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AMAZING! What a fantastic novel!! Words can't convey how much I enjoyed Sara and Adam's story! Where can I start...
The characters: fabulous! The way that Henderson has created them and then
developed them is phenomenal and really well written. I immediately fell in love with Sara and Adam. They're a couple that bring out the best in each other and you can't help but root for them. I was crying alongside them throughout the novel and cheering for them as the book came to a close. I was so sad to finish this book, I went and re-read it! Adam is so sweet and Sara has just the right amounts of strength and vulnerability!
The plot: fascinating! Henderson wove together the story so well with a few unexpected twists and turns. It was super interesting and gripping. I normally don't enjoy romantic suspense because it's just too... well... suspenseful. Henderson's novels are one of the few suspense novels that I truly enjoy! Henderson manages to weave in faith elements very realistically and her topics always make me think. I've read the whole O'Malley series more than three times, but I have to say that 'Danger in the Shadows' is actually my favourite!! If you haven't read this novel, you have no idea what you're missing out on!! I give this novel 7 out of 5 stars!!!
(sorry for using so many exclamation marks... that's how good this novel was!!!)

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I enjoyed this book very much. I have read the whole O’Malley series I found them to be a very smooth read. I have to travel back and forth from the doctor and it is a 3hr drive. My husband and I are listening to the O'Malley on cd's it is a nice way to break up the drive.

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