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- During the past month, the people of Athens voted a tax of $5,000 towards completing the Union School Building at that place. This makes $14,000 appropriated for the ground and building. In view of the hard times, heavy railroad subscriptions, and the size of the village, this speaks volumes for the present enterprise and future prosperity of the Athenians. Although considerable effort was made to get up an opposition, the vote stood five to one for the tax,

- The attention of the Ohio State Teachers' Association is invited to the important suggestions contained in the article on “County Common School Superintendents,” in this number. If this be a measure of true economy to the working of schools in the State, the subject is worthy of immediate action by the General Assembly.

KEEP TO YOUR CALLING.—Bishop Grosteste, of Lincoln, told his brother, who asked him to make him a great man—“Brother," said he, “if your plow is broken, I'll pay the mending of it; or if an ox is dead, I'll pay for another ; but a plowman I found you, and a plowman I'll

i leave you."

Boards of Examiners may profit by this example in leaving some applicants where they find them.

McGUFFEY's New ECLECTIC READERS are having great and justly merited popularity among intelligent Teachers. Published by W. B. Smith & Co., Cin. cinnati.


The next annual meeting of this Association will be held in the city of Columbus, Tuesday and Wednesday, December 29 and 30, 1857.

The evening address will be delivered by Hon. Anson Smyth, State Commis. sioner of Common Schools. Hon. Judge Whitman is also expected to deliver an address. A number of reports on subjects of interest will be presented for discussion during the session.

As the business brought forward at this meeting must, of necessity, be of vital importance to the welfare and future usefulness of the Association, it is hoped that every live Teacher in the State will be present, and take an active part in devising and perfecting measures for forwarding the educational cause The help of every one is needed, and, if we would not lose all that has been already gained, it must be freely rendered. Let there then be such a gathering of the friends of sound instruction as will make the meeting a pleasant and profitable one.


Ch'n Ex. Com. 0. S. T. A.


The Ohio Phonetic Association will hold its annual meeting in Columbus, on the evening of the 30th and on the 31st of December.

Rev. Jas. P. Stuart, Prof. of Languages in Urbana University, will deliver an address on the evening of the 30th. Subject-"The Advantage of Phonetics in Study of Words."

An address by A. D. Lord, M. D., Pres’t of the Association, and reports from Committees, may also be expected.


Ch'n Ex. Committee. HURON, Nov. 1857.

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