The Female Spectator, Volume 3

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Page 263 - There wanted yet the master-work, the end Of all yet done; a creature, who, not prone And brute, as other creatures, but endued With sanctity of reason, might erect His stature, and upright, with front serene, Govern the rest, self-knowing; and from thence Magnanimous, to correspond with heaven...
Page 212 - tis hard to know How long we please it shall continue so ; This side to-day, and that to-morrow burns; So all are God a'mighties in their turns. A tempting doctrine, plausible and new...
Page 11 - Heaven takes thee at thy word, without regard, And lets thee poorly be thy own reward. The world is made for the bold impious man, Who stops at nothing, seizes all he can. Justice to merit does weak aid afford ; She trusts her balance, and neglects her sword. Virtue is nice to take what's not her own ; And, while she long consults, the prize is gone.
Page 131 - The sable troops, along the narrow tracks, Scarce bear the weighty burden on their backs : Some set their shoulders to the ponderous grain ; Some guard the spoil ; some lash the lagging train ; All ply their several tasks, and equal toil sustain.
Page 5 - Good name in man or woman Is the immediate jewel of their souls.
Page 45 - First vegetive, then feels, and reasons last; Rich of Three Souls, and lives all three to waste. Some thus; but thousands more in Flow'r of Age: For few arrive to run the latter Stage. Sunk in the first, in Battel some are slain, 1080 And others whelm'd beneath the stormy Main.
Page 263 - But grateful to acknowledge whence his good Defcends, thither with heart and voice and eyes Directed in Devotion, to adore And worfhip God...
Page 173 - Dissensions, like small streams, are first begun, Scarce seen they rise, but gather as they run : So lines that from their parallel decline, More they proceed, the more they still disjoin. Tis therefore my advice, in haste we send, And beg the Faculty to be our friend...
Page 211 - Look round, how Providence bestows alike Sunshine and rain, to bless the fruitful year, On different nations, all of different faiths: And (though by several names and titles worBDJp'd) Heaven takes the various tribute of their praise ; Since all agree to own, at least to mean, One best, one greatest, only Lord of all.
Page 153 - Nor can I by any means approve of compelling young Ladies of Fortune to make so much Use of the Needle, as they did in former Days, and some few continue to...

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