Ezekiel Cheever and some of his descendants. [Followed by] Appendix [of Cheever's poems].

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Page 18 - I remember once, in making a piece of Latin, my master found fault with the syntax of one word, which was not so used by me heedlessly, but designedly, and therefore I told him there was a plain grammar rule for it. He angrily replied, there was no such rule. I took the grammar and showed the rule to him. Then he smilingly said, ' Thou art a brave boy ; I had forgot it.
Page 24 - Dyed Leaning like Old Jacob, upon a Staff; the Sacrifice and the Righteousness of a Glorious CHRIST, he let us know, was the Golden Staff, which he Lean'd upon. He Dyed mourning for the Quick...
Page 27 - ... that Sapless Age you call, And of all Maladies the Hospital: The Second Nonage of the Soul; the Brain Cover'd with Cloud; the Body all in pain. To weak Old Age, you say, there must belong...
Page 16 - A work which was used for more than a century in the schools of New England, as the first elementary book for learners of the Latin language ; which held its place in some of the most eminent of those • schools, nearly, if not quite, to the end of the last century ; which has passed through at least twenty editions in this country ; which was the subject of the successive labor and improvement of a man who spent seventy years in the business of instruction, and whose fame is second to that of no...
Page 19 - twas a great Surprise to me, pleaded my inability for want of memory, Invention. Said doubted not of my ability ; would pray for me. I pleaded the Unsuitableness, because I was not of that Meeting. They almost took a denial. But said one would come to me next night. Time is near.
Page 19 - He received me with abundance of Affection, taking me by the Hand several times. He said the Afflictions of God's people, God by them did as a Goldsmith, Knock, knock, knock; knock, knock, Knock, to finish the plate: It was to perfect them not to punish them. I went & told Mr. Pemberton, who preached.
Page 28 - Hopes undo. < Dream not, that they who are to Learning slow, ' Will mend by Arguments in Ferio. ' Who keeps the Golden Fleece, Oh, let him not ' A Dragon be, tho' he Three Tongues have got. ' Why can you not to Learning find the way, < But thro' the Province of Severia ? • Twas Moderatus, who taught Origen ; ' A Youth which prov'd one of the Best of men.
Page 19 - Observing he suck'da piece of an Orange, put it orderly into his mouth and chew'd it, and then took out the core. After dinner I carried a few of the best Figs I could get and a dish Marmalet. I spake not to him now.
Page 27 - Thoughts Above concern'd for Us, We can't but hear him dart his Wishes, thus. 'TUTORS, Be Strict; But yet be Gentle too: ' Don't by fierce Cruelties fair Hopes undo. ' Dream not, that they who are to Learning slow, 'Will mend by Arguments in Ferio. 'Who keeps the Golden Fleece, Oh, let him...
Page 33 - They came to New England in the " Mary Ann" of Yarmouth, William Goose, master. On the 15th day of 9th mo. 1637, the General Court of Massachusetts " gave 40' to M™ Ames, the widow of Doctor Ames, of famos memory, who is deceased." She had also a grant of land in Salem in that year. They lived first in Salem, but soon removed to Cambridge, Mass., where the mother died and was buried 23d 10 mo. 1644. William, the son, graduated at Harvard College in 1645, but soon returned to England, and became...

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