Tom Thumb; a burletta, altered from H. Fielding

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Page 13 - King. Petition me no petitions, sir, to-day; Let other hours be set apart for business. To-day it is our pleasure to be drunk ; And this our queen shall be as drunk as we.
Page 14 - When I'm not thank'd at all, I'm thank'd enough ; I've done my duty, and I've done no more.
Page 15 - Shorter than all her subject giants were. Glum. We yesterday were both a queen and wife, One hundred thousand giants own'd our sway, Twenty whereof were married to ourself. Queen. Oh ! happy state of giantism where husbands Like mushrooms grow, whilst hapless we are forced To be content, nay, happy thought, with one.
Page 12 - King. Let nothing but a Face of Joy appear; The Man who frowns this Day shall lose his Head, That he may have no Face to frown withal.
Page 34 - So when the child, whom nurse from danger guards, Sends Jack for mustard with a pack of cards, Kings, queens, and knaves, throw one another down, Till the whole pack lies scatter'd and o'erthrown ; So all our pack upon the floor is cast, And all I boast is— that I fall the last.
Page 22 - Advised by me, the worthless baby shun, Or you will ne'er be brought to bed of one. Oh take me to thy arms, and never flinch, Who am a man, by Jupiter ! every inch. 1 Then, while in joys together lost we lie, I'll press thy soul while gods stand wishing by.
Page 9 - Thumbe did live, A man of mickle might, The best of all the table round, And eke a doughty knight : His stature but an inch in height, Or quarter of a span ; Then thinke you not this little knight, Was prov'da valiant man ? His father was a plow-man plaine, His mother milkt the cow, i But yet the way to get a sonne
Page 12 - That you may say, Their majesties may boast of it; And since it never can come more, 'Tis fit they make the most of it.
Page 14 - Tommy, Tommy Thumb ! what to thy prowess do we owe ? Ask some reward — great as we can bestow. TOM. I ask not kingdoms — I can conquer those ; 1 ask not money — money I've enough : If this be call'da debt, take my receipt in full, I ask but this, to sun myself in Huncamunca's eyes.
Page 37 - Merlin. Each couple prove like hand in glove; All. Agreed. Queen. 'Fore George, we'll make a night on't. All. Let discord cease, Let all...

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