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In many ways, an exccellent and erudite analysis; however -- like many commentators -- Mr. Kuberski fails to note that Pound's descent into the fascist abyss prefigures, and is emblematic of, America's postwar descent in the same direction. The central conundrum is the fascist solution to the paradox of prosperity in a capitalist state: continuous war and never-ending preparation for the next war are the easiest and "best," though perhaps not the only, ways to use up enough of the productive capacity of modern industry to keep the factories running in order to keep human beings employed. One can hardly expect a fascist state to choose against war any more than one can expect capitalists to choose against greed. Hoping that "public opinion" in the first case and "market forces" in the second will mitigate the worst excesses of the current system seems the same kind of puerile fantasy that led Pound toward anti-Semitism. -- Christian Gehman 

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