Autobiography and lectures of Lola Montez

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Page 52 - Farewell! a word that must be, and hath been — A sound which makes us linger; — yet— farewell ! Ye ! who have traced the Pilgrim to the scene Which is his last, if in your memories dwell A thought which once was his, if on ye swell A single recollection, not in vain He wore his sandal-shoon, and scallop-shell ; Farewell! with him alone may rest the pain, If such there were — with you, the moral of his strain.
Page 74 - Uphold the maiden's right," and "Not see the widow wronged." In the eleventh century, it was declared by the celebrated Council of Clermont, -which authorized the first crusade, that every person of noble birth, on attaining twelve years of age, should take a solemn oath before the bishop of his diocese, to defend to the utmost the women of noble birth, both married and single, and to have especial care of widows and orphans. So that to whatever class of duties the candidate for the...
Page 182 - Easter ; the crisping and curling, frizzling and frowncing of Mary Magdalen, which she cut off on growing devout. The good man that showed us all these commodities was got into such a train of calling them the blessed this, and the blessed that, that at last he showed us a bit of the blessed fig-tree that Christ cursed.
Page 48 - For what admir'st thou, what transports thee so ? An outside ? fair, no doubt, and worthy well Thy cherishing, thy honoring, and thy love, Not thy subjection : weigh with her thyself; Then value.
Page 90 - This, sire, is true," replied Madame de Maintenon, " but it is right to ease the wants of those whom your former taxes to supply the expenses of your wars and of your buildings have reduced to misery. It is truly just that those who have been ruined by you, should 'be supported by you.
Page 79 - Che propriamente n' abbian conoscenza ! LITERAL TRANSLATION. " Who is this, on whom all men gaze as she approacheth ! — who causeth the very air to tremble around her with tenderness? — who leadeth Love by her side — in whose presence men are dumb ; and can only sigh ? Ah ! Heaven ! what power in every glance of those eyes ! Love alone can tell ; for I have neither words nor skill ! She alone is the Lady of gentleness — beside her, all others seem ungracious and unkind. Who can describe her...
Page 9 - India for the purpose of taking her daughter back with her. She was then fourteen years old ; and from the first moment of her mother's arrival, there was a great hubbub of new dresses, and all manner of extravagant queer-looking apparel, especially for the wardrobe of a young girl of fourteen years. The little Dolores made bold enough one day to ask her mother what this was all about, and received for an answer that it did not concern her — that children should not be inquisitive nor ask idle...
Page 182 - Now who shall compute the stupifying and brutalizing effects of such a religion ? Who will dare say that a principle which so debases reason is not like bands of iron around the expanding heart and struggling limbs of modern freedom ? Who will dare tell me that this terrible Church does not lie upon the bosom of the present...
Page 72 - Petersburgh, from Paris to India, and yet I know of no art which can atone for the defect of an unpolished mind and an unlovely heart. That charming activity of soul, that spiritual energy, which gives animation, grace, and living light to the animal frame, is, after all, the real source of Woman's Beauty. It is that which gives eloquence to the language of her eyes, which gives the sweetest expression to her face, and lights up her whole personnel as if her very body thought.

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