

ginning of the end, 2858. Age is a tyrant, 3862.
Admiration, charms made for dis. is in, the wit is out, 3866.
tant, 53.



happiness of
for one higher, 52.

youth, 2542.

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Age requires fit surroundings, 3853. American liberty is an, instinct, 3159

the, of recollection and narra. patriotism, 3960.
tive, 3855.

protection of, labor, 4315.
very, and body of the time, 5689. what I call the, idea, 1660.
will perform the promises of who reads an, book, 122.
youth, 3231.

Amiable weakness, 1972, 4053.
Ages, the work of, 172.

Amicably if they can, 5584.
Agonies, three supreme, in life, 89. Amity that wisdom knits not, 1911.
Agony, silent, in which the mind, Amusement, a principal, 128.

is, study, 127.
Agreements, differences and seeks, Amusements, contradiction, be-

tween, and humanity, 129.
Aims, laboring toward distant, 116. they keep people from vice, 130.
All, are, things to all men, 545. Anarchy, rights, should not be sub.
Almighty, the, Dollar, 3613.

verted by, 2143.
Alone, better to be, than, 4748. Ancestors have left all things, 138.
him that is never, 5130.

man who has, is, 131.
never less, than, 5128.

the glory of, 139.
never, that are accompanied, 805. wisdom of our, 132.

no man lives happily, 801. Ancestry, the true pride of, 134.
Ambition, a proud covetousness, 93. Angel, no evil, but love, 3357.

avarice on stilts and masked, 111. recording, as he wrote it down,
can creep, 91.

cured of, by ambition, 109. Angels, graves are the footprints of,
does not see the earth, 110.

enduring from youth to age, 90. Anger, a fierce and sudden flame,
fame, the sovereign, proud, 1513. 146.
generosity is often disguised, 114. a sinew of the soul, 145.
happy at home the, result of, 2491. continuance of, is hatred, 148.
has no rest, 95.

flame of, 147.
in cruel and savage bosoms, 100. hatred is a settled, 2376.
is, more heroic, than avarice, 103. helps complexion, 143.
is often the parent of virtues, 118. is a bow, 141.
is, proportioned to capacity, 107. is an expensive luxury, 144.
overtaken by calamity, 96.

must be allayed by cold words,
satisfies, 101.

the avarice of power, 98.

the greatest remedy for, is delay,
the greatest fomenter of envy,


when excessive, 150.
the largest, 113.

when it is long in coming, is,
the, inconsiderate of passions,


Angling, calm, quiet, innocent rec-
the shadow of a dream, 120.

reation than, 152.
to have more, than ability, 104. Another, you make yourself, 2623.
Ambitious, an, man must be a slave, Antagonist, critic is not the, so, 999.

is our helper, 3907.
Amen! of nature is always a flower, Anthems, hollaing and singing of,

say, betimes, 4435.

Antiquarian, a rugged being, 155.
America, element of civilization, Antiquity, make research into, 157.

Anti-Republican, surest bulwarks
most memorable epocha in the against, 4724.
history of, 2729.

Anvil, either a hammer or an, 2779.
Philistine principles in, 4021. Anxiety, inuch unnecessary, 159.
American, am an, 3633.

Anything, money, Paul, can do,
as I am an Englishman, 3976.

attempts to haul down the, flag, Apologies, account for that, do not

alter, 161.
cannot be an, statesman, 4302. Apology is only egotism wrong side
does not carry the, tlag, 3403.

out, 162.
goes to an, play, 122.

Apparel, fashion wears out more,
I live an, 3982.

than, 1526.
I was born an, 3982.

Appearances, first, are more deceit
liberties of the, colonies, 2204.

ful, 4326.



Appetite, man who rides out for an, | Art, great, is the type of strong and

noble life, 231.
Applause, contemporaneous, 166. great name in, goes but a little
the spur of noble minds, 165.

way, 256.
Apprehend, worse to, than to suffer, great workman in any, sees more

with, 272.
Apprehension, in, how like a god, has advantages of nature with.

out her shackles, 24.
Approbation, advice, but we mean, has its fanatics and even, 210.

have genius but wanting, 2019.
of others has, selfishness, 4945. in, a point of perfection, 4010.
April, men are, when they woo, in the study of nature, 197.

is, after nature, the only conso
Arabia will not sweeten this little lation, 225.
hand, 2327.

is a language, 275.
Archæology, the conservator of art, is a manly business, 252.

is a reality, 205.
Architect, greatest, is hope, 2540. is a revelation of man, 3763.
of his own fortune, 1632.

is a spiritual triumph, 198.
Architecture, a creation of, intellect, is higher than nations, 208.

is noble, 3808.
cannot remember without, 177. is positive, 215.
is frozen music, 179, note.

is power, 221.
the, of a nation, 176.

is the mirror of life, 207.
the work of nations, 175.

is the perfection of nature, 194.
Are, know what we, but know not is the revelation of man, 220.
what, 1952.

is the shadow of humanity, 214.
Argue, many can, not many, 910. is the supreme and final form
with, wiser than yourself, 183.

in, 222.
Argument, action, never can en- is the work of man, a mightier
force, 3917.

power, 204.
a knock-down, 181.

labor, in the palace of, 2986.
by dint of, 2962.

life is short and the, long, 4059.
the staple of his, 5945.

life, not long enough for, 3213.
Arguments, ear-kissing, 184.

many have genius, but, want-
Aristocracy is always cruel, 189.

ing, 260.
national, is, 185.

men of genius are more apt to
the, is the power between, 1&

feel, than, 209.
Aristocrat, nature, a ruthless, 3749. moderation in, 237.

the, amongst the a imals, 3462. must anchor in nature, 206.
Arms, I never would lay down my, my, comprehends all the others,

Army is, aggregation of details, 191. nature not at variance with, 194.
Art, all, is great and good and true, nature's above, 3774.
only, 228.

necessarily presupposes knowl.
alone supplies an enjoyment edge, 223.
which, 241.

nobie, is the expression of a
and nature are, harmoniously great soul, 234.
working, 220.

no good, unbeautiful, 247.
beauty's a coward, without, help of works of, they mould by con.
of, 130.

tact, 568.
cannot give, rules that make, piety, poetry, puseyisms in, 217.
art, 195.

point where, so nearly touches
conscious utterance of thought, nature as,

is, 200.

practical success in, comes from,
count by gold, and it fetters, 226. 246.
does not lie in copying nature,

repose, in, 233.

represents, truly, 229.
entire self-devotion, 199.

seeks popularity in, closes the
every work of, has, end or pur- door on, 264.
pose, 211.

selfishness in, 4931.
great, as it deceives, 196.

survives all changes, 245.
great, is the expression of a pure that gives to, its true power, 224.
soul, 232.

the contemplation of, 197.

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Art, the inmost secret of, 216. Audience, good talker, implies a

the lovers of, are many, but, 261. good, 5315.
the, of the wayside, 230.

Author, an, a solitary being, 302.
the right hand of nature, 243. and reader not always of a
the salvation of, 238.

mind, 320.
true, is opposed to pedantry, as long as the book exists, the,

cannot perish, 289.
true servant of, will ever be, 45. best part of, is found in his
unless quickened from above, book, 330,
and, 193.

choose our favorite, as, 315.
vision in, 235.

every, portrays himself in his
wit and, 248.

works, 308.
wit and, what power, 5855.

finest strokes of an, are, 993.
youth of, its inanhood, its old great, is a great reformer, 346.
age, 219.

give the, his due, 4591.
Artist, dips his brush in his own happy, below the care of repu.
soul, 251.

tation, 317.
function of the, 273.

hard for a new, to govern his
great, is the simplifier, 250.

ambition, 4293.
greatness of an, or a writer, 2744. hope, in the ear of a dramatic,
great pianist is a great, 3722.

is in, his inmost soul aglow, 262. more than wit, necessary to
is the fabled child of popular form an, 344.
legend, 257.

no, ever drew a character, 1560.
must look to his own industry, nothing more dreadful to an,

than, 336.
no, work is so high, 3656.

rarely that an, is hurt by his
simplicity of the, is, stumbling. critics, 3:28.
block, 266.

reputation as an, is, 327.
striving to actualize an idea, 263. the rival of the, 999.
the essence of an, is, 276.

who is a lover of books, 316.
the greatest, is he who, 259.

who speaks about his
the greatest, who has embodied, books, 304.

worst you can do to an, is, 339.
the one thing that marks the Authority without virtue is danger.
true, 258.

ous, 2885,
Artist's, cannot put an, day into the Author's, from an, book to his con.
life of any but an artist, 265.

versation, 321.
God and the, soul, 271.

Authors, all, are poets, 370.
the, sufficient reward, 254.

are lamps, 298
Arts, first rise and progress of the, are like privateers, 322.

are martyrs, 293.
Ashamed, man who is not, of him. a strange affectation in, 338.
self, 4957.

chief glory of every people
not be, of his early condition, arises from its, 331.

in general are stark mad, 347.
Aspiration sees only one side of promises of, are like, 334.
every question, 286.

reciprocal civility of, 335.
Ass, praise me, an make an, of, 4940. Authors' lives, strangely checkered
to write me down an, 827.

by vicissitudes, 349.
Association, the power of, 4391. Authorship, a royal priesthood, 371.
Astonishing things are done by or. as a vocation, 371.
dinary, 2002.

earning a livelihood by, 373.
Asylum, every, is the question mark, Autumn is Venice, 4878.

life to the pomp of, 5216.
Atheism, little philosophy inclineth magnificent, 374.
to, 4025,

the tint of, 375.
Atheist, an, it in no way alters obli. Avarice, a greater evil than any,
gations, 282.

found in poverty, 381.
Attempts, unsucessful, to spin the ambition is more heroic than,
flax God sends, 1451.

Attorneys, know some, of the name,

a uniform and tractable vice,

Audacity, success, the child of, 5222. gaming is the child of, 1956.

Avarice grinds a man, 377.

Beautiful, the, is beauty seen with,
is a universal passion, 385.

is not a social passion, 383.

the, is never plentiful, 406.
is the iniser's dream, 381.

the simple fact of being, 412.
opposed to economy, 390. Beauty, all, does not inspire love,
seldom flourishes at all, but in, 400.

alone confers happiness on all,
the parent of it, luxury, 378.

the vice of declining years, 376. always lies in a medium, 413.
Avaricious man, not satisfied with a property of the world of sense,
wealth, 391.

Aversion, nothing is stronger than, contrast increases the splendor

of, 418.

does its work, then drops, 403.
Babble, who practise not reflection, God's trademark in creation, 399.

honesty coupled to, is, 2509.
Babbled, and a', of green fields, 7386. human ... is the best of all,
Bachelor, I would die a, 3518.

Backing, plague upon such, 1910. in a modest woman, 401.
Backward, revolutions never go, in everything of God's doing,

Bad, but thinking makes it so, 3895. is as summer fruits, 397.

nothing either good or, but, 3065. is a welcome guest, 408.
Bag, with, and baggage, 4084.

is based on reason, 396.
Balance, holding the, of power, 4383. is never a delusion, 409.
Bald, on the hinder part of, head, is of itself a power, 428.

is part of the finished language,
Ballad, I love a, 3710,5043.

Ballads, a passion for, 394.

is the index of, 411.
permitied to make all the, 3068. makes the, of beauty, 2330.
Ballot, if you strike the, 2131.

mural, comprehends, 678.
Bargain, necessity never makes a of the fantastic or grotesque, 425.
good, 3783.

physical, 424.
Barkis is willin', 4051.

power of association is the
Barren, and cry, 'Tis all, 4020.

power of, 4391.
Battle, a day of, is a day of harvest, 's a coward, without, help of

art, 430.
a, lost, 5744.

the holy-day time of my, 3121.
a, won, 5744.

the possibility of, 4336.
few die well that die in a, 1111, the promise of the future, 5796.

has cut many a Gordian, 5719. there is in true, 402.
Battles, words are half, 5917.

the sensible image of the infi-
Bayonets, the bristle of, 5720.

nite, 398.
Be, be what you were meant to, the worship of, 426.

without expression, 405.
Beach, dote upon it- from the, 3838. Bed, accustomed to a silken, 3419.
Bear, savageness out of a, 5148.

gravity out of his, at midnight,
Beard, hair less, in his, 4500.

hath no, is less than a man, 395. Bed-fellows, misery acquaints with
he that hath a, is, 395.

strange, 3585.
Beasts to know their friends, 1761. Beer, felony to drink small, 1215.

transform ourselves into, 1219. Beersheba, travel from Dan to, 4020.
Beautiful, beautiful attracts the, Beggar, farmer's dog bark at a, 431.

for a jest, deserves to ie a, by,
if all things had been equally, 1711.

most independent, 2725.
in perfecting the, 429.

that I am, I am even poor, 5361.
is the most useful in art, 218. Beggars, any man that keeps, 867.
most, object, is a beautiful Beggary in the love that can be
woman, 5894.

reckoned, 3366.
nothing can be, which is not is valiant, 5598.
true, 4102.

Behavior is a mirror, 432.
rests on the foundations of, 407. Belief, when one's is firm, is not to
the good is the, 417.

be alone, 434,

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