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looks at his rev. jeremy taylor ph.d. and thinks, why did you steal from a christian, Hey bobby I didnt take nothin, said, s.t.d. jeremy taylor (hon), now, hey its kathy said her reverend jeremy taylor ordained unitarian universalist minister, he lies said hollie, now his kathy taylor m.a. has dr. rev. jeremy taylor jungians website, thats reverend jeremy taylor m.a. removing what he stole like aafke will, after, being, ruint, cut off showed, hollie, its all international study of dreams, thats soothsaying, said, hollie, dear jeri carr, why did you place and steal prophecy ministry name and place on your website, it feels like a body your perfect size coming in, the Holy Ghost baptizm, your friends and relatives will laugh when they find out that neither jeri carr or her lovely reverend antonia vladimirova are not saved but preach for lucre and even come against Gods anointed like jeri carr and david reagan and many others he stole the God created name prophecy ministry, thats, pointed hollie, david reagan removing what he stole, prophecy ministry, you fool, said, Jesus, you are lost and promoting witchcraft like your wife kathy taylor, you witchs, saith Jesus, you will both end up, hey bobby, said, hollie, thats them, the taylors, in hell fire, up to knecks with their reverends, like, said, hollie, dr. jeremy taylor u.u., david reagan and his reverend antonia vladimirova and jeri carr, all claim to be christians, said, hollie, but, you stole, said, hollie, pointed, thats kathryn taylor, o, she said, and her husband, embarrased, saith the LOrd, bobby, they didnt, the soothsayers called the taylor, theres dr. jeremy, pointed, hollie, and her lovely, kathy, witchs, saith God, thats, said, hollie, jeri carr, you stole, hollie, said, prophecy ministry, thats jeri carr removing prophecy ministry like her reverend david reagan, they stole prophecy ministry name like many to strip it from, o I created said jeri carr, lied, to person showing vision, jeri, carr, that, its, uh, witch, said, hollie, thats the witch jeri carr removing what she stole to ruin christian prophecy ministry, now, look, said, hollie, thats subs all around america, jeri carr trembles, thats cnn broadcasting, and one sub fires, then all, thats, jeri, carr, and, all, the theives of Ministry of Dreams, in fire, jeri carr laughs in hell, there, pointed, hollie, hollie points at jeri carr in fire with thieves of the God created name ministry of dreams and prophecy ministry, theres david reagan in lava up to kneck, fire covers face, thats david reagan reading visions, tear up, said, bear, smiled, put back, hollie bear, and, hollie, snaps, fingers, this, is warning, said, hollie, slaps, hands, its people stealin, hollie, said, ministry of dreams like aafke, Jesus speaks, call it ministry of dreams, why do you claim to be a christian, God said, and, steal from my servant, and, you knew, thats, jeri carr appearing with her reverend jeremy taylor d.min and kim davis of heart fire ministries, with, many that claim salvation but steal to ruin my servant, saith the Lord, he lied, said, jeri carr, who me said doctor jeremy taylor, its bobs said rev. jeremy taylor, thats ph.d. jeremy taylor m.a. stealing ministry of dreams and now kathy taylor has s.t.d. jeremy taylor (hon) website, thats kathryn taylor m.a. removing what they stole ministry of dreams and dr. jeremy taylor who is being openly mocked in hospital, Jesus rubs chin, looks down at jungian reverend jeremy taylor, you knew, said, Jesus, I wanted to make him fall said jeremy taylor of wisdom university, thats student at wisdom university showing jim garrison visions, and dr. jim garrison hiding paper in drawer, jim garrison protects jeremy taylor, thats student writing on classroom board, type in google jeremy taylor stole the name, all students leave, the class room, of jeremy taylor who is claiming to be ordained unitarian universalist minister and gina rose halpern appears, thats student at chi writing on board, jeremy taylor steals ministry of dreams on internet from christian to ruin,  

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I thought that H.G. Wells THE TIME MACHINE was a wonderful story of triumpth, survival, and overcomming the impossible. I would recomend this book to any person with a strong imagination and someone who could relate to charater.

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This book is a true classic. It is inventive and one of a kind. A prime example of H.G. Wells' literary genius.

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