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United States Gazette of Boston under the title of The United States Review and Literary Gazette, Mr. Bryant still continued as the New York editor of the new publication, Mr. James G. Carter being the Boston editor.

Bryant's contributions to these periodicals will be found in the Chronology of his Poems.

1826. Miscellaneous Poems | Selected from the United States Literary Gazette. | Boston : Cummings, Hilliard & Company, I and Harrison Gray. | 1826. Collation : 18mo, pp. 172. Title as above. Copyright on verso,

January 2, 1826. Advertisement, unpaged, verso blank.
Contents, pp. i-iv. Text, pp. 1–172.

1828. The Talisman for 1828, 1829, 1830. Published by Elam Bliss, Broadway, New York.

This work was published as an Annual in three 12mo vols., with numerous illustrations by prominent American artists. Collation: The Talisman, 1828. 12mo, pp. 288. Engraved

frontispiece. False title-page engraved. Title-page. Certificate of copyright on verso, dated 1827. Preface, pp. iii-x, signed Francis Herbert, a nom de guerre for R. C. Sands, dated New York, December 1, 1827. Contents, unpaged. List of embellishments, unpaged. Two embellishments, unpaged. Etruscan antiquities, vase of

flowers. Text, pp. 1–288. This publication was the joint production of G. C. Verplanck, W. C. Bryant, and Robert C. Sands. Bryant's contributions for 1828 were: A Scene on the Banks of the Hudson, The Hurricane, sonnet-William Tell, The Legend of the Devil's Pulpit, The Close of Autumn, and The Cascade of Melsingah.

1829. The Talisman, 1829, 12mo, pp. 342. Bryant's contributions for 1829 were : Recollections of the South of Spain, Mori Romance, To the Past, Lament of Romero, Story of the Island of Cuba, The Greek Boy, The Hunter's Serenade, Reminiscences of New York.

1830. The Talisman, 1830, 12mo, pp. 358.

Bryant's contributions for 1830 were: To the Evening Wind, The Indian Spring, Love and Folly, The Whirlwind, songWhen the Firmament quivers with Daylight's Young Beam, The Siesta, song-Innocent Child and Snow-white Flower, To the River Arve, Early Spanish Poetry, Eva, The Alcayde of Molina, The Death of Aliatar, Phanette des Gantelmes, The Marriage Blunder, To Cole the Painter, on his departure for Europe, Reminiscences of New York, No. 11.

1830. The American Landscape. No. 1. Containing the following views: Weehawken, Catskill Mountains, Fort Putnam, Delaware Water Gap, Falls of the Sawkill, Winnipisiogee Lake. Engraved from original and accurate drawings, executed from Nature expressly for this work from well-authenticated pic. tures, with historical and topographical illustrations. New York, published by Elam Bliss, 1830. Collation : 4to. Title as above. Engraved cover by J. Smillie,

subject, Mambrino’s Helmet. Letter-press, pp. 16, including title-page. Prospectus, pp. 2. The American Landscape, signed by A. B. Durand and E. Waite, Jr., dated New York, December 23, 1830. Preface, pp. 2, signed by William Cullen Bryant. Illustrations (six); proof impressions on India paper. No. 1. All

published. The letter-press of this publication was to have been entirely by Mr. Bryant, and the work was to have consisted of views of well-known American scenery by eminent artists. It proved a failure, and ceased with the first number.

1832. Tales of the Glauber Spa, by several American authors. [Catherine Sedgwick, J. K. Paulding, W. C. Bryant, R. C. Sands, and William Leggett.] In two volumes. New York: J. and J. Harper, 1832.

12mo, I, pp. 276; II, pp. 263.

Bryant's two contributions are both in Vol. I, The Skeleton's Cave, pp. 193–227, and Medfield, pp. 243–276.

This compilation was to have been called The Sextad, from the number of authors engaged upon it, but Verplanck withdrew, leaving only five.

1833. Miscellanies. First published under the name of The Talisman. | By | G.C. Verplanck, / W.C. Bryant, and | Robert C. Sands. In three volumes. Illustrated with fine engravings. | Vol. I. | Elam Bliss, New York. / MDCCCXXXIII. Collation : Vol. I. 12mo, pp. 288. Illustrated frontispiece.

Title as above. Copyright on verso. Advertisement of
the publishers. Verso, blank. Preface, pp. iii-x, dated

New York, December 1, 1827, signed Francis Herbert.
Contents, unpaged. List of embellishments, unpaged.
Two embellishments, unpaged. Etruscan antiquities.

Vase, flowers. Text, pp. 1–288.
Identical in size and contents with The Talisman.
Volume II, 12mo, pp. 342.
Volume III, 12mo, pp. 358.

All the original illustrations, prefaces, etc., reproduced from Talisman.

1834. The Atlantic Club-Book, / being | Sketches in Prose and Verse, by various Authors. In two volumes. New York: 1834.

8vo, I, pp. 312. II, pp. 312.

These volumes are composed of a number of pieces compiled from the columns of the New York Mirror.

Bryant's contributions occur on p. 49, vol. i, Song of Marion's Men; p. 217, vol. i, The Robber; p. 92, vol. ii, August.

1839. The Jubilee of the Constitution. A discourse delivered at the request of the New York Historical Society. New York, Tuesday, April 30, 1839; being the fiftieth anniversary of the inauguration of George Washington as President of the United States. By John Quincy Adams. New York, 1839.

8vo, pp. 136.

On p. 124 is an Ode, by Mr. Bryant, in four stanzas, Great were the Hearts, and Strong the Minds, written for the occasion.

1840. Harper's Family Library. I No. CXI. / Selections from American Poets. | By | William Cullen Bryant. | New York: [1840.] 18mo, pp. 136.

1842. A Discourse occasioned by the Death of William Ellery Channing, D.D., pronounced before the Unitarian Societies of New York and Brooklyn, in the Church of the Messiah, October 13, 1842. By Henry W. Bellows. New York, 1842.

. 8vo, pp. 28.

On p. 27 is an original hymn of three stanzas by Bryant, While yet the Harvest Fields are White.

1847. The True Position of the Church in Relation to the Age. A discourse delivered at the dedication of the Church of the Saviour, Wednesday, November 10, 1847. By R. C. Waterston. Boston, 1847.

8vo, pp. 40.

On p. 40 is a Dedication Hymn by Mr. Bryant in four stanzas, Ancient of Days! except Thou Deign.

1852. The Home Book of the Picturesque; or, American Scenery, Art, and Literature. Thirteen steel engravings. New York: Putnam, 1852.

4to, pp. 188.

Bryant's contribution is The Valley of the Housatonic, pp. 155-160, with engraving.

1853. Homes of American Authors. New York: G. Putnam & Co. 10 Park Place, 1853.

Sq. 8vo, pp. viii-267.
Bryant's contribution is a sketch of William Gilmore Simms,

p. 257.

1855. The | Knickerbocker Gallery. | A Testimonial to the Editor

1 of the Knickerbocker Magazine. | From its Contributors. | With forty-eight portraits on steel. | From original pictures. | Engraved expressly for this work. New York, 1855.

1 4to, pp. xiv +505. Bryant's contribution is the Snow Shower, p. 81.

1856. Celebration of the Two-hundredth Anniversary of the Incorporation of Bridgewater, Mass., at West Bridgewater, June 3, 1856., etc. Frontispiece and portrait. Boston, 1856.

8vo, pp. 167.

On pp. 18-19 is an ode by Mr. Bryant of seven stanzas, Two Hundred Times has June Renewed.

[This Ode occurs again on pp. 70–71 of Celebration of the Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Settlement of Hadley, Mass., at Hadley, June 8, 1859, etc., Northampton, 1859. 8vo, pp. 98.]

Memorial of Jessie Willis : prepared for her Little Daughters,
Annie, Blanche, and Jessie, by their Father. New York:
April, 1858. [For private circulation.)

12mo, pp. 75.
On pp. 14-15 is a letter from Bryant to Mr. Willis.


1859. Gifts of Genius: | A Miscellany | of | Prose and Poetry | by | American Authors, | New York: / Printed for C. A. Davenport. | [1859.]

8vo, pp. xii+264. Bryant's contributions are To the Public, pp. vii-viii, dated

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