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schools, prepared for the New England history teachers' association, by its committee, Ray Green Huling, Wilson Ryder Butler (and others). 1910.


Ohio. Bureau of labor statistics. 34th annual report, 1909.


Ovington, Mary W. Half a man; the status of

the negro in New York; with a foreword by Dr. Franz Boas. 1911.


Mazzini, and other essays. 1910. 301.L77m

The essay entitled “Emerson's wit and humor" was first published in the Forum.

Cont.:- Mazzini, prophet of action.-A day with William Morris.-Emerson's wit and humor.-Sir Harry Vane.—Some Dutch notions.-Free speech and assemblage.--The scholar in contemporary practical questions. - Is personal development the best social policy?-No mean city.-Index. Lombroso, C. Crime, its causes and remedies;

tr. by Henry P. Horton; with an introdby Maurice Parmelee. (Modern criminal sci. ser.) 1911.

364.L83c Lombroso-Ferrero, Gina. Criminal man, accord

ing to the classification of Cesare Lombroso briefly summarized by his daughter Gina Lombroso-Ferrero; with an introd. by Cesare Lombroso. (Science ser.) 1911.

364.L832c Loyd, W. H. The early courts of Pennsylvania.

(l'niv. of Penn. Law school ser. no. 2.) 1910.


Pankhurst, E. Sylvia. The suffragette; the

history of the women's militant suffrage movement, 1905-1910. Br. 2.


Parsons, T. Laws of business for all the states

and territories of the Union and the Dominion of Canada with forms and directions for all transactions and abstracts of the laws of all the states and territories on various topics ... New enl. ed., rev. to date, with valuable fresh chapters on recent business legislation. 1911 [c. 1878-1909]. Br. 2, 5.


McConnell, J. P. Negroes and their treatment in Virginia from 1865 to 1867. (c. 1910).


McGovern, J. Hospitality; mine host, from

the time of Babyon to the age of the aeroplane. [c. 1910].

394.M17h McKechnie, W. S. The reform of the House of

lords, with a criticism of the report of the Select committee of 2nd December, 1908. 1909.


Poor, H. V. Poor's ready reference bond list

(ed. of January, 1905); containing all important facts required by investors, bond experts, bankers and others relative to the bonded indebtedness, interest charges, etc. of the leading railroad systems in the United States....A supplement to Poor's manual of railroads. 5th annual compilation. [c. 1905).


Price, G. M. Tenement-house inspector, 2d ed.,

rev, and improved; a text book for civil service candidates for the positions of tenement-house inspector and clerk, also, for sanitary and building inspectors, including answers to all questions given in previous examinations, written for the “Chief;" journal of the civil service. 1910.


Mallock, W. H. The nation as a business firm;

an attempt to cut a path through jungle. 1910.

330.M29n Cont.:-1. What is attempted in this volume.-2. Examination of the arch illusion, being an historical survey of the income of the poorer classes from the beginning of the nineteenth century up to the present time.3. The distribution of the national income today.-4. The economic origins of the respective incomes of the various classes of the population.-5. Certain of the estimates given in the preceding sections re-examined.—6. Reviews and summaries. Marriott, J. A. R. English political institutions;

an introductory study. 1910. 354.M35e New England history teachers' association. An

outline for the study of American civil government, with special reference to training for citizenship, for in secondary

Putnam, Mrs. Emil J. (Smith). The lady; stud

ies of certain significant phases of her history. 1910.


Ralston, J. H. International arbitral law and

procedure; being a résumé of the procedure and practice of international commissions, and including the views of arbitrators upon questions arising under the law of nations. 1910.



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Silburn, P. A. B. The governance of empire. Map. 1910.


Simpson, B. L., pseud. B. L. Putnam Weale. The

conflict of colour; the threatened upheaval throughout the world. 1910. 327.S440

“Chiefly a protest and a warning against Great Britain's Eastern policy as indicated in part by the Japanese alliance."

Spencer, H. Descriptive sociology. no. 9, 10. 1910. 2v.

301.862 Cont.:-no. 9. Chinese; comp. and abstracted upon the plan organized by Herbert Spencer, by E. T. C. Werner; ed. by Henry R. Tedder.--10. Greeks: Hellenic era; comp. and abstracted upon the plan organized by Herbert Spencer, by J. P. Mahaffy and W. A. Gologher; ed. by Henry R. Tedder,

United States. Adjutant-general. Official army register, 1911.

U'S,6A2A7 Census, Bureau of the the. Bulletin 109-111. 1910, 1911. 3v.

US3C3B Cont.:--Bulletin 109. 13th census of the United States, 1910. Population by states and territories.--110. Supply and distribution of cotton, year ending Aug. 31, 1910.-111. Cotton production and statistics of cottonseed products, 1910. Civil service commission. 27th annual report, 1910.

US.9C47 Commerce and labor, Department of. Report of the secretary and report of bureaus, 1910.

US.93 Comptroller of the currency. The nationalbank act as amended and other laws relating to national banks, 1911. U'S.2C8X3 Congress. 61st cong. Statutes at large (v. 36.] Mar. 1909 to Mar. 1911.


Taft, W. H. Presidential addresses and state

papers. v. 1. From March 4, 1909 to March 4, 1910.



62d cong., 1st sess. Official congressional directory, May, 1911.

R3.7C77 Congressional record. v. 4, 5. (61st cong. 3d sess. 1910-1911.)

US.A6d Journals of the Continental congress, 1774-1789; ed. from the original records in the Library of Congress by Gaillard Hunt. v. 17, 18; 1780, May 8-Dec. 29, 1910. 2v.

US.9L5J6 District of Columbia. Annual report of the commissioners, 1909. V. 4. Report of the board of education.

US.901 1910. v. 1. Report of commissioners.Miscellaneous report.

US.9D1 Interior, Department of the. Reports, 1910. Administrative reports. 2v.

US.3 Decisions in cases relating to the public lands. v. 39, Jun. 1, 1910-Mar. 31, 1911.

US.3L2D3 Internal revenue, Commissioner of. Internalrevenue laws in force Mar. 4, 1911. Compilation of 1911.

US.216L21 Interstate commerce commission. Classification of expenditures for additions and betterments as prescribed by the Interstate commerce commission for steam roads... effective Jul. 1, 1909.

US.316CSa Classification of expenditures for road and equipment of electric railways as prescribed by the Interstate commerce commission. 1908.

US.316CEe Classification of operating expenses of electric railways as prescribed by the Interstate commerce commission ... 1908.

US.316CEO Classification of revenues and expenses for outside operations, as prescribed by the Interstate commerce commission for steam roads ... effective Jul. 1, 1908. US.316CSre

Accounting bulletin, no. 1. Decisions upon questions raised under classifications classifications prescribed by the Interstate commission ... effective Jul. 1, 1908.

US.316C bulletin no. 3. Decisions upon questions raised under classifications prescribed by the Interstate commerce commission for express companies ...effective Sept. 1, 1909.

US.316CExd Decisions upon questions raised under classifications prescribed by the Interstate commerce commission for electric railways ... effective May 1, 1910. US.316CEd

Manufactures, Bureau of, Monthly consular and trade reports, Jun., 1910, m. 357.

US.93M3Ca Statistics, Bureau of. Dept. of commerce and labor. The foreign commerce and navigation of the United States, year ending Jun. 30, 1910.

US.9387C73 Monthly summary of commerce and finance of the United States. Jul. 1909– Jun. 1910.

US.9387C7 Statistical abstract of the United States, 1910.

US.938787 Uyehara, G. E. The political development of

Japan, 1867-1909. (Studies in economics

and political science.) 1910. 342.52U9p Wilcox, D. F. Municipal franchises; a descrip

tion of the terms and conditions upon which private corporations enjoy special privi. leges in the streets of American cities. V. 2. Transportation franchises. Taxation and

control of public utilities. 1911. 352.W63m Younghusband, F. E. India and Tibet; a history

of the relations which have subsisted between the two countries from the time of Warren Hastings to 1910; with a particular account of the mission to Lhasa of 1904. Maps and illus. 1910.


Yule, G. U. An introduction to the theory of

statistics. 53 figures and diagrams. (Griffin's scientic ser.) (1911).


Education. (Including Religious education.)

Bagley, W. C. Craftsmanship in teaching. 1911. Br. 1.

371.B1408 Cont.: - Craftsmanship in teaching.-Optimism in teaching.—How may we promote the efficiency of the teaching force?-The test of efficiency in supervision.-The supervisor and the teacher.-Education and utility.-The scientific spirit in education.—The possibility of training children to study.-A plea for the definite in education.-Science as related to the teaching of literature.--The new attitude toward drill.--The ideal teacher.

Burstall, Sara A., and Douglas, M. A., ed. Pub

lic schools for girls; a series of papers on their history, aims, and schemes of study by members of the Association of head mistresses. 1911.

376.B94p Foster, W. T. Administration of the college curriculum. [c. 1911].


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Adams, W. S. An investigation of the rotation

period of the sun by spectroscopic methods, by Walter S. Adams, assisted by Jennie B. Lasby. (Carnegie inst. of Wash. Pub. no. 138.) 1911.

523.7A2i "Papers of the Mount Wilson solar observatory, v. 1, pt. 1.".

Groser, H. G. The book of animals; an album

of natural history; with coloured pl. prepared from special paintings by A. Scott Rankin, and numerous black and white illus. by Stanley L. Wood, Frederic Burton, George Rankin, Colbron Pearse, A. Scott Rankin, and others. 1911. j591.5G89b The book of birds; an album of natural history; with coloured pl. prepared from special paintings by George Rankin, and numerous black and white illus. by Scott Rankin, Colbron Pearse, Cecil Scruby, Watson Charlton, and photographs by W. Sydney Berridge. 1911.


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Haddon, A. C., and Quiggin, A. H. History of

anthropology. (History of the sciences.) 1910.


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