Journals of Two Expeditions of Discovery in North-West and Western Australia: During the Years 1837, 38, and 39, Under the Authority of Her Majesty's Government : Describing Many Newly Discovered, Important, and Fertile Districts, with Observations on the Moral and Physical Condition of the Aboriginal Inhabitants, &c. &c, Volume 1

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T. and W. Boone, 29, New Bond Street, 1841 - Aboriginal Australians - 412 pages
Many references to native paths & contacts with natives throughout volumes; v.l l837-38, p.71-72; Remains of native camps, beehive huts seen between High Bluff Point & Hanover Bay; p.106-107; Attack by natives near Prince Regent River; p.110-114; Large shell midden between Port George IV & Hanover Bay; gouty stem tree & its usefulness, pieces of sandstone found in branches; p.143-152; Clashes between natives & exploring party near Glenelg River; p.176; Upper Glenelg campsite, manufacture of stone spearheads, stone chipping area, bark beds around fire, type of oven, turtle eggs cooked; p.201-218; Discovery and description of Glenelg River cave paintings, note of profile of human head cut in sandstone rock; p.226-228; Near Mount Lyell - heaps of stones - presumed to be burial mounds; p.251-264; General comments on physical appearance (some light skinned), weapons, manufactures, huts in area; comparison of rock paintings on Chasm & Clacks Islands, York (near Swan River), legend concerning latter paintings; p.301-302; 1838; Contacts near Swan River, Grey taken as ghost of relative; p.377-8; Attack at Kolaina Plains. v.2, l839, (S.W. Australia, & Gascoyne River - Sharks Bay); p.11; Superior native wells and paths near Gantheaume Bay; p.64; Hill River - native storage of zamia nuts; p.207-388; Comparative word lists (approximately 30 words) of Swan River, King George Sound, Sydney, S.A.; laws of relationship, marriage & inheritance; kobong or totem, betrothal crimes & punishments, relative laws; treatment of aged, women; notes on birth, infanticide, intertribal etiquette, mourning; lists of foods, account of fishing & hunting techniques, cooking songs, reasons for singing and dancing; death, types of burial Perth, Vasse River, (information from Mr. Bussel), King George Sound (from Scott Nind); sorcerers, magic stones; influence of Europeans on natives, suggestions for civilizing them; Appendix (A) Genealogical list to show the manner in which a native family becomes divided.

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