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the organization of a permanent Educational Association; and also, the propriety of making arrangements for holding a Normal Institute, next August, for the benefit of the Teachers of the three counties.

In addition to the discussion of these important measures, there will be addresses, essays, etc., on other subjects.

T. H. HERDMAN, Com. of Pub.

Ohio Editorial Convention,

The fourth annual meeting of the Ohio Editorial Association, will be held at Mansfield, on the 150th anniversary of Franklin's birth-day, January 15th, 1857.

The Convention will meet at 10 o'clock on the 15th, and will hold its sessions during two days.

Public exercises on the evening of the 15th. A poem by Metta V. Victor, of Sandusky ; an oration by H. L. Hosmer of Toledo; a discourse on Chas. Hammond, by W. T. Coggeshall, of Columbus; a discourse on Moses Dawson, by W. B. Thrall, of Columbus.

Ample arrangements will be made by the members of the Press in Mansfield, and it is expected that the Editorial fraternity of the State will be fully represented.

S. MEDARY, President. J. H. BAKER, Sec’y. COLUMBUS, Dec. 8th, 1856.


SEPTEMBER, 1856. DEAR SIR: The Faculty of the Ohio University, wishing to procure for preservation, future reference and triennial publication, a complete and accurate Catalogue of the Alumni and Officers of the University, are constrained to call upon the Alumni and other friends of the Institution, for much of the requisite data. It is hoped the Alumni and Officers will, as soon as convenient, furnish all available data concerning themselves, their classmates and others.

The Catalogue will be published on the first Wednesday in August, 1857, OR which day (commencement) a general meeting of the Alumni is expected. Let all communications be addressed to

W. H. YOUNG, Sec. Faculty O. U.

McNeely Normal School.

Teachers and other friends of Education, who have given pledges to the Endowment Fund of the McNeely Normal School, will please notice that the second installment, of 10 per cent. on said pledges, will be due on or before the first of January, 1857. It is important that the respective amounts be forwarded at once to the subscriber, at Mt. Pleasant, Jefferson Co., 0., or arrangements made for paying the same, at the annual meeting of the State Teachers' Association, to be held at Columbus, the 30th and 31st instant.

GEO. K. JENKINS, MT. PLEASANT, Dec. 7th, 1856.



Ohio Journal of Education.



The ninth annual meeting of The Ohio State Teachers' Association was held in Derby's Hall, in Columbus, Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec. 30th and 31st, 1856.

Rev. A. Smyth, President of the Association, called the Association to order at 10 o'clock, A. M.; prayer was offered by Rev. Dr. Hall, of Denison University.

On motion of John Hancock, Dr. Catlin, of Richland, J. K. Parker, of Clermont, and M. S. Turrill, of Hamilton, were chosen assistant secretaries.

Mr. Hancock, chairman of the Executive Committee, announced the following order of business ; namely:


1. Enrollment of Delegates.

2. Address by Rev. W. 8. Kennedy, of Sandusky, at 11 o'clock, A. M.

3. Matter proposed for the action of the Association by the President. 4. Address by W. T. Coggeshall, Esq., at 3 o'clock.

5. Report of Executive Committee on the best method of conducting the "Journal” for the ensuing year.

The Association then proceeded to the enrollment of delegates.

Mr. J. D. Caldwell presented replies from the following railroad Companies of the State, agreeing to return members of the Association free, who had paid full fare over their roads to Columbus, viz :

Columbus, Piqua & Indiana R. R. Co.; Eaton & Hamilton ; Dayton & Michigan; Dayton, Xenia & Belpre ; Little Miami, Columbus & Xenia ; Ohio & Mississippi ; Marietta & Cincinnati & Hillsbor

Vol. VI.-No. 2.


ough ; Sandusky, Mansfield & Newark; Bellefontaine & Indiana ; Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton ; Mad River & Lake Erie ; Steubenville & Indiana ; Cin., Wilmington & Zanesville.

The following R. R. Companies declined this proposed arrangement,

yiz :

Columbus & Cleveland R. R. Co.; Cleveland, Painesville & Ashtabula. Co.

Prof. F. Merrick then offered the following resolution, which was adopted :

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed to report upon the best means to correct the sentiment which extensively prevails in our schools, and especially in the higher institutions, which regards it as dishonorable for a student to report to an instructor the misdemeanors of fellow students, or give testimony against thein when called upon.

The Chair appointed Prof. Merrick, Pres. Hitchcock, A. D. Lord, Wm. Carter, J. H. Drew.

Hon. Horace Mann spoke of the habits of using intoxicating liquors, profane language, and tobacco, in schools and colleges, and moved that a committee be appointed to report upon the subject. The motion prevailed.

The Chair appointed Hon. Horace Mann, Hon. H. H. Barney, Prof. Marsh, Prof. Young, G. E. Howe.

Mr. L. A. Hine, of Clermont, offered the following resolution : Resolved, that the State Teachers' Association request the legislature to so amend the school law, that High Schools may be organized in such districts as may be convenient, without regard to township or county lines.

Mr. Hine spoke in favor of the resolution ; explaining its purpose, and bearing upon certain districts; after which the Association referred it to the following committee upon amendments to the School Law, namely: L. A. Hine, H. H. Barney, M. F. Cowdery, A. B. West, J. J. Janney, A. Holbrook, John Ogden.

At eleven o'clock the Association listened to an address from the Rev. W. S. Kennedy, of Sandusky, in which he spoke particularly of the estimation in which the Teacher's profession is held by the community; of the lofty aim of the devoted life Teacher ; of the dangers besetting the Common School system, and the necessity of some higher institutions to carry out and complete the Common School course.

On motion of Mr. John D. Caldwell, the Association adjourned to meet at 21 o'clock, P. M.


Pres. Smyth called the Association to order at 21 o'clock. E. E. White, of Portsmouth moved that a committee be appointed to minate officers for the ensuing year. The motion carried, and the Chair appointed E. E. White, C. Nason, T. W. Harvey, S. S. Cotton, E. D. Kingsley

The following resolution was offered by Dr. Catlin, of Mansfield, and adopted :

Resolved, That this Association recommend to Boards of Education, locaj School Directors, and Teachers, throughout the State, to take the proper meas: ures to see that the Bible is daily used in the public schools under their charge.

During the discussion of the resolution, the President referred the As sociation to a decision of the School Commissioner, published in the April number of the Journal.

A communication was received from Dr. A. D. Lord, Supt. of the Asylum for the Blind, inviting the members of the Association to visit the Institution under his charge ; the invitation was accepted, with the thanks of the Association. E. E. White moved that a committee be appointed to report on courses of study for Graded Schools ; carried. The Chair appointed H. H. Barney, Rev. A. Duncan, C. Rogers, D. E. Wells, Thomas McCartney.

The following resolution, offered by L. A. Hine, was referred to the committee on "Amendments to the School Law :

Resolved, That the Legislature be requested to restore the “Library Clause" of the School Law.

G. W. Hulick, of Clermont, offered the following:

Resolved, That a committee he appointed to take into consideration the best method to be pursued by School Examiners in the examination of Teachers.

Adopted. Cbair appointed G. W. Hulick, A. J. Rickoff, S. N. Sanford, J. Hopley, E. W. Lenderson, Wm. Moony, A. Schuyler.

At 3 o'clock the Association was addressed by W. T. Coggeshall, Esq., who gave a review of the history of "The Common School movement in Ohio ;” giving the names, and dwelling at length upon the public acts of those men who always stood firm in their support of Free Schools, Ephraim Cutler, Nathan Guilford, and Samuel Lewis; and urged their claims upon the lasting gratitude of every citizen of the State.

The President called Mr. Caldwell, first Vice President, to the chair, when Mr. Hancock submitted the report of the Executive Committee on the best method of conducting the Journal for the ensuing year.

Mr. Hancock said : The committee bave entertained two propositions, and as entire unanimity of opinion did not prevail, they have concluded to lay the two propositions before the Association for their decision.

1. The Teachers of Cincinnati have proposed, provided the Association will consent to the removal of the Journal to their city, to undertake its editorial management for a sum not to exceed $500 per annum.

The other proposition is to continue the publication in Columbus, as heretofore, and to employ some competent man who sball spend his whole time in editing it, and in traveling through the State, and by lecturing and other means, promoting its circulation. Laid on the table till Wednesday A. M.

On motion of J. Ogden, the comunittee appointed to report on "The Workings of Normal Schools, in this and other countries,” was discharged, and a new committee appointed. Chair appointed J. Ogden, J. Hopley, J. Hancock, Dr. Catlin, J. P. Ellinwood.

Prof. Young offered the following resolution, which was adopted :

Resolved, That a commitee of three be appointed to report measures for the formation of a Western Common School Teachers' Association.

Chair appointed Prof. Young, A. J. Rickoff, M. F. Cowdery.

J. Hopley moved that the President appoint an Auditing committee of three, to audit all accounts of the Association, and furnish printed copies of report for the use of the members. The motion was warmly discussed by Messrs. Hopley, Hancock, Marsh and Rolfe. S. N. Sanford moved that the whole subject be laid upon the table and made the special order for Wednesday, 10 A. M. Carried.

The Association adjourned till 7 o'clock in the evening.


Pres. Smyth called the Association to order at 7 o'clock.

Mr. Hancock spoke of the importance of the Association doing something to make the working of the present school system more effective in the rural districts.

The following resolution, offered by Mr. J. A. Garfield, of Portage, was adopted :

Resolved, That a committee be appointed to report at the next meeting, upon the plan of requiring scholars to report their own conduct.

Chair appointed Messrs. Garfield, Page, Forrest, Kinney and Selby.

At 7} o'clock, the President introduced the Rev. James B. Walker, of Mansfield, who delivered an address upon Moral Culture.

(NOTE.- Comment is unnecessary, as the lecture will probably appear in the Journal.-Sec.)

Mr. Caldwell offered the following, which was adopted : Resolved, That the hearty thanks of the Association be tendered to Messre. Kennedy, Coggeshall and Walker, for the valuable addresses delivered by them this day.

The Association adjourned to meet on Wednesday at 9 o'clock, A.M.


Vice President John D. Caldwell, of Cincinnati, called the Associar.

border at 9 o'clock, and read an invitation from J. B. Earnshaw

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