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Well Darren is part of my Family. The Spedales would kill Darren for being Gay. They are the Holy order of the Church. And Darren would not go passed his family and not be killed for Breaking Gods Laws. In the Laws of the Bible it tells you its a sin for a man to lay,with another man. Hung By the neck till dead. Or feed him to a shark. Or any beast of the field as its ordered by God. So was Darren born Gay? Or Did he become Gay from attacks from another Gay Man? Id like to know. Name One Creation That God Made that was Gay. Ever see a Gay Snail? A Snail mounts its female from the rear. Go Boy'' Ever seen a Gay Duck? Gay Dog? Gay Fish? Gay Snake? Gay Buzzards? You wont find any. Only with People does God have a Problem. The Snake God said was Cursed beyound all creatures of the Earth.That he would crawl on his belly,and eat the dust of the Ground the rest of his life. But when it comes to God''He doesnt Sin. He finds a female and has baby snakes. Cursed but never sins. What happened to you? Spedales were to lead the way'' not to become cursed. You cant have a Gay Marriage. You cant re-produce offspring with another man. Test Tube Babys'' somthing happened to you at birth. Tampering of Humans done by the American Goverment. Germ warfare ordered, When did you find out that your Gay? Ramona. or please reply back. 

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