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A.S. P. C.L. Cavil. You do not well in obftinacy to cavil in the course of this contract I Henry vi. 5 5 56911412 You cavil, widow; I did mean my queen

3 Henry vi. 3 2 618156 Cavilling. Let's fight it out, and not stand cavilling thus

Ibid. 1

1 6042 43 Cauldron of witches, ingredients in

Macbctb. 4) 1 377 157 Cause. As thy cause is right, so be thy fortune in this royal fight

Richard i. 1 3 41612141 Our cause the best, then reason wills, our hearts should be as good 2 Henry iv. 4

1 49411/29 But if the cause be not good, the king himself hath a heavy reckoning to make

Henry v. 4 152812123 No cause! Thy father New my father; therefore, die

3 Henry vi. 1 3 6072 19 Thou wast the cause, and most accurs’d effect

Ricbard iii. I 21 636211 A strange tongue makes my cause more strange

Henry vir. 3 1 686-54 Put your main caufe into the king's protection

Ibid.3) 1687 1 49 The rest Mall bear the business in some other fight as caufe shall be obey'd

Cori.1 61 710111 3 All cause unborn

Ibid.31 172012| 7 Say that I wish he never find more cause to change a master Ant. and Cloop. 41 51 79231 And to my fortunes and the people's favour, commit my cause in ballance to be weigh'd

Timon of Athens.

1 8321 32 Bring him away; mine's not an idle cause

Orbello. 1 21046247 It is the cause, it is the cause my soul

Ibid. 5 211075|2|33 Causer. Bettering thy loss, makes the bad causer worse

Ricbard 1:1. 4) 4660 51 Caurel No soil, nor cautel, doth besmirch the virtue of his will

Hamle. 1 361004156 Cautelous. Or be caught with cautelous baits and pra&ice

Coriolanus. 4 726/2118 Swear priests, and cowards, and men cautelous

Julius Cæfar. 2 1 748115 Cauterizing. For each true word a blister, and each false be as a cauterizing to the root o the tongue

Timon of Athens. 51 3 827 112 Cawder. Thane of Cawdor

Macbetb. 1 2 36411133 All hail, Macbeth! hail to thee, Thane of Cawdor

Ibid. 1 3) 3641249 He bade me, from him, call thee Thane of Cawdor

Ibid. 1 36521 4 C:arments. But tell, why thy canoniz'd bones, hearsed in death, have burft their ccarments

Kamiet. 1

411006137 Cease to persuade

2 Gent. of Verona. 1 23 11 4 Both suffer under this complaint we bring, and both shall cease, without your remedy

All's Well. 51 31 304116 Fall and cease

Lear. 51 31 96511131 The cease of majesty dies not alone

Hamlet. 3) 3 1022245 Importune him for my monies; be not ceas'd with flight denial Tim. of Aibens. 2 1809 2 46 Cedar.. Thus yields the cedar to the axe's edge

3 Henry vi. 5 1 629-30 He fall flourish, and, like a mountain cedar, reach his branches to all the plains about him

Henry viii. 51 4 702213 Celerity. Hence hath offence his quick celerity

Measure for Measure. 4. 2 94/2/21 is never more admir'd than by the negligent

Ant. and Clesp. 3) 7 785|220 Celeftiul. Give me thy hand terrestrial, 10 ;-give me thy hand celestial, fo

Merry Wives of Wind. 3

582153 Celia. D. P.

As You Like I..)

223 Celleridge. You hear this fellow in the celleridge

Hamlet. 1 5.10082 3 Coment. Your temples burned in their cement

Coriolanus. 41 6 7312123 Cenfer. I'll tell thee what, thou thin man in a censer

2 Henry iv. 51 4 5052136 Cenfor. Like to a censor in a barber's top

Tam. Of the Shrew. 3 2711140 Cenfure. Fain would mine eyes be witness with mine ears to give their ceniure to these rare reports

i Henry vi. 2 3) 551 2135 If you do cenfure me by what you were, not what you are


570121 2 Madam, the king is old enough to give his censure

2 Henry vi. 1 3 576135 Say you consent and censure well the deed

Ibid.? 5852 53 Will you go to give your censures in this weighty business

Richard in.2 21 6461229 And no discerner durft wag his tongue in censure

Henry viii.

1) 6721129 Forgetting, like a good mar, your late censure both of his truth and him Ibid. 3 1 6871 14 Until their greater pleasures first be known that are to censure them Lear. 51 3 962 1 37 Take each man's cenfure, but reserve thy judgment

Hamlet. 1 3'10051 He is, that he is; I may not breathe my censure

Orbelle. + 1,1070116 To you, lord governor, remains the censure of this hellinh villain

Ibid. 5 2 10792152 Conjured. Whole equality by our best eyes cannot be censured

King Jobm. - 2 393 2127 I may be cenfur'd, that nature thus gives way to loyalty

Lear.31 5 94912 44 Cenfurers. Malicious censurers; which ever, as ravenous fishes, do a vesiel follow that is new trimm'd

Henry viii! 2 6751135



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A. S. P. C.L.
Centaurs. The battle of the Centaurs, to be sung by an Athenian cunuch to the harp

Mid. Night's Dream. 5
More stern and bloody than the Centaur's feast

Titus Andronicus. 5) 21 853224
Down from the waist they are Centaurs, though women all above


-141 Center. The center is not big enough to bear a school-boy's top

Winter's Tale. 1 3392155 The heavens themselves, the planets, and this center, observe degree, priority, and place

Trcilus and Crafj.da. 1 31 862 2.12 Turn back, duil earth, and find thy center out

Rome. and Julier.2 1957 | 7 Centines. The fixed centinels almost receive the secret whispers of each other's watch

Henry v. 4. cb 52612 57 Centuries. If I do send, dispatch those centuries to our aid

Coriolarus. 1 71 71011119 Century of prayers

Cymbeline. 4 21 91812152 Cerberus. Nay rather damn them with king Cerberus

2 Henry iv. 241 485 140 And fell asleep, as Cerberus at the Thracian poet's feet

Titus Ardronicus. 121 51 84112/24 Thou art as full of envy at his greatness, as Cerberus is at Proserpina's beauty

Troilus and Crellida 2 1865|233 Cerecloth. It were too gross to rib her cerecloth in the obscure grave Mer. of Venice. 271 2062 50 Ceremonies. After many ceremonies done, he calls for wine Taming of ibe Shrew.31 2 266147 His ceremonies laid by, in his nakedness he appears but a man

Herry v. 4 15281153 Disrobe the images, if you find them deck'd with ceremonies Julius Cajar. 11 742 1123 Quite from the main opinion he held once of fantasy, of dreams, and ceremonies 10. 2 748 2133 Cæfar, I never stood on ceremonies, yet now they fright me

Ibid. 2 2 7501137 Ceremonious. Then let us take a ceremonious leave

Richard ii. 1 416234 Your highness is not entertain’d with that ceremonious affection as you were wont

Lear.11 41 93511153 Ceremonisusly let us prepare some welcome for the mistress of the house Mereb.of Verice. 51 21912113 Ceremony. Wanted the modeity to urge the thing held as a ceremony

221 116 The sauce to meat is ceremony

Dlacbeth. 31 41 3751225 And what art thou, thou idol ceremony? what kind of god art thou Herry v. 4 5291217 Neither will they bate one jot of ceremony

Coriolanus. 2 7161130
Was but devis'd at first to let a glors on faint deeds

Timon of
Ceres. Spirit, D. P.

address to

162.43 Hanging his head at Ceres' plenteous load

2 Henry vi. 1 574 1112 Certair. If money were as certain as your waiting, 'twere sure enough T. of Asbens.131 41 8152 Ceries The did; the kitchen-veítal scorned you

Comedy of Errors. 41 41 1152 For, Certes, says he, I have already chosen my officer

0:bello. I

1104324 Cefs. The poor jade is wrung in the withers out of all cess

i Henry iv.2 11 448112 Céace. I am out of breath, in this fond chace

Midt. Night's Dream. 2 3) 18211155 Tell him he hath a match made with such a wrangler, that all the courts of France will be disturbed with chaces

Henry v. 1 5131214 Hold, Warwick, seek thee out some other chace

2 Henry vi..

601214 Cbafe. My husband will not rejoice so much at the abuse of Falstaff, as he will chafe at the doctor's marrying my daughter

Merry Wives of Wind.15) 3) 7111115 I chafe you, if I tarry; let me go

Taming of the Strew. 2 12621136 Fain would I go to chase his paly lips

2 Hon. vi. 3 21 5881133 How this Herculean Roman does become the carriage of his chafe

Ant. ard

3 771146 Do not chafe thee, cousin

Truil. and Cre): 45 8931-33 Clafd. Being once chafid, he cannot be rein'd again to temperance Coriolanus. 31 31 7242 +7

And Helen so hluth'd and Paris so chaf’d, and all the reit so laughid Tr. and Cup 2 860121 6 Claff. How much honour picked from the chaff and ruin of the times Mer. af Venice. 2 91 208112 We are the grains, you are the musiy chaff

Coriolanus. 51 733 1 40 and bran

Treil, and Credila
Cbafilejs. But the gods made you, unlike all others, chafness

Cymbelire. 71 900253
Chafing. The troubled Tyber chafing with his shores

Julius Cafar. 21 743131 Cbair. I'll provide you a chain

Merry Woof Windjir. 51 7011143 The chain will I bestow upon minc hostess there

Comecy of Errors.

TIC 21 5 An' if you give it her, the devil will make her chain, and fright us with it 1111.14 3 114-159 His speech was like a tangled chain; nothing impair'd but all disordered

Mid. Night's Driam. 5 1193 1160 Go, fir, rub your chain with crumbs

Tct::b Nhb:.

31 315225 Othou day o' the world, chain mine arm'd neck

Antony avid C.p.4 81 793110 Clairs of order

Merry W.of Vi inc'forss

7112 54 This chair shall be my itate

i Henryiv.21 41 455 123 4 Ft


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A. S. P. C.L. Chair. Is the chair empty? is the sword unsway'd

Richard iii.141 41 66312158 Cbair-days. And, in thy reverence, and thy chair-days thus to die in ruffian battle 2 H. vi.5 2 6012 46 Chalice. This, even handed justice commends the ingredients of our poison'd chalice to our own lips

Macberb. 1 7 368): 9 Take away these chalices

Merry W. of Windsor.13 5 63215 Chalic'd flowers

Cymbeline. 2 3/ 90212 43 Chalks. Being not propt by ancestry (whose grace chalks successors their way) H. vir. 11 11 6722 11 Cballenge. With grey hairs, and bruise of many days, do challenge thee to trial of a man

Much Ado About Noth. 51 1 14112 43 God bless me from a challenge

Ibid. 5) 1 1422 11 Claudio undergoes my challenge

Ibid. 5) 2 14412 40 Sir Toby's directions to Sir Andrew for writing the challenge Twelfth Nigbr. 312 3211242 Here's the challenge, read it; I warrant, there's vinegar and pepper in't Ibid. 31 41 32419 I am a subject and challenge law

Richard 1.2342511151 - given by Henry Prince of Wales to Harry Percy of single fight i Henry iv. 15) 1 4682 7 I never in my life did hear a challenge urg'd more modestly

Ibid. 5) 21 469157 All her perfections challenge sovereignty

3 Henry vi.(3) 2 618143 I challenge nothing but my dukedom

Ibid.41 71 626 27 And whosoe er gainsays king Edward's right, by this I challenge him to fingle fight

Ibid.41 76271 13 And make my challenge you Thall not be my judge

Henry viii. 21 41 68412 30 I have a roising challenge fent amongit the dull and factious nobles of the Greeks

Trci. and Cres2

2] 8682) 8 That we our largest bounty may extend where nature doth with merit challenge Lear. 1 Il 9301 7 of Edmund proclaim’d by the herald

Ibid. 5 31 96312 12 Challergers. Why, 'tis a boisterous and a cruel stile, a stile for challengers As You Like It. 41 3 244116 Cham. Fetch you a hair off the great Cham's beard

Much Ado Alout Norbing. 12

1271241 Chambers. I hope, the days are near at hand when Chambers will be safe Macbeth. 51 41 38412152 To venture upon the charg'd chambers bravely

2 Henry iv.12 Welcome, sweet prince, to London, to your chamber

Ricbard iii. 3) 1 658121 Chamber'd. Even in the best blood chamber'd in his bofom

Richard ii. 1 1 415 8 Chamberers. For 1 am black, and have not those soft parts of conversation that chamberers have

Oibe!!c. 31 31062127 Chamber-lie breeds feas like a loach

1 Henry iv. 2 Chamber-pot. And, in roaring for a chamber-pot, dismiss the controversy bleeding Cor. 2 171222$ Chamber-window. You shall see her chamber-window enter'd, even the night before her wedding-day

Much Ado About Nothing. 3 2 133244 Chamberlains. His two chamberlains, will I with wine and waffel so convince Macb. 1 7 368/2123 Cbamberlain. D. P. i llenry iv. p. 441

Lord. D. P. Herry vii.

671 Champ, Richard du

Cymbeline. 41 2 9181233 Champ eins. With shadowy forests and with champains rich'd

Lear. I

19301/22 Champians. Day-light and champian discovers not more

Twelfth Night.2 51 319)1132 Champion. Thus your own proper wisdom brings in the champion honour on my part

All's Well.141 2 296 2131 To heaven the widow's champion and defence

Richard u.u Why then the champions are prepar'd, and stay for nothing but his majesty's approach

Ibid. 1 31 416/1141 Marshal, demand of yonder champion the cause of his arrival here in arms Ibid. 1 31 4161/47 His champions are the prophets and apostles

2 Herry vi.lil 3 575 218 I can produce a champion, that will prove what is avouched there

Lear. 51 9612 29 Chance. Not of this country though my chance is now to use it for my time M. for Meal: 31 2 An there be any matter of weight chances

Much Ado about Nerking: 31 3 13412 36 So we profefs ourselves to be the slaves of chance

Winter's Tale. 4) 3 354 260 If chance will have me king, why chance may crown me, without my stir Macbeth. 1 31 36512 47 Brother take thou my land, I'll take my chance

K. Jobr.

1 38951116 And summ'd the account of chance, before you said, let us make head 2 Hen. iv. I Il 47512

3 - Common chances common men could bear

Coriolanus. 141 1 726228 you Whether defect of judgment, to fail in the disposing of those chances which he was lord of

Ibid. 41 71 73212/42 In our sports, my better cunning fails under his chance

Ant. and Cleopo 21 31 77730 I'll yet follow the wounded chance of Antony

Ibid. 31 8 786 2150 Pr’ythee, go hence; or I shall shew the cinders of my spirits through the ashes of my chance

Ibid. 5 2 80011156 Bring us to him and chance it as it may

Tim. of Athens.!5) 31 8271112


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21 6122144



A, S. P. C.L. Chance. In the reproof of chance lies the true proof of men Troilus and Crefida. 11 31 86211111 Think what a chance thou changest on

Cymbeline. 1

6 8981238 It is a chance that does redeem all sorrows

Lear.151 31 9651133 Ah, what an unkind hour is guilty of this lamentable chance Romeo and Juliet. 51 31 996156 Cbanc'd. Tell us what hath chanc'd to-day, that Cæsar looks so fad Julius Cæjar. 1 2 7441 32 Cbanges. But the changes I perceiv'd in the king and Camillo were very notes of admiration

Winter's Tale. 5 2 3601 14 - And kiss the lips of unacquainted change

K. Joon. 31 41 4012 30 In his own change or by his officers

Jul. Cafar. 41 27581 59 - 0! that I knew this husband, which you say must change his horns with garland

Ant. and Cleopo 11 2 768146 The miserable change, now at my end, lament nor forrow at Antony and Cleopatra. 413) 797|||11 You see how full of changes his age is

Lear. 1 1 93221 She hath not seen the change of fourteen years

Romeo and Juliet. I 2 9701119 of vexation

Orbello. 1 1104447 What is it that they do, when they change us for others

Ibid. 4) 3.107312149 Cbanged. O Bottom thou art chang'd, what do I see on thee Mid. Night's Dr. 3 1 18411131 Changeful potency

Troil. and Crep 41 41 880228 Changeling. She never had so sweet a changeling

Mid. Night's Dream. 2 1 179128 It was told me I should be rich by the fairies: this is some changling Winter's Tale. 3) 3 3471216 Tell the king she's a changeling, and none of your flesh and blood

Ibid. 41 31 45655 His nature in that's no changeling

Cori lanus. 41 71 73212 12 The changeling never known

Hamlet. 5) 21037|224 Changeft. Think what a chance thou changest on

Cymbeline. : 6 89812 38 Changing-piece. Go, give that changing-piece to him that flourish'd for her with his sword

Titus Andronicus. I 2 8341217 Cbannel. No more sall trenching war channel her fields

i Henry iv. 1

1 441124 As if a channel should be called the sea

3 Henry vi. 2 He'll turn your current in a ditch and make your channel his

Coriolanus.3 11 7201 26

Hamlet. 2 Chanson. The first row of the pious Chanson will thew you more

2 10141220 Cbanticleer. The strain of strutting chanticleer

Tempeft. 1
My lungs began to crow like chanticleer

As You Like It. 2 7 23212125 Cbaos. Like to a chaos, or an unlick'd bear-whelp

3 Henry vi. 3) 2 618 263 This chaos, when degree is suffocate, follows the choaking Troil. and Credit 3) 8621253 Mithapen chaos of well-seeming forms

Rom. and Jul. 1 1 9691162 And when I love thee not, Chaos is come again

Olbello. 31 310601

149 Chapels. If to do, were as easy as to know what were good to do, chapels had been churches, and poor men's cottages princes' palaces

Mer. of Venice. 1 2 19911157 Chaplet. On old Hyems' chin, and icy çrown, an odorous chaplet of sweet summer buds, is as in mockery set

Mid. Night's Dream. 2

21 180119 Cowpmen. Beauty is bought by judgment of the eye, not utter'd by base sale of chapmen's tongues

Love's Lab. Loft.2 1 152 121 You do as chapmen do, dispraise the thing that you defire to buy Troil. and Crep]: 41 1 878 1156 Chaps. Open your chaps again

Tempeft. 212

11154 Then 'would thou hadít a pair of chaps no more

Ant. and Cleop. 31 51 784130 My frosty signs and chaps of age grave witnesses of true experience Tit. Andron. 51 31 8542 Charakter. There is a kind of character in thy life, that, to the observer doth thy history fully unfold

Meas. for Meal: 1 76112 There lie: and there thy character

Winter's Tale. 31 31 3461237 I paint him in the character

Curiolanus.151 41 7371146 0, learn'd indeed were that astronomer, that know the stars, as I his characters Cym. 3 2907 21.5 You know the character to be your brother's

Lear. 1 29331143

Ibid. 12
Ay, though you did produce my very character

939/2 36 And these few precepts in thy memory look thou character

Homlet. 1 3 100412148 Charaéierless.

Troilo and Cre]:13 2 8741 56 Charaktery. Fairies use flowers for their charactery

M. W. of Wind. 5 5 72119 All my engagements I will construe to thee, all the charactery of my sad brows

Jul. Cæfar. 21 1 749|241 Characts. So may Angelo, in all his dressing characts, titles, forms, be an arch villain

Meal. for Meal: 511 981156 Cbarber.. Young Charbon the Puritan, and old Poysam the Papist

All's Wdl. I 3) 2811/16 Cbares. And commanded by such poor passion as the maid that milks and does the meanest chares

Ant. and Clcup. 4.13 7972 10 When thou hast done this charc, I'll give thee leave to play till doum's-day Ibid.1521 soilil19



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A.S. P. C. L.
Charge. You mall find it a great charge

Merry Wives of Windsor. 41 5012151
You embrace your charge tvo willingly

Mucb Ada 16. Nork. I 1222 II
Give them their charge

Ilid.31 3 134 1/16
- to watchmen

Ibid. 31 31 13434
Sir, it is a charge too heavy for my strength

All's Well. 31 31 291 245
You, fir, charge him too coldly

Winter's Tale. I 2 334143
For I have about me here many parcels of charge

Ibid 41 31 352128
They have a great ch.rge

i Henry iv.12

1 4481219
Every leader to his charge

Ibid. 51 1 46812/29
Or nicely charge your understanding foul with opening titles miscreate Henry v. 1 2 5111 36
And, upon this charge, cry-God for Harry! England! and Saint George Ibid. 3 1 520121
and give no foot of ground

3 Henry vi. 4 6072146
Limit each leader to his several charge

Ricbard in. 51 31 6652150
And give away the benefit of our levies, answering us with our own charge Cor. 5) 5 738 2 14
Things unluckily charge my fantasy

Jul. Cæfar. 3 3 75729
I am weary of this charge

Timon of Aibens. 3 4 815237
If feep charge nature, to break it with a fearful dream of him

Cymbeline. 31 4909|2|29
The letter was not nice but full of charge, of dear import Romeo and Juliet. 5 2 9942 44
Charge-bouse. Do you not educate youth at the charge-house on the top of the moun-

Love's Lab. Lei. 5 1 1651151
Cbarged. What a sigh is there? the heart is forely charg'd

Macbeth. 5 I 3832 8
My soul is too much charg'd with blood of thine already

Ibid. 517 386128
Cbargeful fashion

Comedy of Errors. 4. 2 1122/31
Cbarges. Bid our commanders lead our charges off

Jul. Cafar. 41 21 758 2 45
Cbarieft. The chariest maid is prodigal enough, if the unmask her beauty to the moon

Hamlet. I

3 1004/2/21
Cbariness. I will consent to act any villainy against him that may not fully the chari-
ness of our honesty

Merry Wives of Windscr.12 5224
Cbarivt. Her chariot is an empty hazel-nut, made by the joiner squirrel, or old grub

Romeo and Juliet. 4 9722 37
Cbar iry. 'Twere good you do so much for charity

Meribant of Venice. 41 12171|1s
And charity chas'd hence by rancour's hand

2 Henry vi.

My charity is outrage, life my shame

Ribard iii. 1 3 640129
We have done deeds of charity; made peace of enmity, fair love of hate

Ibid. 2
My learned lord Cardinal, deliver all with charity

Herry vin. 21 675/2 48
By Gis and by St. Charity

Hamle:. 41 51029||| 3
Cbarlemain. Nay, to give great Charlemain a pen in his hand, and write to her a love

All's Will. 2 1 2832142
Charles, D.P.

As You Like It. 223
Sixth, king of France. D. P.

Henry v. 509
Dauphin of France. D. P.

1 Herry vi. 543
Charles'-wain is over the new chimney

i Henry iv. 2 1 4481

Charm to sleep

Tempeft. 4155
Cbarms crack not

Ibid. 5) 1
She works by charms, by spells, by the figure and such daubery Merry Woof Wird. 41 2

67 1117
Yet is this no charm for the tooth-ach

Much Ado About Nob. 3
Churl, upon thy eyes, I throw all the power this charm doth owe Mid. Night's Dr.2 3 18242
I will charm him first to keep his tongue

Taming of ibe Sbrew. 1 1 257

6 For a charm of powerful trouble, like a hell-broth boil and bubble Macberb. 4

6 Peace, wilful boy, or I will charm your tongue

3 Hemy vi. 5 3 6302153
Have done thy charm, thou hateful wither'd hag

Richard 1.1 31 639 247
And that have prevailed upon my body with their hellish charms

65211 53
I chiarm you by my once commended beauty

Jul. Cæfar.2 7492I
When I am reveng'd upon my charm, I have done all

Ant. and Cleop. 4 10 794114
O this false foul of Ægypt! this grave charm

Ibid. 4 10 754124
againīt the Epialtes

Lear. 3. 4) 949 114
Are they not charms, by which the property of youth and maidhood may be abus'd

Charmian. D. P.

Ant. and Cleep.
Cearned. I bear a charmed life which must not yield to one of woman born Macbeth. 517 3862 37

I, in mine own wce charm’d, could not find death, where I did hear him groan Cym. 5 31 92112
Charmer. She was a chariner, and could atmost read the thoughts of people O bello. 3. 4.10631 47
Charming the narrow seas to give you gentle pass

Henry v.21cb 514140
Now help ye charining spells and periaps

i Herry vi. 5 41 56512148


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1 104.52 11


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