The history of France: (Ancient Gaul)

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Harper & brothers, 1860 - France - 495 pages
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Page 205 - WE are what suns and winds and waters make us; The mountains are our sponsors, and the rills Fashion and win their nursling with their smiles. But where the land is dim from tyranny, There tiny pleasures occupy the place Of glories and of duties; as the feet Of fabled faeries when the sun goes down Trip o'er the grass where wrestlers strove by day.
Page 493 - Pro Deo amur et pro christian poblo et nostro commun salvament, d'ist di in avant, in quant Deus savir et podir me dunat, si salvarai eo cist meon fradre Karlo, et in adjudha et in cadhuna cosa, si cum om per dreit son fradra salvar dist, in o quid il mi altresi fazet ; et ab Ludher nul plaid nunquam prindrai , qui, meon vol, cist meon fradre Karle in damno sit.
Page 493 - Godes minna ind in thes christianes folches ind unser bedhero gehaltnissi, fon thesemo dage frammordes, so fram so mir Got geuuizci indi mahd furgibit, so...
Page 204 - We are what suns, and winds, and waters make us ; The mountains are our sponsors, and the rills Fashion and win their nurslings with their smiles.
Page 327 - Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked shall I return; the Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.
Page 493 - Karlo iurat, conservat, et Karlus meos sendra de suo part non los tanit, si io returnar non Tint pois: ne io ne neuls, cui eo returnar int pois, in nulla aiudha contra Lodhuuig nun li iv er.
Page 464 - The legislature, indeed, appears to have required the adhesion of the people to these additions more expressly than to the other parts of the law ; thus, in 803, the year in which the additions to the Salic law were made, we find Charlemagne issuing the following direction to his missi : " Let the people be interrogated touching the articles which have recently been added to the law ; and after they have all consented to them, let them affix to the said articles their signature in confirmation.
Page 210 - For some considerable (it cannot but be an '•"""•'• undefinable) part of the three first centuries, the Church of Rome, and most, if not all the churches of the West, were, if we may so speak, Greek religious colonies.
Page 114 - The walls covered with the decrees of the legislature, engraved on bronze, or sculptured on marble ; the triumphal arches, crowned by the statues of the princes who governed the province from the distant Quirinal ; the tesselated floor, pictured with the mythology of the State, whose sovereign was its pontiff — all contributed to act upon the feelings of the people, and to impress them with respect and submission. The conquered shared in the fame, and were exalted by the splendour of the victors."...
Page 47 - ... encroached upon them, gradually receded to take a last refuge in the island of Mona. There were associated with them a class of female Druids who were supposed to possess the arts of magic. Their worship consisted of frantic nocturnal dances, or more abandoned rites, recalling the...

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