Australia as it is: Its Settlements, Farms, and Gold Fields, Volume 2

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Page 306 - ... bear upon the subject of her volumes, and from them has resulted a narrative interesting to all, and more particularly interesting to that portion of the community to whom the more refined researches of literature afford pleasure and instruction. The whole work should be read, and no doubt will be read, by all who are anxious for information. It is a lucid arrangement of facts, derived from authentic sources, exhibiting a combination of industry, learning, judgment, and impartiality, not often...
Page 316 - Burke has here given us the most curious incidents, the most stirring tales, and the most remarkable circumstances connected with the histories, public and private, of our noble houses and aristocratic families, and has put them into a shape which will preserve them in the library, and render them the favourite study of those who are interested in the romance of real life. These stories, with all the reality of established fact, read with as much spirit as the tales of Boccacio, and are as full of...
Page 314 - A more interesting work has not issued from the press for many years. It is in truth a complete Boswell sketch of the greatest diplomatist of the age.
Page 313 - HISTORIC SCENES. By AGNES STRICKLAND. Author of " Lives of the Queens of England," &c. 1 vol., post 8vo, elegantly bound, with Portrait of the Author, 10s. 6d. " This attractive volume is replete with interest. Like Miss Strickland's former works, it will be found, we doubt not, in the hands of youthful branches of a family, as well as in those of their parents, to all and each of whom it cannot fail to be alike amusing and instructive.
Page 319 - United Service Gazette. LADY LISTER KAYE'S BRITISH HOMES AND FOREIGN WANDERINGS. 2 vols., post 8vo, 10s. bound. " Unrivalled as these volumes are, considered as portfolios of aristocratic sketches, they are not less interesting on account of the romantic history with which the sketches are interwoven.
Page 306 - Miss Strickland has made a very judicious use of many authentic MS. authorities not previously collected, and the result is a most interesting addition to our biographical library.
Page 316 - In 1 vol., with Portrait, 6s. bound. " We are glad to see that the finest work of Disraeli has been sent out in the same shape as those of Dickens Bulwer, and other of our best novelists, at such a price as to place them within the reach of the most moderate means. ' Coningsby ' has passed from the popularity of a season to an enduring reputation as a standard work. It is a valuable contribution to popular literature.
Page 312 - MADAME CAMPAN'S MEMOIRS OF THE COURT OF MARIE ANTOINETTE. Cheaper Edition, 2 vols. 8vo, with Portraits, price only 12s. — The same in French, 7s. " We have seldom perused so entertaining a work. It is as a mirror of the most splendid Court in Europe, at a time when the monarchy had not been shorn of any of its beams, that it is particularly worthy of attention.
Page 306 - We have related the parentage of every queen, described her education, traced the influence of family connexions and national habits on her conduct, both public and private, and given a concise outline of the domestic, as well as the general history of her times, and its effects on her character, and we have done so with singleness of heart, unbiassed by selfish interests or narrow views. Such as they were in life we have endeavoured to portray them, both in good and ill, without regard to any other...
Page 315 - A work abounding in the romance of real life." — Messenger. "A book of marvellous revelations, establishing beyond all doubt the perfect innocence of the beautiful, highly-gifted, and inhumanly-treated Sophia Dorothea.

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