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Without a doubt, the best resource out there for learning to maintain your djembe. I love the step by step instructions, the great diagrams, and the videos that show exactly how to rehead and tune a rope tuned djembe. This is a must have for any djembe owner. GREAT book.

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This is an excellent book and resource for anyone interested in djembe construction and reheading djembes from beginner to experienced drum builders. In this book you will find tips and information gained from years of drum building and reheading djembes. The title of the book says it all.
I have been reskinning djembes for a few years now and found the information Michi Henning has compiled from his personal experience and information he has collected over the years to be invaluable. It has definitely helped to add to my arsenal of skills that will lead to better more efficient ways of building djembes and reheading drums with better finish and build quality.
The instructional videos are a great way to transfer information and skills.
I do hope that this eBook will be updated or volume 2 written to include new techniques in putting together a djembe and mounting skins.
I wish it was available in other formats so that this valuable information would be made available to many other people who have an interest in djembe construction and reskinning djembes.
Paul Lau
Tugu Drum Circle,
Kuala Lumpur,

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Excellent, very detailed and well put together. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a master there is material everyone can learn from. Bravo Michi!

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