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THE KITE RUNNER, Khaled Hosseini's debut novel, focuses on the relationship between two Afghan boys Amir, the novel's narrator and the son of a prosperous Kabul businessman, and Hassan, the son of Ali, a servant in the household of Amir's father. Amir is a Pashtun and Sunni Muslim, while Hassan is a Hazara and a Shi'a. Despite their ethnic and religious differences, Amir and Hassan grow to be ... Read full review

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User Review  - Julian G. -

A glimpse of a culture totally unknown to me from the perspective of a youngster, the ones most affected by the decisions of the elders. I have read many more books because of this one but this story will stand tall among them. Read full review

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I first heard about this Book in college from a friend and when I finally decided to pick this one up I had high expectation. And to the most extent my expectations were met, The character in the story are soo likeable that you fall in love immediately , Two little boys sharing a beautiful friendship beyond the boundaries of servant and master. How the world is a beautiful place if you subtract the war & the suffering one has to go through living in the world of war. Kabul is described not as a place but as a reference point to symbolize the tragedies of war , what existed before and what was left after. The story at its core is about a young boy named Amir he is the narrator of this heart breaking but beautiful tale.
A childhood incident with his friend and servant Hassan changed and shaped his life to a great extent.The father in the story is the force behind young Amir he gives him the drive to do better , to become better , he is fearless , honest and an honorable man.Life of Amir is of privilege he goes to school , he has servant to do all his work and his only concern is to live upto his father's expectations. On the other hand life of Hassan is different , he is this young boy who lives in awe of Amir , he lives to make Amir happy , he can never let down Amir.
The story is about people going through different stages of loss , there is loss of life , loss of trust , loss of home and family and the war is at the center of it all.
The Book makes me feel the pain of longing , by the end of it all we come to soo many conclusions but the most important one is to question the need of war?

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"For you a thousand times over" this qoute is stuck in my head even after years of reading this book.
This book so beautifully and simply touches over the topic of guilt and remorse, loyalty and
On his quest to undo a wrong done years back in his childhood, Amir goes in search of his childhood friends son...

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i read this book last year but its memory never skipped my was a novel that told me friendship and guilt never was an interesting book i faced the reality. it was about two friends ,one of them loses way but just catches the right string at the portrayed characters from different backgrounds - pashtun and hazara . it also shows mirror to the terrorism in Afghanistan . it also deals with some cute memories of childhood 

Review: The Kite Runner

User Review  - Samra Yousuf - Goodreads

The first chapter marked as December 2000 says “I became what I am today at the age of twelve; on a frigid overcast day in the winter of 1975. I remember the precise moment, crouching behind a ... Read full review

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Excellent read, just as good as the movie of the same name. Inspiring and thought provoking. Read full review


User Review  - cheriebd -

a good read. I recommend. Read full review

Wonderful Story

User Review  - amalina -

This is by far one of the best books I have read.Dont miss this read! Read full review

The Kite Runner

User Review  - Hombre Guapo -

Magnificent book! Second time reading this incredible work. Read full review

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