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"When I was little, the great mystery to me wasn't how babies were made, but why." Unlike her friends and classmates, who were interested in the mechanics of baby making, "I paid attention to different details. Like why some mothers only had one child, while others seemed to multiply before your eyes … Now that I am thirteen, these distinctions are only more complicated [for me] … I was born for ... Read full review

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what maudlin crap...poorly stars

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This novel was poignant and well-written, and incredibly deep. I read it and then immediately read the novel The Lost Daughter by Daralyse Lyons and I have to say that Lyons' novel eclipses Picoult. The two works are really very similar stories of sisters being entrusted with each other's lives. And yet Lyons' work, The Lost Daughter broke my heart even as it gave me hope. I found this book hopeless on the other hand and was let down by the ending 

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My Sister's Keeper tells the devastating, age-old story of a family struggling to stay together as tragedy and personal decisions forces them apart. Anna Fitzgerald is a 13 year old girl who was concieved at birth as a perfect genetic match through IVF to serve as a donor for her cancer stricken, 16 year old sister, Kate. As the donor procedures wear heavy on Anna she reaches her breaking point when she is asked to forfeit a kidney to Kate. Unknown to her family, Anna hires a lawyer and files for medical emancipation and the rights to her own body. As one sister slips away from this unforgiving, unpridictable life, another fights for her chance to live free. Through page-turning side stories and each character's personal point of views, My Sister's Keeper promises a novel of emotions and life lessons. This novel guarantees a quick, whilrwind of a read with no holds bar comedy and tragedy. Everyone can learn something from this story and no one will be disappointed. My Sister's Keeper is the ultimate story of struggle, triumph, and love. 

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As the tragic and suspenseful information expressed throughout the lines of this book engulfed my mind into this story, new information and diverse views of characters educated my mind about the many possible obstacles of life. This book kept my eyes wide awake through the hours of the night, allowed my mind to be amused by the many actions of the foiling characters, and stimulated tears to drip out of my eyes as the culminating moments of this book progressed.
The story of a young girl being diagnosed with a terminal illness at a young age opened my eyes to the many ways that a life could change in an extremely short duration of time. This book illustrates the overwhelming lives of a family consisting of a girl named Kate, who was diagnosed with leukemia. As the story progresses, an intriguing plot of the many complications of this family keep the reader flipping hundreds of pages in single sittings. Many emotional connections are made with these characters, and allow the reader to understand the reality of the situation of the Fitzgerald family. Reading as the characters become closer to one another amuses every reader, and is able to touch within the deepness of many hearts.
This book should definitely be read by any reader who enjoys a book in which they will deeply fall in love with, and will remember for a life time. The hardships of this family really open the eyes of many, and allow them to look at life through the lens of a struggling family filled with love and compassion for a terminally ill young girl.

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this is one of my fav. books of all time! i love how you can read the story from all the different characters points of view. there is going to be a movie made out of it, and its coming out his year! im so excited.

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this is the best book i have ever read. you need to read it as soon as possible.

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wow. this is quite possibly the best book i've ever read. i literally sat on the floor and bawled for ten minutes when i finished it. i'm very excited for the movie, but i hope there's not as much language. that's the only part of the book that i didn't like (esp. the abundance of the "f" word). this is a great book, just beware of language 

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A medical legal ethical thriller with a dramatic ending that in the unlikely event the reader falls asleep while reading this well thought out and emotionally wrenching novel will jolt him/her awake like doubleshot of expresso.
Provocative, the subject matter is not only timely but can only get more so as medical technologies advances faster than our ability to ethically consider their full, long range ramifications.

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After awhile I could not put the book down. The ending was completely unexpected. Read full review

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