The True Story of DDT, PCB, and Dioxin

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Wydawnictwo Chemiczne, 2005 - DDT (Insecticide) - 226 pages

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Page 209 - Bosveld, B. Brunstrom, P. Cook, M. Feeley, JP Giesy, A. Hanberg, R. Hasegawa, SW Kennedy, T. Kubiak, JC Larsen, FX van Leeuwen, A. K.
Page 185 - ... potential in humans and wildlife is expressed as behavioral and physical abnormalities. It may be expressed as reduced intellectual capacity and social adaptability, as impaired responsiveness to environmental demands, or in a variety of other functional guises. Widespread loss of this...
Page 131 - The design of the experiment is inadequate to yield an answer to the question posed; the measuring techniques defy the laws of mechanics; the statistical methods are wrong; the results do not support the conclusions; the data reveal interference from unknown variables; they are...
Page 170 - These findings suggest that environmental chemical contamination with organochlorine residues may be an important etiologic factor in breast cancer.
Page 95 - Each arm is treated in turn. The nozzle of the spray is pushed between the skin of the arm and the clothing, and one pump sends a spray of powder all round the arm, armpit, and clothing The chest is treated by opening the clothing at the neck.
Page 31 - Fund, stated that in his opinion there are too many people, and "this is as good a way to get rid of them as any.
Page 95 - The gun is inserted in the top of the trousers, at the back, and the legs and clothing are disinfected The gun is inserted in the top of the trousers, at the...
Page 127 - Edwards recalls that ,,In Britain the war-time shooting of about 600 peregrines by the Air Ministry campaign of 1940-1945 (to protect carrier pigeons) reduced the raptors to half of the pre-war level [344].
Page 94 - The treatment consisted of the application by spray of DDT powder. Between 150 and 200 persons could be treated with 10 Ib. of DDT powder [25].
Page 127 - There is no close correlation between the decline in populations of predatory birds, particularly the peregrine falcon and the sparrow hawk, and the use of DDT."83 DDT was widely blamed for decimating peregrine falcon populations in many parts of the world.

About the author (2005)

Przemyslaw Mastalerz is university professor emeritus of organic chemistry and biochemistry at the Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland. His scientific interests include the chemistry and biochemistry of amino acid analogs cre-ated by replacement of COOH with PO3H2 group. His published papers received over 1,500 citations. He is also a single author sev-eral books published in Poland: three academic level organic chemistry textbooks, two text-books for high schools, and one popular book on ecological problems.

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